5 Best Flipping Rod Under 150- Why They Are Popular Picks?

Are you looking for the best flipping rod under 150?  Then it is vital to choose the right fishing rod for this. For the best experience of fishing in heavy bass, you need to select the right rod in that price range.

Many flipping, pitching, and punching rods are available that will fit in your budget. There are some specifications of these rodes that are responsible for the quality rods. It is the most important thing to consider those while choosing the best punching rod for bass.

Flipping, pitching, and punching are the three great techniques of fishing the bass. We will suggest to you some of the best flipping, pitching, or punching rod you can have under 150 in this article.

Best Flipping Rod Under 150 – Recommendations

Product’s Name Line Rating Length Key Benefits Price
Dobyns Heavy Flipping Rod 10 – 17 LB 6.6 Feet Durable And Versatile Details On Amazon
Dobyns Rods Fury Series 15 – 30 LB 8 Feet Great Weight Range Details On Amazon
Lew’s American Hero 6 – 12 LB 7.6 Feet Nice Quality And Outline Details On Amazon
Berkley Flippin Rod 8 – 17 LB 7 Feet Tough To Stand Longer Details On Amazon
St Croix Flipping Rod 14 – 30 LB 7.11 Feet Light In Weight Details On Amazon

There are many brands of bass fishing rod in the market for the best flipping, pitching, and punching rods. Depending on the review, price range, we have selected the best rods for bass fishing.

The recommendations for the best flipping, pitching, punching Rod under 150 they are

1. Dobyns Medium Heavy  Fast action Flipping Rod– For Experienced Flippers

The Dobyns is one of the best choices for flipping, pitching.  It has a strong backbone that gives a medium Heavy Flip with Fast action Flipping.

This rod series is perfect for experienced flippers. The optimal length of this rod is 7’6″. This length ensures that you do not get too close to the fish.

Despite being fast action of the rod, it is lightweight. The weight of the line range is 12-25 pounds and lures weight ranges from1/4 to 2. This weight makes the rod sensitive. It gives the rod easy control.

The build quality of the rod is high.  It is high modulus graphite made blanks with high-quality AA-grade cork high-density Hypalon made butt. This rod also has a Fuji reel seat.

Wrapping with kevlar gives the rod more strength and makes it more durable. The high-quality cork makes the grips extremely comfortable that will nicely fit in hand.


  • Medium Heavy fast flip action
  • Strong backbone
  • Comfortable handle in heavy bass
  • Moderate price ($119.99)
  • Versatile


  • Not much versatility for other actions

Available On Amazon

2. Dobyns Rods Fury Series– Heavy Power Rod for Flipping and Punching

As punching rod is one of the powerful rods for bass fishing, Dobyns fury series is the best choice. It offers in a range of different lengths, the longest being an 8 feet rod.

This rod has a strong backbone that gives it a is heavy-power fast action flipping. The handle of the Dobyns casting rod is made of high-quality AA-grade cork, which has a high-density Hypalon butt.

Kevlar wrapped handle improves the performance with extra comfort with durability. The rod has a high modulus graphite blank with a Fuji reel seat.

For beginners, you can choose the 7’3″ rod. The weight range of 10-20 pounds, which is a bit lower than the recommended weight/length for flipping. If you choose a 7’6″ Rod, that has a line weight range of 12-25 pounds. It is the best choice for flipping.

The 8′ rod is best for punching. Line weight range starts from  15 to 30 pounds with Lure Weight is three / eight up to 2 and a half ounces (3 /8-2 1/2 oz).


  • High quality split cork handle
  • Versatility
  • Easy to handled
  • Variety of length
  • Moderately priced ($119.99)


  • Don’t have an array of weights

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3. Lew’s American Hero– Fast Acting Casting Rod for Comfortable Flipping

The Lews American Hero Speed Stick is a fast-acting Rod. The handle of the rod has a high-density EVA foam split grip that is comfortable. It also provides added durability slip-resistant to the handle.

The building quality is exceptionally high, which makes it more effective. This rod has premium IM6 blanks with the overall multi-layered graphite construction.

It comes with stainless steel guides frame inserts. The reel seat of the rod is lightweight graphite with a cushioned stainless steel hood.

This rod offers the size 7’6″, so there is no variety of lengths or weights. The length is the most common length for flipping. This optimum length works for performing the fast flipping action with both responsiveness and momentum.

The heavyweight of this rod is giving it a strong backbone that makes it very powerful.  Line’s weight ranges from twenty to forty pounds. The lure’s weight range is from half an ounce up to two ounces. Price range from $69.45 – $123.36.


  • Heavy Power
  • Fast Action
  • Wide weight range
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Affordable


  • N/A

Available On Amazon

4. Berkley– Cherry Wood Hybrid Casting Casting Fishing Rods

This  Berkley Rod is a hybrid casting rod for fishing that is featured with a cherrywood design. It gives the rod an excellent finish and makes it pop.

The hybrid design construction of the rod is unique. This unique construction made it lighter and surprisingly durable than the other models. It offers strength with dependability.

Berkley has stainless steel solidly mounted guides, inserts. The line guides are reliable that can withstand bass fishing. They are  55% lighter than the traditional guide without adding extra weight to the rod.

The fishing rod has a cork handle design; it gives the handle a traditional look. That added more comfort control to handle the rod. It allows for a two-handed cast for individuals.

This rod is available with lengths from 5 feet 6 inches to a full 7 feet. The only Berkley Casting Rod that is available with a medium-heavy power design is the 1-piece 7′ rod. It is suitable for flipping. The price ranges from  $24.99 to $60.90


  • Quality rod at a low price
  • Fits in most small to medium-sized reels
  • Ultra sensitive
  • Effective cork handle
  • Durable


  • End tip need inspection before and after each use
  • The guides may become bent or damaged

Available On Amazon

5. St Croix– High-Performance Casting Rods For Flipping And Punching

St. Croix is one of the best fishing rods for flipping and punching. It is for the serious anglers who demand a high-performance fishing rod. The construction of the rode provides it lightweight that is easy to handle.

This rod has advanced SCIII graphite high-strain graphite fiber construction. The construction is a high-modulus strong backbone that makes the rod sensitive with extraordinarily durable than the others.

The poly curve tooling technology of this rod terminates all the transitional points in the blank. It gives this casting fishing rod blank a smoother action. This Technology increased the strength of the rod.

Its slim-profile ferrules have 3D designed guides with Kigan Master Hand. The strong black color frames, Fuji ECS graphite reel seat, the ring is aluminum oxide made with black hoods.

A high-quality cork handle with Split-grip improves comfort handling. It has two coats with an excellent slow cure finishing of Flex-Coat. The one-piece four handle rod with a length of 7’11”. The Line Weight is  14-30 lbs; the lure weight is  1/2-2 oz and Rod Wt. – 5.4 oz.


  • Great price($130)
  • Never need to compromise with the size
  • Significant strength
  • Improved virtuality
  • 5-year warranty


  • Too stiff while fighting fish

Available On Amazon

How To Choosing a Flipping Pitching and Punching Rod

How To Choosing a Flipping Pitching and Punching Rod

The factors you need to consider for flipping or punching rods are length, power, action, line weight, and durability. Also, keep in mind the material of the rod, the backbone, the grip ergonomics.

These features mentioned here combined make a suitable rod for flipping, pitching, or punching in the bass.


The length of the rod is one of the essential factors for flipping and punching the road. The flipping rod should be long enough that makes a distance from the fish. Proximity to the fish may scare them away.

The optimal length for flipping is 7’6″ longer length can be more challenging handle. At a beginner’s level and shorter persons, you may consider starting with 7’3″ to 7’4″ that will be easy to handle.

If you are an experienced angler, you can use something that’s 7’6″ or even a bit longer. It will depend on the strength of the backbone of the rod. For punching, the recommended length is from 7’5″ to 8′.

Line Weight

The line weight of the rod that holds the rod is another factor in determining the performance of the rod when flipping or punching.

Typically, the more comprehensive line weight range is better because this gives the rod strength with durability. The recommended range is 10 to 25 pounds, which is perfect for flipping.  And for punching, the content of line weight is from 14 to 30.

The perfect range of line weight affects the power, action, and length of the rods. So carefully choose the range of line weight when buying a rod. If you can not find the rod with these recommended ranges, they are not perfect for flipping punching.


For flipping or punching, you need to choose the rod with a robust massive backbone or power. It is another key factor for selecting the best punching rod for bass.

Punching is a method that needs a heavy backbone to get out of the heavy weeds effectively. A medium-heavy to heavy power rod will help you with that.

The heavy power rod makes it easy to quickly hook, fighting with the bass, and lift the bass in the boat. Look for the more heavy rod that will give sufficient power to perform flipping and punching in the bass correctly.


In bass fishing, you are going to need a fast action rod. Immediate action rod will help you to set your hook deeply in the bass so you can not miss any fish.

A fast-action rod refers to the rods that bend higher on the blank, the hook of the rod set faster. It is an essential feature for flipping and punching technique.

Lure Weight

This guideline range for flipping is 3/8 ounce to 1/2 ounce. Be careful when choosing a rod with a strong backbone rod. You should choose the one that can handle the lure weight you want to flip or punch.

Rod Material Composition

The material composition of the older rod was fiberglass.  It makes the rod too heavy and rigid with some great sensitivity. Present days rod construction material is updated to graphite that provides more flexibility to the rod.

Graphite is lighter in weight that won’t break under pressure. Most of the angling prefers high-quality graphite to withstand conditions. It also should always be sensitive to feel that bites on the line.


The rods for flipping and punching should not only be comfortable but durable. In bass fishing, choose high-quality carbon, graphite material with an EVA or cork handle that makes it durable while fighting.

If you choose to skimp on these materials, it will provide a short life cycle for the rod. That will ultimately cost you more money.


A flipping rod should have versatility. Choose a rod that is not only designed for flipping or punching but also designed to perform other actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the cork handle the right choice for a flipping rod?

Yes, a cork handle is a right choice.  While choosing, you should make sure of getting high-quality cork for the flipping rod. The low-quality cork may not provide sufficient grip to the handle and make it slippery when it is wet.

What action rod is suitable for flipping and punching rod?

The guideline for a flipping and punching rod ranges from a fast to a moderate fast-acting rod. The fast-acting rod allows you to load swiftly. It also gives the lure of the rod some life.

Which length of the flipping rod is best?

If you are a beginner shorter rod range from 7’1″-7’4″ is preferable. The shorter length provides more confident handling of the rod. If you are an intermediate or advanced angler, 7’6″  is the optimum length. It is also range from 7’6″ -8′ depending on the strength of the backbone of the rod.

Can I use a flipping rod for other things?

The rod should be versatile. Some fishing rods specifically built for a specific technique like flipping, pitching, or punching rods, and some are versatile for any method of fishing. You should pick the rod that functions as both casting and flipping rod rather than specifically built for flipping.

Final Words

Choosing fishing rods needs to care about the considerations that can affect the quality of the flipping rod. If you follow the guideline follow in this article, you can find the best flipping rod under 150.

Knowing the consideration will help you to differentiate between the type of rods and choosing the best punching rod for bass, depending on your skill.

Flipping, pitching, and punching are very effective techniques that need the right rod for proper performance. Here the recommendations of the rods selected have good reviews.

We hope this article helps you to make your choice while buying a flipping, pitching, and punching rod. You can select rods from the list provided. For more information and options, you may have your research.