How to Ratchet Strap Kayak Fast & Easily

Would you like to go on an enjoyable adventure tour with your friends? Where the purest air, the most stunning waterways, the cleanest water, the natural beauty, just can reconnect you with nature.

But Again thinking about, how do you will tie your kayak to your truck to get to this place?

It is important to know because if the kayak is not tied properly, it can fall on the road when you drive the truck. This will be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

Okay, this article will help you. If you read the whole article, you will learn how to ratchet strap kayak or how to use ratchet straps.

So let’s get to know about this.

How To Ratchet Strap Kayak

Tie up a kayak using a ratchet strap to the truck is not a difficult task, but some people get into trouble when they do it because they don’t know it properly. But if you follow the steps, it may be easier for you. Before you know it, you should first know what is a ratchet strap?

A ratchet is a mechanism that helps the strap to hold the load, hold the weight of the load, and not move the load forward.

Or we can say, the ratchet is a strong metal that helps you connect one strap to another and lock it tightly.

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Step 1: Prepare The Truck Bed And Kayak Load

Before you can lift your kayak into the truck bed, you must first prepare your truck bed. If you have a tonneau cover, remove it and clean the bed. Place a rubber mat on the floor, which helps to avoid scratching or damaging both the kayak and the truck bed.

Pick up your kayak in your pickup truck.

Step 2: Use The Release Lever To Open The Ratchet

The release lever is a small handle on the ratchet. If you hold it and pull it down, the ratchet lever opens.

Note: Set the open ratchet so that the spiked wheels face upwards.

Step 3: Lock The Latch Of The Strap With The Trunk Properly

Throw the strap latch over the kayak and lock it with your trunk hook with the latch’s safety hook. Pull the latch to check if it is properly locked on your trunk hook. If it is locked properly, go to the other side of the latch.

Step 4: Thread The Strap With The Ratchet Slot

As we have already done in the second step (open the ratchet using the release lever), so now we need to take the ratchet so that we can insert and feed the end of the strap with the slot of the ratchet. Next, we need to attach the ratchet to the hook of the truck. Just like we gave the other side strap (step 3).

Note: When you are doing this step, you have to remember it. The strap should be kept straight when attaching to the ratchet and there should be no twist on the strap.

Step 5: Continue Feeding The Strap Through The Slot Until It Feels Taut

Pull the strap length across until you have got the end of the strap thread. Pull the ratchet up and down using your hands so that the strap can tighten and secure.

  • The strap can not be too over-tighten. Because too much pressure could damage your ratchet straps or your kayak.
  • You can use protective strap sleeves for your kayak safety.


After reaching your destination, you will do a job. As you now know, how to ratchet strap kayak tie up to a truck. Now we are going to tell you how to open it. Drag the release tab and open the ratchet and loosen the strap. Then pull the strap towards the non-stationary to free the strap from the slot of the ratchet, so that you can easily remove the strap.

Now you can put down your kayak on the truck and enjoy your adventure tour.