10 VS 12 Foot Fishing Kayak – Which One is the Best?

Kayaks are ancient crafts that help traveling on water and any related task to be done around water spaces. Kayaks can be used merely as an adventure tour or a regular hunt for fishing and many more.

In recent times, kayak fishing has gained popularity for specific reasons. People here and there are looking for the best suitable kayaks for them. To enjoy the fantastic experience of kayak fishing, you must choose the one that goes all well with you.

When speaking of the best kayak, many have been confused about deciding between 10 VS 12 Foot Fishing Kayak about which will work best for them.

Well, choosing the best kayak includes explicit knowledge about their length, portability, storage, and some other relevant factors. Here we present all the needed information and a perfect comparing table to help you choose the right one for you:

Properties Of 10 VS 12 Foot Fishing Kayak

Before we jump to the comparison table, it is mandatory to introduce a little to these different creatures. Here we go:

10 Foot Fishing Kayak

The name precisely indicates the characteristics of this kayak based on the length of it. This 10-foot fishing kayak has its powers and disabilities. While running the kayak on small areas and have minimal requirements to fulfill in that case, this 10-foot kayak’s service will not disappoint you.

12 Foot Fishing Kayak

Again, the 2 foot increased kayak may come to great help when you are already struggling with a shorter kayak. Here you get everything a little more, the surface, the storage, and so on. If planning on fishing into a more significant area, then any shorter length would be the last thing you want.

The Table Of Comparison For 10 VS 12 Foot Fishing Kayak

Take a look at the ultimate differences of 10 foot and 12-foot kayaks here. The precise and to the point causes will help you understand a lot more about which length of the kayak to choose:

10 Foot Fishing Kayak

12 Foot Fishing Kayak

The length adds to the speed. Less length causes slower running. The more the length, the faster any kayak will travel
The 10 foot has better stability because of the more extensive space. This 12 foot is less stable as the surface is narrower rather than wider.
Tracking Capacity
Tracking and turning results right as the craft is smaller. Tracking and turning results best when handled by an experienced user.
Less space lacks enough storage. Broader space certainly offers more storage.
Preferable Area
Small areas like a nearby river, ponds, or lakes. Longer and deeper areas like the sea, long river, or deep lakes.
The size is more portable when traveling from one place to another very often. If it requires pretty long travel to get to the area, the size is not comfortably portable.
This 10-foot kayak is safer if you are a beginner level rider. The 12-foot kayak is safer for the experienced but not or the novices.
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  3. Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Premium Angler Kayak | 12′
  4. Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler Sit-On-Top Flatwater Fishing Kayak

All About- 10 Foot Fishing Kayak

The detailing of 10-foot kayak may help you more to know it better. If your height is short and has light bodyweight, then this size will accommodate you comfortably while the size is okay with you so that for nearer and regular travel, the smaller size would serve you the best.

The 10 foot will be problematic if not space is not more and easily coverable. When you target to reach a long distance, the length of this kayak won’t help you a lot as it has been made to run at low speed.


  • Reliable for riding in a tight spot or shorter
  • Safe for beginners or
  • Better stability in risky


  • Less space for
  • Runs

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More About- 12 Foot Fishing Kayak

With the increased length size, here you get many more options to implement. To enjoy a perfect fishing experience with kayak larger size to choose is the recommendation you will always get.

Kayak size depends a lot on the person’s body measurements. To fit in and have a comfortable free space around in necessary to go on longer distances and deeper water levels. The bigger size has been constructed by keeping in mind to ride it in open water easy track, smooth turn.

If you do not have experience with kayaks riding several times before, then controlling this craft will cause distress a bit.


  • Fast speed to cross long
  • Suitable size for
  • Enough storage for adjusting everything you would


  • Stability is hard to handle for
  • Hazardous to carry

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Which One Is Right Choice For You To Buy 10 Foot or 12 Foot?

Let’s assume you have already gone through all information, and comparisons still have some confusion. To wipe up that, match your conditions and know which one will give you the best result:

  • See-through the manual to know its weight capacity and subtract 25%. Now analyze your weight with which it goes
  • If lack of space bothers you and you are quite a rider for open water, then you want to choose the longer length and narrower
  • In case you need to reach any remote spots regularly to ride your kayak, lighter weight and shorter size would be the best to choose only if the size completely accommodates
  • When you are just about to step in, the kayak world holds on to the excitements and chooses the shorter length to learn first, and then you have all the way to experiment with a bigger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

10 or 12 foot which size is better?

The longer the length, the more speed, storage, and stability are there to enjoy while riding. 12 foot will add at least some improvements you would love to experience.

Wide or narrow which one to choose?

For faster speed, narrow kayaks are always the best.

Final Verdict

If you are an adventurous person or just particularly a sea lover, then having a kayak will help you a lot on random go out for fishing with this craft.

Sometimes, even all the best equipment will fail to provide the pleasure you were searching for always. The reason behind this is nothing, but the little details you have been avoiding are creating difficulties.

The article for 10 VS 12 Foot Fishing Kayak will eventually help you to understand the lower than 10-foot and higher than 12-foot length’s advantages and drawbacks.