White Water Canoe Vs Kayak- What to Pick & Why?

Are you going to participate in sport in river white water? You can choose either white water canoe or white water kayak. Recently, white water canoe is trending used for sports. Moreover, white water kayaks are also used for different competitions, touring, recreational purpose.

The development of canoe or kayak was about 8,000 years ago. In the middle of the 19th century, the people in Europe first started white water canoeing for enjoying their vacation. Most of the people know the white water canoe as the name of white water kayak. But there is some information have provided in our article that differs canoe and kayak.

If you follow this article, you will be able to know about white water canoe vs kayak and can choose your desire product.

Some Useful Information About White Water Canoe vs Kayak

### White water Canoe

This type of canoe helps you to do the easily surfing water, carefree moving water can overcome the hazardous white water. It is built very specifically for one or two people to paddle on fast-moving water. Frequently, it has flotation panels on the front and back of the boat to help deal with excess water coming into the canoe.

### White water kayak

The length of the kayak varies with playboats as short as 5.5 feet and river runners as long as 8 to 9 feet, depending on the function. They are shorter than a recreational kayak.  The kayak makes them extremely responsive buoyant when tossed in white water.

Comparison Features Of White Water Canoe VS Kayak

In this article, we have provided some comparable features between both products. You can gather the information and can purchase your appropriate products according to your facilities.

White Water Canoe

White Water Kayak

The paddler is seated, uses a double-bladed paddle that pulls the blade through the water to move forward on alternate sides. The paddle kneels, makes use of a single-bladed paddle to propel the board forward.
Composition- The white water canoes were made of wood, sewn with the roots of the tree, and coated with resin Composition-In the past, paddles were made of wood, heavy metal shaft. But recently, it is made of carbon fiber shafts with foam.
Length- Length depends on the size of the canoe. But the typical length is 4.3 meters. Length- Available length of kayaks is 9’7”, 7’8”, 9’9”
Weight-The weight of it about 23 kg. Weight- weight can carry according to kayak sizes like about 46, 35 pounds
Prices- The price of the white water canoe depends on the length and size of the canoe. Prices- The price varies on kayak sizes and lengths.
Cockpit- White water canoe is lack of cockpit Cockpit- White water kayak has a cockpit

Similarities Of White Water Canoe VS Kayak

Both of them can be used for sports. White water canoe, as well as white water kayak, can overcome the rough water of the river. Moreover, they can be used for recreational purposes. Both of the products are raced from club to Olympic level. The techniques of riding both of them are similar.

Details Of White Water Canoe

Some people think that white water canoeing can improve health conditions. This type of canoe is very comfortable and safe to use. There is some open structure canoe which gives you more space and facilities to keep your transporting goods.


  • You can give the transporting gear very easily
  • The speed of paddling is high
  • It can easily be surfing the waves of the sea or river
  • It can easily move in the white water


  • It can be affected by wind
  • It also can be damaged in the presence of rocks.

Details Of White Water Kayak

As this type of kayak has a double blade paddle, people can use both sides of the paddle to drive the kayaks forwards. The tops of the kayaks have closed. The driver of the kayak is surrounded at the waist.


  • It gives efficient performance
  • Paddling is easy to drive
  • It also helps to prevent water from coming into the kayak through the cockpit.


  • It can be damaged when collides with rocks

Potential Users

Different people like different types of canoe and kayaks according to their taste. There are classes of people, who like to touring, camping, they can use white water canoe for getting pleasure. If you are very much interested to go to a sports competition, you can buy a whitewater canoe. This product will be the best choice for you. If you are going to do recreational outdoor activity, you can purchase whitewater kayak. You can buy also white water kayak for sports competitions.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Do we use the whitewater kayak for recreational purposes?

My answer will be yes. You can use white water kayak for your recreational purpose.

Ques: Can wind hamper white water canoe?

The wind can hamper white water canoe if the canoe is the open canoe. From many paddlers’ experiences, they use white water kayak than white water canoe to get protection from wind.

Ques: Can we use both sides of the paddle in the case of white water kayak?

Yes, we can use both sides of the paddle when going to white water kayaking. As a result, the speed of the kayaking will be increased.


As both of the products have many merits, your choice of route depends primarily on your circumstance and preferences. You definitely should try both before committing all of your time and money to one or the other. You can share your canoe with other people and can enjoy your days. We hope this article will help you to know white water canoe vs kayak and also to find your best products according to your needs.