Insane Ideas About How To Carry 3 Kayaks On The Roof

how to carry 3 kayaks on the roof

Do you want to enjoy your leisure with kayaking and want to know how to carry 3 kayaks on the roof?

Kayak ride is the most amazing watersports we can ever have. So for the outing, we need to carry the kayak to have a great time.

In holidays, if your gang is coming along with you so you have to carry more than one kayak. On a vehicle roof, it will be easy to carry.

It will be interesting to learn how you will take 3 kayaks. That too on your own with our guidance.

In this context, we are going to teach you to carry your 3 kayaks with you on your car roof.

How To Carry 3 Kayaks On The Roof – As Per Availability

Kayaking is a small but delightful water sport for enjoyment. It’s just like cycling and easy to learn about within an hour by paddling cheerfully.

So we have to find a way out to understand how to carry 3 kayaks on the roof easily. The solution of your desire is here and we will instruct you to do it handily and carefully as well.

Hereabouts we will supervise you in two separate ways to do this. One way will be with stackers and the second one will be without stackers.

Before we commence we need to get equipment that will help us to do our work. These equipment are as assured as helpful in this process.

Necessitated Tools

To begin the work we need to have some tools or equipment. Here they are-

  • The stackers (Optional)
  • Cam straps or ropes
  • Rack (buy and make a proper position for it or if it’s already rebuilt in the roof of the vehicle hence you are lucky)

We are going to comfort you by trying to prepare you with stackers or without the stacker’s method. Also with straps or ropes and with a factory rack or buying rack.

With Stackers

Buy any brand stacker which is reliable and fulfill the impact we expect. So follow the below stages.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a crossbar or rack then buy one and put it on the roof to carry on with the next steps.

Step 1: Point The Stackers

Grab the stackers and point it on the roof of your vehicle. Make sure the stackers are in the equal distance of the crossbars.

Step 2: Fix The Straps Around The Stackers

When stackers are placed well. Fix the straps or ropes around the stackers.

Step 3: Load The First Kayak By Its Side

Flip the kayak with someone’s help by its side and load it to the stackers. Again make sure that the kayak handle is in the middle of the crossbars.

Step 4: Form The First Kayak Suitably

Form the position of the kayak suitably on the stackers and the crossbar.

Step 5: Load Rest Of The Kayak One By One

After loading one kayak, load the two of the kayaks one by one in the same manner.

Step 6: Pull Both Sides Of The Straps Around The Kayak

Pull the straps both sides around the kayak and cross the non-buckle side through the buckle.

Step 7: Tighten The Straps

Tighten up the kayaks straps as much as needed.

Step 8: Bow And Stern Line

For extra protection, you can have a bow and stern line too. Just take some more straps and bind them with your vehicle’s front side and bumper as well.

Step 9: Straps Alternative

If you don’t have straps then you can use ropes. You just need to memorize the truckers hitch.

Without Stackers

If you don’t have stackers or you don’t want to buy it still we have some tricks for you.

Step 1: Balancing Of Kayaks

Though we don’t have stackers we need to balance the first kayak with the rest of the two appropriately.

Step 2: Load Rest Of The Kayaks

After balancing one kayak properly, load the rest of the kayaks as well.

Step 3: Hold The Kayaks Position

When 3 kayaks will be on the crossbars you need to hold the position of the kayaks with anyone assistance. Like you are a stacker at that time.

Step 4: Around The World Technique

Since we don’t have stackers we have to follow some easy tricks. We are going to follow around the world technique where the straps or ropes don’t require to be long enough.

So we are going to move the straps or ropes over and under the whole stack to make a strong posture.

Step 5: Secure The Straps

If you don’t like the around the world technique then you can use it as you would with the stacker’s method. Secure the rest of the straps carefully.

Protection You Need

  • At first, the load limit of the roof rack should be considered
  • Do not overtighten the straps or ropes it may harm your vehicle
  • Plastic and composite kayak should not be on top of each other
  • Retighten the straps if it’s loosen
  • Kayaks should not Move excessively
  • Safeguard the ends of the straps
  • Do have long enough straps or ropes

Wrap Up

Don’t worry if you have one vehicle and lots of kayaks need to carry. Now I hope you understand how to carry 3 kayaks on the roof.

It’s easy to carry 3 kayaks. All you do is put the two kayaks on the sides and 3rd one should place it in the middle of them.

Make this journey enjoyable, not annoying because of your carelessness. Check the manual to know the load limit and also avoid noises of loosening kayaks.

Extra straps or ropes can cause an accident. So be sensible on your journey. Do carry helmet and buoyancy aid as well.

Please do recommend the safety measures as well. Nothing is more important than life. Remember that.

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