5 Best Kayak Fish Finder Under $200 That Are Worth The Price

There was a time when people use to sit for hours and get fed up with not getting a single bite. But today we have some great fish finders that do the job of finding those catches for you and there’s a lot of time saved because of those.

But then again, not all the models available out there are worth your time, money, and even attention. If you decide to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars, then you can start to find some promising fish finders that are popular and sold out for a reason.

Today we would like to talk about such 5 best kayak fish finder under $200 that are true fishing gems you need to know about…

Best Kayak Fish Finder Under $200

Start with the complete reviews of these models right below.

1. Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fishfinder with Transducer– Waterproof Option To Try Out Now

This is one of the best fish finders that have an IPX7 water rating to survive incidental exposure for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It also gives a good shield against water damages to use well.

With the CHIRP sonar technology, this fish finder delivers a non-stopping sweep of frequencies. This thing helps you to create crisper fish arches with the finest target separation. It also allows you to get a wider range of information to target fishes easily.

Want to know the coolest part? This fish finder includes a high-sensitivity GPS system to easily find fishes at a waypoint. It also ensures giving a waypoint map to navigate the location to the bait. This thing also helps to find your way back to the ramp.

And, it comes with a built-in design to see your sonar data in the classic flasher format. This fish finder also helps to view photographic images with detailed representations of structure and fish.

Summary: This device is our favorite on the best fish finder under $200 that offers a higher level of clarity and detail of fishes. It is also a good fish finder compare to the traditional one.


  • This fish finder is easy to install.
  • It includes transom and motor mounts.
  • This fish finder has 1 lithium-ion battery.
  • It contains great tech support and accuracy.
  • This fish finder is portable and light.


  • Some people find customer service weird.

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2. LUCKY Handheld Fish Finder– Long-lasting Battery Life for All-Day Bait

Out of all fish finder for kayak reviews, it’s on the top because of lifelong battery life(4 to 5 hours) to locate fish well. This fish finder also ensures to bait with a completely new battery even longer.

Plus, this fish finder comes with 25 feet cable and removable transducer float to use when installing. It also allows you to cast a fishing transducer into the water where you want to bait. This thing helps to determine distance with the help of the sound wave signals.

And, we are not stopping there. The brand comes with 12 months of quality assurance to get a respectful return and restore facilities. They also ensure giving good replacement benefits for their buyer’s defective items. And, the brand provides 24 hours of online contacting options.

Moreover, this fish finder comes with 5 modes of sensitivity options such as battery save mode, backlight mode, fish, and fish school alarm. These modes also ensure you to get powerful functionality and user-friendliness.

Summary: If you want the best fish finder under 200 dollars that offers great accuracy and fishing comfort, then it is your finest bet. This fish finder is also good for ice and kayak fishing.


  • The user manual is easy to follow.
  • It has a fish and fish school alarm.
  • The customer service is friendly to get help.
  • It comes at a logical price range.
  • This fish finder comes with good battery life.


  • Sadly, the display screen fogs up.

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3. Lowrance HOOK2 4X 4” Fish Finder– Get Solarmax Display With This One

One of the best fish finder for under 200 dollars is the Lowrance HOOK2 4X that offers Solarmax display to get a crisp and clear view. It also gives excellent clarity and daylight vision.

This fish finder is as well designed to offer auto-tuning sonar and phone-like menus for ease of usage. It also ensures you spend fishing more time to deal with settings. Besides, this thing gives better usage of comfort to easily locate fishes.

Not only that it comes with wider sonar coverage but also ensure conventional design to angle well. This fish finder also allows you to track fishes in the freshwater with double coverage. It as well ensures finding fishes easily.

Furthermore, this fish finder comes with a Bullet Skimmer transducer that allows you to easily know the fish distance. It as well ensures locating fishes in all terrains of water. This fish finder transducer also gives you traditional 2-D sonar views of your target.

Summary: The HOOK2 4X is a simple and functional fish finder that holds strong features and quality. It is also a good pick to try out for wide and clear angle performance by locating fishes.


  • This fish finder is simple to install.
  • It shows fishes accurately in deep water.
  • This fish finder comes at a reasonable price.
  • It has great quality and durability.
  • This fish finder is light in weight.


  • Sadly, it doesn’t come with a cover.

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4. Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder with Portable Kit– Travel-Friendly Option To Try Out Now

The Garmin Striker 4 is one of the best fishfinder for a kayak that has a low weight to use when traveling. It also ensures you to carry in a small bag with no heavy or burden feel on your hand.

These are just a few. This fish finder does its job greatly to offers a keyed interface with dedicated buttons. It as well ensures giving better usage and pressing comfort to control well. This fish finder also helps you to access easily with a simple touch on buttons.

For its price range, this fish finder comes with 480 x 320 pixels display resolution that ensures clear and detailed picture viewing. It as well gives better viewing with a waypoint map to navigate to the locations. This waypoint map also helps to locate brush piles and strumps.

Even though this fish finder doesn’t come with a transducer, it offers a soft carrying case. This thing is perfect for kayak, canoe, or ice fishing. It also ensures better portability to carry the fish finder when going on bait on any area.

Summary: For better fishing, this fish finder is an ideal pick to grant you visible and signal noise to use well. It is also worth trying out for getting bottom contours at higher speeds.


  • The package includes an AC charger.
  • It comes with a simple manual guide to get ideas.
  • This fish finder comes with a fine design and outlook.
  • It has a wider screen to view well.
  • The battery of this fish finder is waterproof.


  • Not a good option for ice fishing use.

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5. Humminbird PiranhaMAX 4 Fish Finder– Toughest Option To Try Out Now

Designed durable and premium, the PiranhaMAX 4 is one of the best fish finder kayak under 100 dollars to stand a long while. It is also weather-friendly to use in any conditions with no fear of damage.

This fish finder as well as features Dual Beam Sonar that allows you to easily identify fish, structure, and contours clearly. It also helps greatly for you to pick from a narrow and wide beam for an extra detailed picture. Plus, this technology helps to give a fine coverage area.

Wonderfully, you will get a great sound system if any fish is near thanks to the Fish ID+ alarm option. It as well ensures giving better sonar support to detect a fish with sound energy. This thing also helps to catch fishes easily.

The brand as well comes with 1 year of limited quality assurance to grant a better replacement facility. Plus, the client service is super friendly to ask anything related to the fish finder for solving difficulties. They also ensure good restore and repair.

Summary: The PiranhaMAX 4 is a perfect fish finder that has a modern outlook and a large color LCD screen. It is also a good option to try out for using saltwater and freshwater fishing.


  • This fish finder includes a flush mount transducer.
  • It is travel-friendly and portable.
  • This fish finder is trouble-free to use.
  • It has great graphics color to view well.
  • This fish finder is accurate to locate.


  • It doesn’t include a portable carrying case.

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Factors To Pick The Kayak Fish Finder Under $200

Factors To Pick The Kayak Fish Finder Under $200

Picking the right kayak fish finder at a friendly rate needs much stuff to search out. If you are planning on shopping for a kayak fish finder at a cheap price, then read these effective points for picking the best in both worlds:

Screen Resolution

The kayak fish finder should have a good resolution to be viewed rightly when locating targets. A high resolute screen will give crystal clear images viewing on the underwater. And so, try to go with a kayak fish finder that offers high resolution and clear display to view well.

GPS System

Even if you are looking for a cheap kayak fish finder, check the GPS system of it for ease of locating. Some fish finders offer a built-in GPS system to track your location and fishing sport. For that, consider the GPS system of your picked fish finder for functionality.


The portability is a must point you need in a fish finder if you fish from place to place. A portable and lightweight fish finder will help in carrying too. You won’t be feeling like holding a bulk around that way.

Battery Power

Another thing you need to check is the battery power which should last a good while when shopping for a fish finder. The powerful battery life of the fish finder will allow using a long time. Therefore, go with a fish finder that helps you use a long period.


If you are a daily fisherman who tends to angle on any weather, then the waterproof fish finder is a good hit. A waterproof fish finder that allows you to use it in any weather is a good choice. Just ensure your picked fish finder has a good water resistance rating.

Design And Durability

Pick a fish finder that has good design and durability to use when fishing. Also, consider the warranty and intuitive controls to suit your fishing platform. You don’t want to spend on something without a little of assurance from the brand’s side.

How To Install A Kayak Fish Finder?

How To Install A Kayak Fish Finder

​​To set up a kayak fish finder, you should follow the right method. Read down below to know the right processes of setting up a kayak fish finder:

  • The first step is to take out your newly bought kayak fish finder to the boat and locate where to install it.
  • If you want to install the fish finder on the side of your kayak, then simply attach the bottom part to ram mounts. Then, simply tighten down the ball mount for ease of installation. Then, adjust the angle.
  • Another simple way to set up your fish finder is with a transducer. Use marine goop or silicon in the hull where your transducer and housing will be placed. Also, apply duct take to the transducer and housing to secure well.
  • A simple trick is using a small amount of marine goop on top of the transducer and waits for 2 days. Next, drill on necessary places to pull the cable and position well.
  • Next, you can use ram mounts to attach your fishfinder to the kayak. This way the fish finder will able to track fishes underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put a fishfinder on a kayak?

Yes, you can put a fish finder on a kayak. Basically, if you are using a paddling kayak, try to use fish finders on the boat directly in front of you by mounting it in the right way.

Can transducer shoot through kayak?

Simply, the transducers are designed to shoot the beam through the kayak. Most kayaks are made of plastic material, the transducer can cross the kayak into the water with no struggle. The suction cup transducer helps transfer the light as well.

Which way should a transducer face?

A transducer should face at the forward no matter where you mount it. If you mount the transducer at the bow, transom, or kayak, try to set it in a forwarding face. No matter whether you mount on the left or right sides, it should face forward.

Can the transducer be painted to prevent growth?

The transducer can be painted to prevent growth. However, you want to pain the transducer with water-based paint to get rid of various growths. Just be sure the paint you are going to use for the transducer is non-metallic and anti-fouling.


There are many collections of fish finders under 200 dollars in the recent market. However, finding the right one needs good research and study. Also, depending on your budget for purchasing, you want to go with specific quality and features.

Never think of a higher-quality fish finder at a cheap price range. Also, try to think as logically as possible when in the market. Just be sure your low-priced fish finder comes with all the good points that you badly need for fishing purposes.

Also, consider the durability and functionality of a kayak fish finder to use on a daily basis happily. A kayak fish finder that offers good underwater viewing will be a good option.

And, check the product description to learn about all the details of the kayak fish finder. Plus, you want to look out the comment section for knowing benefits and disbenefits.

We hope this informative review with a good buying guide helped you with helpful details. And, hope you find the best kayak fish finder under $200 from here. Good luck!