Marcum Vs Vexilar – Which One Meets Your Ice Fishing Needs?

To enjoy the real excitement from ice fishing, nothing can beat a good ice fishing flasher. But there are so many options to choose from.

However, if the clash is between Marcum vs Vexilar, then it’s a close cut. So, our entire context includes each featuring details with a detailed comparison. This whole article is based on different users review and user benefit points.

After reading this, you can make your decision about which one you should bend for. Let’s start.

Marcum Vs Vexilar – Comparing Two Ice Fishing Cores



Durable and attractive Durable and reliable with bulletproof design
Power Unit
Can provide up to 2000 W power in sonar Can provide up to 400 W power
Sonar Type
Both digital & analog system No digital system feature
Display Clarity
Relatively crisper image Average display image
Zoom In Feature
Movable zoom in options in some Marcum products Auto-zoom mode, not customizable
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  3. Marcum M Series– True Color Patented Flasher Details On Amazon
  1. Vexilar FL-18– 12 Degree Ice Flasher  Details On Amazon
  2. VexilarFLX-28– Ice Ducer with Day/Night Mode  Details On Amazon

Comparing the Sonar System of Marcum and Vexilar

Both Marcum and Vexilar come up with the sonar system and underwater camera system for ice fishing. But the difference does not lie in the whole rather for specific some.

Let’s talk about the Vexilar sonar system ice flashers. It has some good iceducers, for example- FLX30BB, FLX-28, FLX-20, FLX 18™, FLOX-12, FLX-8se, and a sonar phone with a transducer also. Most of them offer auto-ranging technology with auto-zoom mode.

The digital depth range technology starting from 5 feet to 300 gives accurate target identification. However, the advanced Vexilars offer quite a good range of ice fishing flashers for fishing in weed and too shallow water.

The auto-zoom mode seems fantastic when you are fishing walleye or perch. However, the VexilarFLX 18™ features the target ID with less than half an inch for easily spotting. Moreover, the transducer’s interference rejection system helps to reject other signals present nearby and give you the exact spotting.

Now, time to talk about the Marcum flashers. It has quite a good series of sonar transducer system. M series comes with a quality built and optimized sonar system-Marcum M series includes M1, M3L, and M5L.

From power to the target separation, the M series has a collection of various ranges. M1 uses 1000 W, M3L 2000, and M5L 2500 W of power with a higher operating range. The patented movable zoom is in the M3L, and M5L but the bottom zoom in the M1 model.

And the transducer, of course, has the superfast interference rejection system for an exact target. Here, the M3L and M5L use the Lithium battery for a long time usage. However, the brushless design gives you a silent operation with easy targeting of the school of fish.

Now comes the turning point for Marcum. If we compare Marcum LX7 vs Vexilar, there is a real battle. The Marcum LX models come with a digital display featuring so many customizing options for your ice fishing that Vexilar does not.

The Lithium battery-powered digital ice flashers will amaze you when you get into its on display dashboard and customizable zoom mode. On top of that 12 level interference mode will ease most of the work.

Marcum MX 7 brings a unique and innovative technology in ice flasher with GPS. Here you get all the top-notch features with real-time GPS performance that come with a pre-installed Navionics® base map.

Best recommended for Digital Sonar- Marcum LX-6s Sonar Wide Screen LCD with Switchable Windows

This digital ice flasher comes with a brighter and bigger LCD with a customizable windows facility. The 8 to 20 degrees switchable transducer allows you to fish as you can do with two transducers.

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Comparison of Vexilar Vs Marcum Underwater Camera

The underwater camera is also popular enough among anglers. However, if you love to use the underwater camera for fishing, Marcum can offer some variations.

Well, the Pursuit HD series of Marcum flashers –Recon 5 and 5+ comes with a quality underwater camera. These two sonars feature some twisting points in ice fishing. For example, you get a wide Field of View with a great aspect ratio, and the color kill technology will make you insane here.

Moreover, you can also record with its built-in DVD record system to an SD card and enjoy your fishing. Marcum Mission, Marcum Quest HD, Marcum vs485c, and the Pursuit HD are such models of underwater cameras.

If you check for the Vexilar, it has a limited edition of underwater ice fishing cameras- Fish Scout FS800 IR. It also comes with 7 color LCD and a stiff carrying case for easy portability. And the digital charger included with this can assist you with up to 9 hours of running.

So, here you get the limitation in Vexilarbut quality underwater camera indeed. However, Vexilaris updating its products with more technological advances to keep the race with other fishing essentials brands.

Best Recommended for Underwater Camera- Marcum vs485c Underwater Viewing Dual Mode Wider LCD Screen

It comes with a wider screen that you can switch both in color and B/W mode. CMOS camera here helps you with a clear view with its built-in LED light. It has a fantastic camera with better viewing contrast.

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Comparing Marcum And Vexilar Battery Life

Both Marcum and Vexilar fishing items offer quite a good power source with long time battery power. However, the Vexilar is the runner up here.

Marcum fishing ice flashers provide battery powers from 1000 W to 2500 W. These contain Lithium Life PO4rechargeable battery that offers fast charging facilities with long-time running.

On the contrary, the Vexilardeep cycle battery also offers the best quality but with less power, up to 400W on average. That might sound cheap, but less power also ensures security.

Best Recommended for More Power- Marcum M5 Flasher Optimized Iceducer with More Power Source

This ice-fishing flasher comes with a battery that powers up to 2500 W for optimized view and running. However, the wide LCD panel with 12 steps of rejection to the signal interference makes it superb for exciting ice fishing.

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Durability Comparison of Vexilar and Marcum Flasher

In terms of durability, both come with quite good built-in stuff not only from the inside but whole. Mostly both Marcum and Vexilar come with a comfortable carrying case for remote ice fishing with comfort. However, the Vexilar comes with a bulletproof design that keeps it safe from different strikes it can go through.

Though the bulletproof casing on Vexilar ice flashers makes the screen a bit shallow in extreme weather conditions, when it may get in the hands of your pets or kids, this is gonna prove the best one with extra protection.

Above all, both brands are durable and reliable, with the finest technology used in them. And for the longer battery life, Marcum gets the point.

By the way, the other factor, such as the transducer cable, is long enough and made with safe environment-friendly stuff. So, no tension here for cable loose.

Best Recommended for Protection- VexilarFL-12 Pro Pack II Comes with Adjustable Rod Holders

It gives the proper ice flasher with 3 color screen flashing indicator. It comes with 2-rod holders that you can adjust to your ease and cleats to hold the cables for a better position.

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Comparing Appearance of These Fishing Flashers

Both fish flashers come up with almost the same build quality and appearance. However, the design and technology use can differ.

Marcum offers quite a good series of flashers, digital sonars, underwater cameras, and some other fishing essentials. Most of the Marcum fish finders use LX-7L Lithium Life PO4 that comes as built-with the sonar system. On the other hand, when you consider the Vexilar, you can’t get major visual differences. Only the display screen of come Vexilar flasher does not come with digital system output.

Both come with quite the same design and module of ice flashers. However, Marcum gives you a handheld flasher too that Vexilar does not offer.

Most of the ice fishing devices come in a plastic case, and so as the Marcum and Vexilar. The button system and other functional ports are different in the case of Marcum and Vexilar.

Comparing Display Features of Marcum and Vexilar

The display is a crucial feature in ice fishing flashers. It is the base in ice flashers where your fishing goal lies. If the screen is not clear and vivid to understand in any weather, your entire fishing goes in vain.

Marcum flasher uses the most advanced sonar technology and shows accurate data on display. Now, how clear is the display?

Marcum gives the brightest display that you can use under extreme sunny weather to foggy, snowy time. The dazzling brightness and the crisp image resolution make your ice fishing exciting ever. Though, the Marcum LX9 seems to have some issues with screen freezing.

Oh, the amazing fact is Marcum uses the MBC lightning technology that gives maximum brightness and crisp image that no other brands offer. The digital ice sonar from Marcum has a customizable display feature that you can use for specific targets. 3 to 6 color display gives the real-time result with its fast refresh rate. Marcum LX 7 L and LX7Li areas such.

On the other side, Vexilar uses a 3 to 5 color palette ensuring the brightest display with maximum visibility. Some models like the VexilarFLX-20 offers night mode and low light mode option for better battery saving to drag your fishing for a longer period.FLX-12 model uses the advanced LED that gives 20% brighter and sharper display and allows you to fish in shallow water.

Comparing the price Range

Marcum and Vexilar- both brands come up with some quality and top-class fishing essentials. From the built quality to performance and longevity, both score the top with tie-tie points. Howsoever, both might not suit your budget, and it’s normal.

In the case of pricing, it’s tough to make one pricier and one cheaper as both offer multiple series with a variety of quality assurance points. In power, the Marcum offers more, and the Vexilar offers relatively less.

In terms of Marcum lx7 vs Vexilar FLX 28, Marcum gets the score for digital technology. Again, comparing Marcum M3 vs Vexilar FLX 12, Vexilar wins some peoples’ hearts for better protective features.

Here you can’t make one winner based on price only rather for various categories and user choice.

Still, the Marcum offers comparatively pricy devices than that of featuring Vexilar to some.

What Should Be Your Final Pick?

Finally, the time comes to make one winner but unfortunately, this is a challenging task where we even got confused as both come up with the same featuring benefits and essentials.

While researching to compare Marcum vs Vexilar, we get so many opinions and reviews from the different anglers. And based on that, we can suggest you go for the Marcum as it’s known to be the best flasher for ice fishing with more functions.

But if you want a simply designed profile with better protection Vexilar is a good option for you, no doubt. Again, for the best underwater camera ice fishing, Marcum has quality and options to choose one.

Top 5 Best Vexilar Ice Fishing Flashers

  1. Vexilar FL-12 Propack II: Great Color Flasher with Cleats
  2. VexilarFLX-28 Propack II: Comes with Auto Range Set
  3. VexilarFLX-28 Ultra pack: Sonar with Superior Performance
  4. Vexilar FL-18 Pro pack: 12 Degree Ice ducer

Top 5 Best Marcum Ice Fishing Flashers

  1. Marcum M5 Ice Flasher: Higher Power Sonar
  2. Marcum VX-1 Sonar: User-Friendly Design
  3. Marcum LX-6 Sonar: LCD Panel with Switchable Beam
  4. Marcum VS485c Underwater Camera: High-Quality Optics with Better View
  5. Marcum LXi Sonar: Digital Handheld Ice Flasher