How to Lock Up Kayak Outside: 2 Ways to Secure

Floating on the lakes during a vacation can become more enjoyable with a personal water-time friend. It may be a canoe or a kayak. However, leisure ends in no time, and you need foolproof planning to secure your watercraft that’s why you should know how to secure your kayak when camping or some other adventurous trip. Nevertheless, we are here with some unproblematic kayak locking hacks. And, these hacks instruct you about how to lock up kayak outside or how to secure kayak to dock.

Suppose you go Kayaking, but you don’t know the lock-up procedure. So, that time you can be in trouble because some thieves can wait for this golden opportunity. If they see your Kayak out without locking up, they can have a try to take it. Even this can be the reason for your learning purpose of how to secure kayak from theft.

Don’t freak out. Read this article to know about how you can lock up your Kayak outside.

How To Lock Up Kayak Outside?

If you don’t have a garage or Kayaking outside, read the instructions below. To lock up your Kayak easily and become hassle-free.

Most of the countryside houses do not possess a large garage or storage space to maintain the room for an extra kayak. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need to use the outside location.

Moreover, an unsecured locking position of your kayak can be a tempting target for stealing purposes. Check out the following instructions for better kayak locking management.

Choose A Suitable Position For The Kayak

To initiate the kayak locking procedure, at first, select a place that is close to you. Moreover, make sure that it is easy to watch out from any central point of the home. Besides, you should check whether the kayak body is visible from the roadside view.

If possible, instead of distant places, make use of the house exterior. Apparently, setting up a supportive frame or stand on the outdoor wall can facilitate kayak supervision activities. Generally, the users assign the kayak upside down on these shelves and tie it with binders.

Determine The Type Of Locks And Choose The Proper One

After deciding the place, now it is time for using the appropriate kayak security bar. So, we have suggested two frequently used methods for kayak lock. Now, let us check how to lock up your kayak outside flawlessly.

Solution 1. Using A Combination Lock

Unable to find any suitable place to lock up your Kayak. If you have your car with you, then try to utilize it. If you can lock the kayak on a storage rack of your car then you can try these steps as a query of how to lock a kayak to a storage rack.

Step 1

Set up the lock for combination. Varieties of locks can be found on the market such as Trimax, Lasso, Dockslocks, Master locks, and so on. Choose your lock according to your budget and need.

Lasso kayak lock- Fits Touring, Sit-On-Top/Recreational, and Fishing Kayaks

Key Features
  • Has re-settable combination code and also key if you forget the code
  • Overall length is roughly 16′, Loop size is approximately 55”
  • Locking mechanism clean from debris

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Step 2

Place your Kayak in the selected place.

Step 3

Twist each cable end surrounding the bow and leave the cable running below the Kayak.

Step 4

Wrap the cable around the standard to ensure extra protection and security. Don’t mix up the rope!

Step 5

Pull both cables as much as possible to tightening up the lock.

Step 6

Insert the combination lock, and the task has done.

Tips- Check the combination lock twice before each use.

Solution 2. Using An Anti-theft Cable

By using an anti-theft cable or should we say kayak anti theft device, you can make your kayak theft-resistant. For that follow these steps-

Step 1

First, you need 1/8 inches and 3/16 inches in diameter vinyl-clad aircraft cable. It can lift a 340 pounds load. The wire should not more than 15 feet.

Step 2

Buy two PVC pipe caps (3/4 inches). Then drill two holes but not more significant than the aircraft cable.

Step 3

Now put one end of the cable into the open end of the aircraft cable and make a twist. Go back into the other hole. Repeat the step.

Step 4

Fill the caps by using Glue (you can use JB Weld).

J-B Weld

Key Features
  • Waterproof, petroleum, chemical, and acid resistant
  • Will set in 4-6 hours, and cure in 16-24 hours
  • Versatile & dependable

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Step 5

By using a plastic dip rubber tool handle coating soak the ending. It gives an elegant look.

Step 6

If you don’t have a metal security connector, then collect a pad eye. You also need stainless Phillips-head bolts and some nylon stick nuts.

Step 7

Set up the pad eye on the deck around the cockpit and tightening up the bolts.

Step 8

Now strip out the bolt head by drilling.

Step 9

You can use a hairpin to get the cap through the pad eye. Pull it and close it.

Now you can go for a vacation with your Kayak without any worry about it get stolen.

## How To Select The Right Lock For Your Kayak?

It can be hard to choose the correct lock for your Kayak. As so, you have thousands of options around you—some essential things to consider first when you purchase a cable lock for your Kayak.

The Material Of The Cable

It plays a vital role. The cable has to be durable and lightweight. The plastic cable can be preferable as it can withstand adverse weather.

The Complexity Of The Lock

Try to buy a complicated lock. Because thieves cannot open it as it has a complex unlock function. So it takes more time to open.

Cable Length

It also considers the essential factors. Before going to buy, check the category that fits your demand. Then buy the preferable cable lock for that specific type.

Types Of Locks

Your lock should be reliable, durable, safe, easy to use, and inexpensive.

## Things To Consider When Locking Up Your Kayak Outside

When you think of locking your Kayak outside, you should keep in mind the following things. Try to find a suitable place that limits sun exposure, protects from unwanted moisture and lousy temperature.

Sun Exposure

The UV rays can be harmful as it degrades the material of your boat. So try to find a place that has less sun exposure.

Moisture Exposure

Unwanted moisture exposure from bad weather such as rain or snow can cause degradation of materials over time.

Excessive Heat

Excessive heat cause deformation of the materials. So try to select a location that has less heat exposure. And away from direct sun rays.

Cold Temperature

Cold temperatures can be a potential threat to your Kayak. So avoid the place which has a cold temperature.

Small Tips For You

  • Always remember and try to hide your Hull Identification Number. You can write it down as it can be easy for the police to return it back if it gets stolen.
  • Try to get kayak insurance.
  • Never buy a stolen kayak.

Wrap Up

So, you learn the ins and outs of how to lock up Kayak outside. Now you can easily lock up your Kayak outside.

Enjoy Kayaking!