5 Best Kayak Carrier for Subaru Outback – Exclusive Suggestion!

Since fortunately you have a great Subaru outback so you can travel long distances effortlessly. But If you want to travel with a kayak, you have to work harder and be more tactful. You may know that you can easily connect kayak with your Subaru outback through the kayak carrier. But abreast so many kayak carrier’s on the market, finding the right kayak carrier for you is as difficult as it is time-consuming.

So we understand the value of your time as well as effort so we have come here consort only some kayak carriers of your choice.

We have analyzed the 5 best kayak carrier for Subaru outback and we think, if you read this article damn Sure, you will have no problem choosing the kayak carrier you want for your Subaru outback.

So, read the article carefully and choose the product of your choice.

Best Kayak Carrier for Subaru Outback

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
Mrhardware 2 Pairs Kayak Carrier Alloy Steel Fine Protection And Capacity Details On Amazon
Mrhardware A01 Kayak Carrier Nylon Comfortable To Hold Details On Amazon
TMS-Fold-Down Kayak Carrier Alloy Steel Remains In Position Rightly Details On Amazon
HTTMT 1 Pair Foldable Kayak Carrier Steel Universal Fit For Any Cars Details On Amazon
DrSportsUSA Foldable Kayak Carrier Firm Steel Good For Longevity Details On Amazon

We will be reviewing the 5 Best Kayak Carrier for Subaru Outback. Keep on reading!

1. Mrhardware 2 pairs kayak carrier– Get lightweight and portable with this one

If you want a simple, sorted, relatively good quality kayak carrier for your Subaru outback at a low price then 2 pairs heavy-duty kayak carrier can be the best pick for you. This product structure is so great that you can easily worry about the safety of your kayak on long trips. Lightweight as well as being very small in size, it is easily transportable and its grips are so strong which provides the necessary energy for a kayak.

1.5 mm thick steel additionally able to hold kayaks over 150lbs. Smooth paint has been used on the outer cover of the kayak carrier which is free from weather damage in any situation. Kayak fits perfectly in both pairs so it frees you from annoying noises while your Subaru outback is running. Foam padding along with rubber compounds have been used in the parts of the grip to protect against water abreast heat loss which ensures the durability of this currier.

Not only that, but the kayak carrier’s grips also use soft leathery material that always prevents the body from being scratched or eroded. One of the main attractions of this currier is that it can be installed quickly furthermore allows you to remove the kayak from the currier very easily without any hassle.

After all, 2 pairs of the heavy kayak carrier will easily fulfill your desires.


  • Sturdy, portable along with easy to lift.
  • Stable across well made.
  • Promising quality abreast well structure.
  • You will find it both manageable and flexible.


  • Many people do not like the color of the ratchet.

Available On Amazon

2. DrSportsUSA foldable kayak carrier– Achieve a one-touch solution

SMAUTOP 4 in 1 kayak carrier is one of the best kayak carriers in the present time. This product is the best because its effectiveness is so much that it has a one-touch solution for the person who needs a kayak carrier.

The size is 27 × 15.3 × 7 inches along furthermore four M8 portage bolts, 2 luggage pair clips which give you maximum performance. Its pairs are made of high-quality aluminum pipe door abreast a shape of 25mm-2mm with hard but smooth carved walls. The use of foam protects is the best quality and the outer part of the carrier abreast your kayak is scratch-free.

Also, adjustable nylon rope is provided accompanied by this kayak carrier to set the kayak besides your Subaru outback again besides allows maximum fit. Although oxidized aluminum is used on the surface of the kayak carrier, it is light in weight, easy to carry, and does not corrode in saline water or sunlight. Ultra quality aluminum poles can be folded easily, so you don’t have to remove the kayak carrier while parking your Subaru outback.


  • For the money, it is a prominent choice.
  • The process of installation is very simple.
  • You will get flawless performance.
  • Very neatly arranged.


  • Unfortunately, the rope is a little thin.

Available On Amazon

3. Mrhardware A01 kayak carrier– Avail mature screws with this one

The mrhardware A01 kayak carrier’s top-notch service, due to its quality and durability, will be at the top of your list. Its simple structure besides low-cost solution makes it easy to move your kayak. The kayak carrier’s screws are mature enough to give you a safe, smooth abreast hassle-free journey with Subaru outback. The use of high-quality steel in its arm does not cause any problem in loading or unloading position.

How strong will the kayak carrier’s ratchet be? Every buyer is hesitant about this. Keeping in mind the needs of the buyers, this kayak carrier is equipped with a high capacity 10 feet long across 1-inch wide ratchet as well as strong belts, which will hold your kayak in a certain position without any kind of damage.

The wide pair is easily able to accommodate kayaks of any weight that you can get as an extra-terrestrial. This kayak carrier outdoor skin protection safe your kayak carrier from bright sunlight, rain furthermore heavy dust.

Its pairs are not separate but the finish is great. Also, the USES 2PCS and EVA sticker used in the mounting hardware design ensures the safety of the Subaru outback bar. Apart from these, you will get the opportunity of free exchange with 30 days.


  • It works readily.
  • Always be able to handle as you like.
  • Keep it free of worries for longevity.
  • Can be used for multitasking.


  • Unluckily, after a long time, it gets a little stained.

Available On Amazon

4. TMS-fold-down kayak carrier– Discover the outer part as rustproof

The features that have been input in the updated version of J bar kayak carrier will undoubtedly be the best choice for the buyer’s kayak. As part of the great change in the updated version, two strong steel pairs have been added, with a rust-proof base at the foundation, and the ability to protect itself from adverse weather.

To specialize in the kayak carrier, the exterior is coated with a combination of zinc and copper which gives an equal performance in hot or cold weather. In addition to the development of its grip, a thin plastic-like coating has been added to the outer casing that is comfortable to hold, easy to use abreast guarantees long-lasting service. This kayak carrier fits equally well with the Subaru outback for great features.

Both foldable arms of the kayak carrier are stuck with the kayak at perfect angles, forcing the kayak to remain in its position. Another thing to note is that even when you leave the kayak carrier unused, it does not produce any annoying sound that you will not find in all other kayak carriers.

Generally, the kayak carrier has to be removed during parking garages for other products but this product has a folding option so it can be kept folded during parking your Subaru outback so there is no extra hassle of removing.

Not limited to this, its tie-down fillet, rope, anchorage noose surrounds the kayak so fast alongside tightly that it is rarely seen.


  • Your peaceful trip escort.
  • Usable in flat and remain position.
  • Venerable attribute material.
  • Marvelous looks.


  • Its rope is a bit short.

Available On Amazon

5. HTTMT 1 pair foldable kayak carrier– Foldable pair allows universal mounting hardware

The embarrassment of choosing the right kayak carrier in the product that I will discuss this time, you will be relieved a lot. Unique changes have been made to the structure of the HTTMT foldable kayak carrier with its immersive design. Its foldable pair allows universal mounting hardware.

With the completion of the OEM factory, you will get the opportunity to fit perfectly abreast of the great advantage of quick as well as easy installation. Extra grip has been added to keep this product separate from other products, adjacent an improved rubber coating on the arm to protect your kayak. As it is short in length and width, it is easily located on the outer part of your Subaru outback so it is not so visible in the absence of a kayak.

The most interesting part of this kayak carrier is its ratchet which is undoubtedly different from any other product. Outside of the ratchet is a fine coating of alloy that keeps you free from sun besides liquid. Also, its ropes have been expanded a bit more than before which gives your kayak extra security.

This kayak carrier has been adapted to different situations effortlessly to give you the adulteration-free advantage of the arm joints cross keep your kayak in place until you move the kayak yourself.

Also, as part of the versatile facility, you can use this kayak carrier for your Subaru outback to move a variety of objects, including skis, canoe.


  • It is more convenient for the price.
  • Relatively much stronger.
  • Upgrades viewing experience.
  • This product is sleek glossy.


  • Yellow color not available.

Available On Amazon

How To Choose The Best Kayak Carrier For Subaru Outback

How To Choose The Kayak Carrier For Subaru Outback

There are things to keep in mind when choosing the best kayak carrier. Keep reading.

Portable & lightweight

Before choosing a kayak carrier, you must pay close attention to its mass and how easily it can be carried. Because you have to be removed at special times, if you are overweight, you have to go through a lot of embarrassment to move. Again, even if its size is very large, you may still face various problems. Therefore, before buying a kayak carrier, one should choose a product that is light in weight along with portable.


Since the kayak has to be firmly attached to the kayak carrier, the kayak carrier’s grips need to be fast enough to be easily attached. At the same time, it’s important to remember whether the grips are holding the kayak tightly? Otherwise, there will be annoying sound from the kayak while running which can ruin the pleasure of your trip.

Rope & Ratchet

Another important factor is the ratchet tie and rope. You must pay attention to the ratchet as well as the kayak carrier’s rope. This is because, if the rope or ratchet is underdeveloped, the kayak will not stay still, which will cause annoying noise and the kayak may get scratched or fall off.

Water & Thermal Resistant

It is necessary to choose a kayak carrier so that the metal coating on the pairs and the grips are made of leather so that they are not damaged by water or heat. Since the kayak carrier will be on the outside of your Subaru outback so it will be in rain or sun for maximum time. As a result, you need to choose a kayak carrier of your Subaru outback that is resistant to sun, water, or dust.

 Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is there a possibility of car damage due to long time kayak carrier use?

No, never. If you are careful and use good quality kayak carriers then there will be no harm. However, if you are careless as well as your kayak carrier is of low quality, temporary or permanent stains may appear on the upper part of the vehicle.

Can Toyota Hi-Lux Carry Boy-2007 be added to the kayak carrier?

Absolutely. The kayak carrier structure is designed to fit all models of the old model and the new model without any problems. So, you can use it in your car except for any hesitation.

Does prolonged sunlight damage the kayak carrier?

In fact, the kayak carriers are resistant to sunlight and rain, so there is no possibility of impairment.  However, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight damages the outer parts of the soft parts of the skin.

Wrap up

Most of the time you lose because the shopkeepers don’t give you the right product. As a result, the products are durable and fail to show the best performance. Be sure to keep in mind the appropriate things before buying. We hope you find your desired kayak carrier by making this content perfect. So, make a quick list without delay and find your best kayak carrier for Subaru outback.