How to Tie Down a Canoe to a Truck Using Straps

Do you yearn to know how to tie down a canoe to a truck?

Are you a vacation lover? And want to carry your canoe with you but don’t know how to do it. Then come let’s just know that.

The canoe is a tiny boat that is pushed by someone with a peddle. Traveling by canoe is an amazing experience for water lovers.

For vacations, if you are looking for an idea to take the canoe with you and also want to carry the canoe on truck without rack. Then we are here to assist you in your expectation.

If you expect to get the canoe with you in a truck then this article will make your issue solved or you can take the help of a canoe transport pickup truck as well.

How To Tie Down A Canoe To A Truck – Precisely Obey The Steps

Every time you wish for a vacation and desire to see the canoe with you in imagination. This now will not be an imagination anymore.

Carry on with your ideas after you learn how to tie down a canoe to a truck. You just need to follow some details we are going to tell you. All of the steps will look like, you are making a homemade canoe rack for truck.

Step 1: Get The Mandatory Tools

At first, you need to get the equipment to attach the canoe with the truck or vehicle. Like- foam blocks or paddle blocks, straps with cam buckles, bow, and stern lines, hanky, etc. As per your comfort and need to pick the tools. For tools, you can check the below recommendation-

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Step 2: Point Out The Places Of Canoe

You need to point out the canoe where to place the foam blocks and tie the ropes or straps. It will be a good decision if you do it before anything else.

Step 3: Attach The Foam Blocks

Attach the foam blocks with the canoe. It will help you to balance the canoe to the roof rack of the truck.

Step 4: Wrap The Sits With Rope

Where you are gonna sit if there is anything to disturb the balance of the canoe then wrap up the seats with rope as well.

Step 5: Connect The Rope In The Bow And Stern

To use it later connect the rope with the bow and stern of the canoe while creating multiple loops.

Step 6: Lift The Canoe And Place It To The Roof

After finishing the above steps carefully you have to lift the canoe by yourself or with someone’s help. Try to place it in the middle of the canoe truck.

Step 7: Make Sure About The Canoes Balance

When you place the canoe make sure about its balance on the roof rack. It should be in the middle and half will be front face and half will be back faced.

Step 8: Using Of The Cam Buckle Straps Or Ratchet

Next, you need to decide between the cam buckles strap and the ratchet. Choose it at your convenience.

Step 9: Wrap The Straps With Canoe And Roof Rack

Stand at one side of the truck and through the strap on the other side. Then go to that side and tighten it up with the buckle inside of the truck door. Repeat the procedure to the driver seat as well.

Step 10: Ensure The Both Front And Back Of The Canoe

Thereafter go to the front side of the truck and take that rope. I hope you remember that we did it earlier in step 5. Connect that rope with your truck front hook and if there is no hook in your truck then try to connect it with loops. Same things you have to repeat in the backside as well. You have to connect it with the bow and stern line.

Step 11: Recheck The Connection

In the end, recheck the knots and connection between the canoe and truck by shaking them. If the canoe and truck move at the same time then it’s ready to travel.


1. Loose Straps Or Ropes

Do not have loose straps or ropes because they can cause you untold difficulties. If you are not careful maybe this loose rope can role it with tires and trust me it will be very dangerous.

2. Balance

Sure about the balance between canoe and truck. It has to be in the middle of the truck otherwise there will be little imbalance with the wind force.

3. Check Periodically

After 15 minutes of driving check the joint of the straps and shake it also.

4. Over Tight Ropes

Do not be so tight to the ropes that can damage the truck or any other vehicles very badly. These stains will annoy you.

5. Use Of Hankie

Use hankie below the rope to not harm the truck or vehicle by ropes or straps force.

6. Tie Down Loops

If your truck doesn’t have the connection point similarly you can try to tie-down loops.

7. Choose Between Cam Buckle Straps And Ratchet

In case you are confused between cam buckle straps and ratchets let us help you with it. Ratchet is used for tying a canoe to a truck which is heavy kinds of stuff and it can be irritating if you didn’t use it earlier. Cam buckles straps are easy to use and it is for light-weighted pieces of stuff. Make your own choice as per the weight of your canoe. However, you can discover how to tie down a canoe with ratchet straps or cam buckle straps both in this article.

8. Move The Canoe And Truck

Try to shake the canoe and make sure the truck also moves. It will help you to understand the rapport between the two.

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Wrap Up

As long as you are traveling and water lovers you have to find a way to bring the stuff along with you. But you are not able to take your canoe with you, so what’s the point of being a water lover.

Don’t worry at all we are here to help you to make it a reality out of your imagination. To grasp the process of how to tie down a canoe to a truck and make your journey memorable the way you want to do it with your canoe ride.

We really hope that these methods will help you and you will execute them simply.