Kayak Paddle Carbon Vs Fiberglass- Which One Should You Have & Why

What should you choose when upgrading your kayak paddle Carbon vs fiberglass? The carbon fiber paddle is much lightweight and stiffer than the fiberglass one. It also depends on the budget and other facts.

So you want some lightweight ones for kayaking with the best maneuverability? Or the expensive and long-lasting one? You will get all the answers after going through the entire comparison here.

Here, we have showcased a side-by-side battle of the 2 types of kayak paddles and the other key benefits. So, let’s explore them.

Features Of Kayak Paddle Carbon Vs Fiberglass

Let us acquire some basic structures of both Kayak paddle carbon vs fiberglass in advance of going to the evaluation and comparison. As the kayak paddles go for various range of materials, most conventional materials are carbon fiber and fiberglass paddle.

Carbon Paddle Kayak

The carbon paddle kayak is the mildest means to make paddles. It is spotless and marvelously reliable with flawless flexibility. The appearance of the carbon is used to permit it suppler than usual 3K carbon could.

Beyond all these carbon blades, typically get the jumbo thin rubber end that is the safeguard of your board.

 Fiberglass Paddle Kayak

Fiberglass paddle kayak offers a first-rate act and resilience. It is more insubstantial than plastic, and a fiberglass blade usually doesn’t flaw from side to side. Firm fiberglass kayaks are competent in the water.

Comparison Outline For Kayak Paddle Carbon VS Fiberglass:



 Carbon paddle Kayak

Fiberglass paddle kayak

1 Carbon paddle kayak is not as popular as fiberglass kayak. Fiberglass paddle kayak is extremely popular.
2 It is much more expensive than fiberglass paddle kayak. This is expensive in comparison with the other kayaks.
3 It is light weighted; even it is a few ounces more luminous than the fiberglass kayak.  Fiberglass kayak also lights weighted. It is lighter than other materials like aluminium.
4 Carbon is stiffer that is worthy of the power component of the kayak. On the other hand, fiberglass kayak is less stiff than carbon.
5 It has less shock absorption power than the fiberglass. We may call it carbons downside. This kayak will offer a little bit more shock absorption.
6 It does not have as much resistance power as the fiberglass has. It has reliable, resistant power that is necessary for enduring in the water.

Further Info About Carbon Paddle Kayak

We informed that it is super light; it is also ultra-light for energy transfer in each blow. You will feel warm on your hands than an aluminium paddle when you will hold the shaft.


  • The sturdy material of carbon kayak makes it is a quality very high.
  • As it is super strong, it will be the best choice for a long trip.
  • It can give the paddle blade faster move because of its lighter quality.
  • Rolling a lighter carbon blade will provide you with more floating and resistant back up.
  • For its super light quality on the water trip, your stroke will be more natural.
  • You may find it a little bit costly, but the durability will surely satisfy your discomfort.
  • The bent shaft of the carbon paddle will relax the move of your hand.
  • Along with its light material, it is powerful too.


  • In consideration of expense, carbon kayak will seem to you more costly than the fiberglass kayak.

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Further Info About Fiberglass Paddle Kayak

Fiberglass leans towards to be quite durable, sturdy and can endure a fair amount of use. For normal and regular usage, this is the best material of kayak.


  • Its blades are competent in water trip
  • Fiberglass provides a portable and more resilient paddle with the most exceptional performance.
  • As it is colourful, so it will become visible when we move it underwater.
  • The blade of fiberglass will grind down the water very quickly.
  • It provides flexibility in arms while paddling.
  • You can purchase the kayak more cheaply than the carbon fibre kayak.
  • As it has the more shock absorption power, so your wrist will get comfort.
  • It is prevalent for its light feature.


  • At the first few practice, the beginner may find it easily cracked.

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Which Kayak Paddle Will Be The Best Choice?

 The fiberglass won’t crack for regular use, and it will last longer all the way through. For the expert hand, fiberglass is the best option.

And if we think of the beginner, the carbon kayak will be the first choice. Because stroking and paddling with the carbon fiber kayak will take less effort.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Will not the beginner be able to move the fiberglass kayak?

Of course, they will surely do as it is very light and flexible material consistency. But it will need just a little bit of patience for its straight shaft. Only within a few days’ practice, it will be the cup of tea of the practitioner.

As the carbon kayak is not as typical as fiberglass, will it be worth buying?

Surely, it will. Though it is a little bit expensive and not common like fiberglass, it can bear the strong, thousands of strokes. You will feel relaxed and relieved when you take this in your water ride.


Fiberglass and carbon compounds are perfect materials for paddle shafts because of their higher toughness, significant potency, and low weight. Kayakers give thousands of strokes within an hour.

So in this article, Kayak paddle carbon vs. fiberglass, we tried to show you the right features of both, which will simplify your misperception. Kayaker’s types, construction materials, and resistance power conveyed all the information you may need in the future.