Pungo 100 Vs Aspire 105: What Brings Better Kayaking Deal?

There’s nothing more beautiful than riding a kayak to explore the fabulous scenes on the beachside and peacefully exploring those breathtaking experience. And to make your moments worthwhile, it’s important that you take along with you a well functional and supportive kayak friend.

Two extremely user-friendly, comfortable to ride, and stable options are what we will be talking about in detail today. Yes, let’s find out which one between the Pungo 100 Vs Aspire 105 should be your next beachside trip partner through their complete breakdown.

Dissimilarity Between The Pungo 100 Vs Aspire 105 Kayaks

Pungo 100 Kayak

Aspire 105 Kayak

Weight Capacity
300 lbs 400 lbs
10 feet length & 30 inches width 10 feet 6 inches length & 29 inches width
Seat Style
Mesh and suspension seating design Padded and foam seating style
Tracking System
No Retractable Skeg
Suitable For
Good for shallow & flat water Best for use in flat or slow-moving water
Construction Material
Polyethylene plastic Rotomolded polyethylene
Cockpit Range
47.5 x 22 inches 51.5 x 23.5 inches

Our Best Pick- Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak– Easy Handling Pick For Fast Paddling

The Aspire 105 is a high-end fun kayak that offers great facilities for a novice paddler to ride easily. It on top allows you to smartly boat in the flat, calm, and fast-moving water with good handling. To judge rightly, here are some features of Aspire 105 kayak reviews.

Durable Surface

This kayak is made out of strong and high-density rotomolded polyethylene material that allows you to have good thickness and longevity. It on top makes sure you are getting fine performance with no snag of corrosion or rust even when in the water for a long while.

On top of that, the Aspire 105 makes sure better strength and good coverage to use in the water with no trouble. It as well makes sure you are getting better lasting value even after years of use. This kayak also ensures no snag of repair or return for its high-end body parts.

Besides, this kayak construction ensures good stability to never expose to outer pressure for no risk of defects in finishing parts.

Easy To Maneuver

Another great point of the Aspire 105 is its maneuver easiness to control the paddling journey at ease. This kayak on top comes with a shallow arch hold that allows you to turn or twist at ease with better maneuverability when surfing. It as well ensures good control in class 2 rivers.

Now only that this kayak makes sure good riding comfort in the high waves and effects but also maintains good riding speed. It as well makes sure you are getting better control over any style surfing by shoring on your legs. The leg lifter also helps you to handle the ride well.

And, this kayak makes sure controlling over most riding style with thigh and knee pads so that you don’t feel pain on the body when turning.

Good Space & Seat

This kayak comes with great space and seating comfort that makes sure you sit fine and paddle. It on top comes with a Phase 3 Air Pro seat that is made out of padded and foam to ensure good comfort. This seat as well allows your body to relax in a good position.

No wonder of this kayak goodness as it makes sure 400 lbs. of max weight capacity for you to sit fine in better rooms. The weight capacity of this kayak also allows you to use on any surf with no struggle. It on top ensures good paddling in deep water.

Also, the padded seats allow you to have airflow when entering the holes. It on top helps sit bones and lower back to find good support.

Supportive Handles

With cozy handles on both sides, this kayak allows you to find good support when paddling on the water. This thing on top makes sure good support when bowing or bending in the water. It also makes sure good carrying and hauling benefits when traveling in any place.

The Aspire 105 on top makes sure comfortable holding with better traction and grip to surf well over waves. It as well as makes sure good support on the heavy wind. This thing on top allows you to carry at ease. And, this handle helps to push the tail

In addition to that, this Aspire 105 kayak handles make sure no snag of slippage and losing your balance.

Replaceable Skid Plate

This kayak comes with a replaceable skid plate that allows you to surf fine in the water with no scuffs. It as well as makes sure you are getting good protection and safety to paddle fine under the water.

On top of that, this Aspire 105 kayak is replaceable so that you can change if the skid plate is dreadful. It as well as makes sure good bottom security to skid at ease with no snag of scratches. The skid plate of this kayak ensures good resistance.

In general, it makes sure worn and missing skid plates to be replaced at ease. Also, this kayak makes sure good paddling posture.

In short, the Aspire 105 is an ideal pick for most paddlers who want a stable and strong kayak for any water use. It is also worth trying out if you want an expert and all-rounder kayak.


  • It tracks well even if you skeg up still fly like a bird to speed up when in tight areas.
  • The Aspire 105 kayak is a great combo for fast curving and straight ride.
  • It makes sure good room for you to sit comfortably to camp gear.
  • This kayak comes with a fine cup holder to hold when riding.
  • It is sturdy and solid in design that ensures long-term usage for a good while.
  • This kayak is quite easy to paddle for larger paddling use.


  • Sadly, this kayak comes with bad client service.
  • It is heavier than other options.

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Our Second Best Pick- Wilderness Systems Pungo 100 Kayak– Ride In Comfort For Fledging Paddling

The Pungo kayak 100 is a great option that has comfort riding benefits and performance to paddle in the calm water. It as well makes sure you are easily managing for fledging paddling ease. So, here are some Pungo 100 specs that you should know.

Cozy Seating System

This kayak comes with a cozy phase 3 Air Pro seating system that allows you to get good comfort on the water to surf fine. It on top makes sure you are paddling in the water for a long while happily.

The Pungo 100 as well makes sure you get good seating comfort on the surface when twisting or bowing in the water. It on top makes sure your body stays in a fine place to do different surfing style. This seating system also ensures good adjustments.

And, we find this kayak seat good for body cores, muscles, and bones to stay in the right place to avoid pain or soreness. It on top ensures good comfort.

Light In Weight

This kayak comes with 47 lbs. weight that allows you to use or hold when traveling on the place. It as well as makes sure you are carrying this kayak to surf in the water. The Pungo 100 also makes sure light feel to move easily.

But this kayak may not give better maneuver in the fast water to turn or twist at ease. Yet, it makes sure you are getting up to 300 lbs. weight capacity to paddle fine in the calm water. The Pungo 100 on top ensures a light feel to kayaking in the water.

It as well as makes sure good portability to hold anywhere you are going. Due to its lightness, you can also carry it on your car.

Good Footbrace System

This kayak comes with Slidelock XL adjustable foot brace system that allows you to control the ride with your leg at ease. It on top allows you to get a comfortable paddling position to twist or turn fine.

Besides, this foot brace system makes sure you are getting a better grip at the end of the rod for easy paddling. It on top makes sure you are kayaking in the water better depending on the pace of the water. This foot brace system also makes sure good defend against higher waves.

With advantage, this kayak makes sure better comfort on your bare feet to easily bow or drive under the water.

Fine Hatch Setup

The Pungo 100 kayak comes with a good stern hatch with a bulkhead that allows you to get dry storage for gearing. It on top makes sure you are getting good space filled with airflow for a better feel on the water.

This kayak as well as comes with an Orbix hatch cover that makes sure a hinged design and locking lever to use when in need. It on top makes sure good access when paddling. This kayak hatch also ensures larger objects to store inside.

Besides, this hatch system makes sure you get good pressure when peddling. The cover of the hatch system is sealed rightly to store fine.

Great Deck Support

This kayak comes with a shock cord deck rigging that allows you to comfortably stay in the water. It on top makes sure holding all the stored items in a good way like an elastic band. The shock cord of this kayak also makes sure good tie-down to store.

On top of that, it makes sure you are getting good handling to paddle fine for intermittent retrieval. The deck on top has lines that allow good stability to stay tight when in the water. It also makes sure good storage too.

The deck ensures a good structure to stay up in the water. On top, it makes sure you to store most items in the given space filler to ensure good locking.

In nutshell, the Pungo Wilderness Systems kayak is a fine pick for those of you who have a small height. You can also try this out if you are one of those who want to lift fine in flat water.


  • This kayak is made ideally that allows you to use in slow and calm water.
  • It is light in weight and easy to paddle in the water.
  • The Pungo 100 kayak comes with a thigh and knee paddling to seat happily.
  • It is super simple to lift and drain especially when trolling in the water.
  • This kayak is fine for both adults and kids to use on boating safely.
  • It comes with a good adjustable backrest to the boat at ease.


  • Unluckily, the Pungo 100 doesn’t come with any tracking system.
  • Some people find this kayak smaller for tall riders.

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Overall Thoughts on Pungo 100 Vs Aspire 105

Unlike most other comparison battles where each participant seems pretty close to each other causing a draw, this time we actually have a winner. And clearly, it’s Aspire 105. With a larger body suitable design and mind-blowing stability providing even with rough paddling, Aspire 105 is surely going to make your rides more comfortable, stable, and satisfying. Both the ace of kayaking and a newbie explorer will find the features suitable for their rides.

However, Pungo 100 is also not a bad option if you want to start off with a small and relatively less feature included kayak that comes with a pretty low price tag. It can also work well for those who are wishing to gift a light-duty kayak to a kid or child as a gift.

But if you don’t mind some rough paddling in the safe boundary of a reliable kayak, then definitely go for Aspire 105.