Best Paddles for Inflatable Kayak – Top 5 Picks

Kayaking lovers usually prefer inflatable kayaks most due to their stability, lightweight with resistance to sinking. Rough water or current affects the kayaks less. For these reasons, people search for paddles that will fit inflatable kayaks.

Paddles for inflatable kayaks are not identical to the hard-shell kayaks. Typically, inflatable kayaks are wider compared to standard kayaks. So, the users normally cannot recognize the right paddles for an inflatable kayak. To resolve this issue, we have deeply analyzed the features and amenities of several items on the internet, consequently segregated the best paddles for inflatable kayak for your avail.

Best Paddles For Inflatable Kayak

Carefully go through the reviews we are making here on the best paddles for the inflatable kayak to curtail your decision process’s length about the product:

1. Overmont Inflatable Kayak Paddles– Intuitive Feather-Shaped Blade

Overmont Inflatable Kayak Paddles have a fathering style to fit, especially in windy weather. When you keep one blade in the water, the other air’s edge will wear thong through the wind. It requires the paddler to be somewhat tricky to operate with the feathered paddle.

The aluminum shaft is hollow that protects the paddles from sinking and saves the board side while paddling. Thus it helps the paddle float over the water. Moreover, you can freely move the paddles with less energy loss.

There is a paddle leash with the perfect length. The first end of it is a carabineer that attaches to your kayak for double insurance. The users having a shortage of storage place will be satisfied with the item because the heavy-duty construction of Overmont facilitates easy storage within a limited space.


  • Quick and light.
  • Outstanding for the price.
  • Attractive orange color option.
  • Cheapest paddles.
  • Include 3 locking positions.


  • No rubber padding for hand rest.

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2. KERDITOO Kayak Paddles– Multiple Combination Of Setting

KERDITOO Paddles are suitable for inflatable kayaks that have various functions. That is why you can use them for adults as well as children. The paddles are not only adjustable to inflatable kayaks, but also for different categories of kayaks or boats.

The simplicity in paddle design provides comfortable handling of the kayak. As a result, you can float on the water all day long. There will be no fatigue or tiredness while you are paddling for a long time without any break.

The construction of KERDITOO supports resistance against corrosion in rough water. You can disassemble the aluminum shaft in two pieces, which will help you store the paddles easily for transportation.

The 54-inch oars help you control the track of kayak when you are over the water. The ribbed blades boost up the performance with stability in kayaking. With KERDITOO, you will have support for return in any engine failure case. So, you have little to worry about safety issues.


  • Lightweight, thereby portable.
  • Plastic connector.
  • Decently sturdy.
  • Extra durable.
  • Much value for the money.


  • More tightening may crack them.

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3. Vilgen Inflatable Kayak Paddles– Easy Assemble-Disassemble Facility

Vilgen Inflatable Kayak Paddles come with a three-piece assembly with an aesthetically appealing structure. Connect two paddles whenever you want combined use, also split them when necessary.

You can add extra strength while paddling with the ribbed blades and oar drip. Retainer rings in Velgin facilitate oarlocks for security. An aluminum shaft construction makes the paddles sturdy or robust. They are corrosion resistant as well as serviceable with the water-resistant materials.

The comfortable design of Velgin protects the users from placing their hands at the right angle, reducing more stress on shoulders or forearms. So, you can paddle as long as you want with the perfect size paddles.

Velgin Paddles have a design to go with any kayak while ensuring suit for kids with its perfect length and width. When you launch for a long tour, your kids can paddle with the item.


  • Easily portable.
  • Versatile paddles.
  • Simple storage capacity.
  • Perfect for long term use.
  • High strength handling power.


  • Don’t include an extra connector.

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4. Intex 48″ Paddles– Get Proper Control Over Your Inflatable Kayak

Intex 48″ Paddles include ribbed blades that help the user guide the water flow towards the outward ends of the blade. The rib also adds more strength to the blades. You will get a better grip over the kayak during paddling.

There is a retainer ring with the shafts which you can use with oarlocks. The paddles are long-lasting because they provide the same service in even wavy or harsh water. The plastic material constructing the paddle is easily movable.

The weight and length of Intex paddles are ideal for any users who navigate with inflatable kayaks. You can paddle at a low or high angle along with retaining energy. The paddles can supply your muscles much power to provide as much speed as you want while paddling.


  • Portable with less fatigue.
  • Simple assemble facility.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Sturdy performance.
  • Easy storage with quick packing ability.


  • Adults may feel the plastic structure a bit weak.

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5. Vbestlife Kayak Paddle– Contains Environmental-Friendly Material

Vbestlife Kayak Paddle is designed for inflatable kayaks or boats which has PVC material of high grade. The upgraded material makes it fit for minimal, reduced, or no harm to the environment. You will not have to compromise with the strength or durability of the paddles.

No matter how tall or short you are because the paddles come with bidirectional connectors that can connect two shafts. It that way, you can enhance the length of paddles to the point that will be easy for you to handle.

Your paddles can catch water efficiency by using the complete curve line in it. The paddles are detachable, so you can split it into many parts when they are not in use. Vbestlife is an inevitable accessory that fits different kinds of inflatable kayaks people use for various purposes.


  • Stylish color options.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Arrive with 4 shafts.
  • Easy setup.


  • The price could be a bit lower.

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How Should You Choose The Paddles For Inflatable Kayak?

How Should You Choose The Paddles for Inflatable Kayak

It would be best if you considered some obvious factors when shipping for paddles. Otherwise, you will fail to identify the paddles that retain the critical criteria to serve according to your techniques of paddling along with the type of kayak. The bellow-mentioned points will help you to pick the appropriate option:

Kayak’s Width

For relaxed paddling, the kayak width is an essential factor you should look into with greater importance. As the inflatable kayaks are wider, you can better handle them with longer paddles. The width of the kayaks ranges between 28 inches to 40 inches. For efficient paddling, you have to buy a kayak of 220 cm to 230 cm. For more width, 230 cm to 240 cm paddles would be better.

Paddle’s Height

It will be best to choose a paddle, depending on the height of the paddler. If the paddler is 5 inches or less tall, the paddle should be 220 cm long. For people between 5.2 inches to 6.2 inches, the ideal paddle is of 230cm length. A 240cm kayak paddle will be perfect for people who are above 5.6 inches tall.

However, it is not the only factor to determine the paddle length. Sometimes it varies from person to person according to their personal preference.

Style Of Paddling

For a more relaxed stroke, it is better to use long paddles. It is suitable for longer distances as well as slower cadence. In open flat water, you can go with longer paddles. Faster cadence is more accessible with small paddles. If you want a more aggressive stroke, select a shorter paddle. Most people can easily control paddling with shorter ones. For quick movement, short paddles are perfect.

Materials In Paddle

The paddle materials can be carbon shaft, aluminum shaft, or fiberglass shaft. Although aluminum and fiberglass shaft has lightweight, carbon shafts are the lightest and durable metals. Fiberglass is suitable for saltwater because it includes less risk of corrosion. It is not sensorial to cold or hot weather.

But, aluminum is susceptible to weather. So, when you purchase an aluminum shaft paddle, keep gloves with you to save hands from cold or hot paddles.

Blade Design

Buy paddles, considering the low or high-angle blade design. The blades remain more horizontal in low angle paddling. When you set out for a more extended tour, a low angle will save your energy. For speedy kayaking, you will need a high-angle blade.

The blade design may also be spoon-shaped or flat. You will need to pull the spoon-shaped blade out of the water quickly because it seizes the water better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the consequence of using too long or short paddles for an inflatable kayak?

What is the consequence of using too long or short paddles for an inflatable kayak?

Is it necessary to have paddle float?

The paddle float is not compulsory for the coolest kayaking, but having it will benefit you. The paddle float uses an inflatable bag at the end of the paddle that functions as an outrigger. Paddle float will keep the kayak stable. Moreover, when you are on a long trip, you can use it from time to time when you are in the kayak.

How should you hold the kayak paddle?

Holding the paddle in the blade’s angle directed to the board’s nose is the simplest way of controlling the kayak paddle. Holding the paddle in a correct technique is essential to reduce paddling efforts, keeping the hands unbind to enjoy the tour.

Wrap Up

A right Paddle can provide the benefit of having the most expensive inflatable kayak. Effortless navigation requires better paddling when you are on the water. The paddles we recommended will serve best to get efficient power transformed from the muscle energy.

Along with the type of kayak, another influencing factor is the water you are going to tread. Now, you are clear enough about kayaking style suitable for different paddles for an inflatable kayak. Don’t waste your time getting fixed with what to choose. Instead, select from the best paddles for inflatable kayak we suggested for you.