7 Best Waterproof Socks For Kayaking- See What’s Inside?

When you are looking for the best waterproof socks for kayaking, thankfully there are pretty amazing options to browse through and choose from.

Being able to keep your feet dry and provide the right amount of comfort are probably two of the most useful factors of a proper waterproof sock. But then again, there are also other pointers such as right fit, nice making as well as breathability, and perhaps more. So, to make you pick the right pair of socks that would be a nice addition to your next kayaking trips, we have decided to write about it in depth.

From telling you about top of the current popular waterproof socks that would fit just right for kayak activity as well as giving you a few of the most important criteria on choosing the right pair, today we have a lot to cover.

However, if you are in a hurry, check the 7 best socks for kayaking below:

Products Material Key Benefits Price
COPOZZ 3mm Waterproof Diving Sock(Editor’s Choice) Silicon, Rubber, & Neoprene Thicker Sole Details On Amazon
NeopSkin Neoprene Black Sock Elastic Neoprene Good For Cold Kayaking Details On Amazon
Skyone Water Fin Black Sock GBS Seam Thread Secures Ankle Well Details On Amazon
CAPAS Waterproof Sock Silicon & Neoprene Good For Traction Details On Amazon
SuMade Waterproof Black Sock Nylon, Polyester, & Elastane Good For Men & Women Details On Amazon
Tanzant Black Waterproof Sock Cotton & Elastane Flexible & Soft Details On Amazon
Randy Sun Waterproof Sock Nylon, Polyester, & Elastane Blister-free & Tearproof Details On Amazon

Consider These Factors to Choose the Best Waterproof Socks for Kayaking

There are plenty of tips that come into play for someone who’s looking for a great pair of waterproof socks. But the most crucial ones, those that you cannot miss out at all, are what we will be covering in this specific segment.

3-Layer Socks Are by Far Best at Providing Waterproof Benefits

A well-made waterproof sock usually comes with layers. And the most useful ones will have three in total. These are meant to work with different materials combinedly to serve more than just one purpose.

By layering various fabrics, the manufacturer tries to create more functionality that can help better during a waterproof situation.

So, try to look for such pairs that confirm those 3-layer benefits.

Depending on The Purpose, Ponder over The Material

There are quite a few material choices that you have when looking into waterproof socks. Of course, you’ll get to see some strong points with each of them while a few weaknesses as well. You should be able to tell which combination of pros and cons sounds like something you’d wantto get for your kayaking needs.

Here’s some insight on the available material options:

  • If having enough stretch to find flexibility in putting the socks on as well as confirming a snug comfy fit is what you prioritize the most, then Elastane or Spandex is your best bet.
  • One of the finest waterproof socks materials is neoprene. It is basically a stable and flexible type of synthetic rubber. During wintertime kayaking, a pair of socks made of neoprene would feel very well. However, in summer, it could be uncomfortable as there’s a lack of breathability.
  • Then there’s wool, an excellent material that can absorb as well as retain about 30%moisture. And you’d feel dry wearing these, hence it’s a fabulous waterproof sock material choice. Merinois a popular one that feels very comfortable and soft on the foot. It’s known to have enough elasticity to keep your feet cool during hot days as well as warm during cold days. It’s also great for preventing foul smells.
  • A fast at drying material is polyester, something that can also provide excellent results with stretch, mildew, shrink, tear prevention. The soft material is also quite good at breathability. And there are moisture-wicking elements to it as well. It’s a good choice for wintertime kayaking. However, could be uncomfortable to wear for a long-time during summer.
  • Nylon is often the vert last layer of waterproof socks. And it works to keep any chance of damage due to shoe chaffing away. So that the outer layer can stay intact.

Pores To Allow Sweat Escape, In Short, The Breathability Factor

Gone are the days when people used to believe a waterproof sock cannot be breathable.

With new making technology and methods, it’s very much possible that your socks can prevent water and at the same time allow any internal sock to escape easily.

And that basically involves having a breathable membrane. These come with pores in them. So that the water outside never enters but any moisture inside can get a way to escape.

MVTR is basically a measurement used to judge the breathability of any waterproof socs. With higher MVTR, the socks are supposed to be better breathable.

It’s All About the Right Fit

No matter how good a pair of socks is, if you get the wrong fit there’s no way you’ll enjoy wearing it.

With something too big for your feet, water would easily slip inside running the whole purpose of it being waterproof. While the too small fitting ones would leave very painful blisters due to the excessive pressure on your feet.

And of course, while kayaking, you’ll keep feeling super uncomfortable.So, while ensuring that the sock has some good waterproof features, don’t be less attentive to something as basic as getting the right fit.

7 Best Waterproof Socks For Kayaking

Now that you know quite well about picking the pretty pair of waterproof socks for yourself, it’s the right time to know about what recommendations we have gathered for you. Both the comparison table and complete reviews would help you hopefully enjoy!

1. COPOZZ 3mm Waterproof Diving Sock– Best Waterproof Socks For Kayaking

Details Of COPOZZ 3mm Waterproof Diving Sock


3 mm


Anti-slip Outline

Windproof And Lightweight

Water Temperature

Warm And Cold

COPOZZ is an ideal pick for kayaking thanks to its watertight layer. It is dependable and safe to wear on outside purposes. This sock is also comfy and solid to wear for a long hour.

Tough Outline That Is Scratch-Free

This waterproof sock is tough to stand for a good while. We also love its great strength that ensures no scratches or bruises after months of use.

And, it is one of the cheap waterproof socks that shield feet from sharp particles when kayaking. This sock is great for any water temperature.

Protective Design That Is Cozy

With a 3 mm thickness, this sock has a secure design thanks to its rubber grip. It is also solid against abrasion and friction when walking.

And, this sock works fine on different purposes such as kayaking, swimming, diving, and many more. It is as well functional and all-rounder.

This sock is protected with a solid 1 year of warranty assurance.

Nice Velcro Strap That Is Adjustable

This sock is adjustable to get the right size thanks to the electric Velcro strap. We find it very helpful for keeping the sock on top.

Sadly, it stretches out if using below water. But this sock performs well for kayaking even if water splashes.

What We Like Most

  • This sock has a nice grip pad that protects it from slipping.
  • It has a tunable strap to secure feet at a fine fit.
  • This sock has a thick sole and cushion on the upper.
  • It is easy to attire and takes out after use.
  • This sock works well for occasional purposes.

What Could Be Better

  • Unfortunately, it stretches if using below water.

2. NeopSkin Neoprene 3mm Black Sock– One Of The Comfiest Waterproof Ankle Socks

NeopSkin has a high-cut layout that knowns as the comfiest out of all. It has a 3 mm thickness that keeps feet from wrinkle and blister. This sock is also supple and soft on feet that don’t bulk.

Details Of NeopSkin Neoprene 3mm Black Sock


Breathable And Comfortable

Tough Yet Thin

Suitable For

Men And Women
Good For

Kayaking, Swimming, And Fishing

Soft Fabric That Is Flexible

This sock is designed with soft fabric thanks to elastic neoprene crafting. It is also comfortable on bare feet to walk on sandy path easily.

Besides, we don’t find it too tight or loose for its strap. But it needs washing after using the outside. Yet, this sock is easy to machine washable.

Quality Stitching That Lessens Water Entering

It is outlined with high-quality stitching that seems visible. This sock stitching also ensures good protection against rip or tear.

And, we are not stopping there. It gives great coverage that stops water to enter the inner layer. Most users love it for the look and design.

This sock has a strong coating that resists abrasions and scuffs.

Tough Sole That Is Slip-Free

NeopSkin has a tough sole made with solid material. The sole of this sock gives great protection against slip and skid snags.

It is also strong against rocky particles, pebbles, and other obstructs. We also love it for its great scratch resistance.

What We Like Most

  • This sock is solid and comfy to wear.
  • It is a great option for colder weather use.
  • This sock has a nice ankle strap that protects feet from loose fit.
  • It is flexible and soft that doesn’t rip easily.
  • This sock upper is nicely built to stand longer.

What Could Be Better

  • It needs daily care by washing after usage.

3. Skyone Neoprene Water Fin Black Sock– Best Option For Flexibility

Skyone is one of the best waterproof socks for kayaking adults. It is made flexible to use daily with no foot fatigue. This sock is also easy to wear for both men and women to try out.

Details Of Skyone Neoprene Water Fin Black Sock

Thickness 3 mm
Function Breathability And Light
Water Temperature Not More Than 55 Degrees C
Good For Kayaking, Swimming, And Diving

Perfect Fitment That Feels Cozy

This high-quality sock has great fitment that fits snugly. We love its extra rooms at the toe for better movement.

Also, this sock doesn’t give hitches when you put it on or out. In our experience, it is one of the comfiest socks for kayakers.

Light In Weight With Good Grip

It is light and soft to wear which doesn’t give discomfort. This waterproof sock pair has extra coverage on the sole that resists skid.

We also find it very cozy on feet that grants good traction. This sock also ensures good resistance against slippage.

This sock has hi-grip textured construction for kayaking and other activities.

Low-Profile Layout That Is Weatherproof

This watertight sock has a low profile with great length to wear well. It as well contains better thermal insulation that protects feet from mishaps.

Some clients complain about its warmness while using on cold weather. But this cozy sock works fine on rainy and sunny weather.

What We Like Most

  • This sock fits on feet without giving a tight feel.
  • It is ideal for use on hot and rainy weather.
  • This sock has a low profile that feels cozy on the ankle.
  • It is a good investment in this quality.
  • This sock material doesn’t feel bulky or large.

What Could Be Better

  • A few people don’t like it for winter climates.

4. CAPAS 2mm Neoprene Waterproof Sock– The Finest Pick For Cooler Weather

CAPAS is a reliable and handy watertight sock for cooler weather. It has a fine structure and cozy outline to wear all day long. This sock also doesn’t trap sweat or liquid on the inner layer.

Details Of CAPAS 2mm Neoprene Waterproof Sock


2 mm


SUVs Tire Pattern
Water Temperature

 Warm, Cold, & Normal

Good For

Kayaking, Fishing, And Beach Volleyball

Durable Outline That Is Functional

It is one of the finest waterproof socks women’s and men’s feet. Build out of neoprene material, this sock gives great protection.

And, we love its solid exterior that doesn’t rip or damage easily. A few people find it bad for rough terrains. But it is excellent in coverage to resist water or sand damages for kayaking.

Silicon Pads That Is Anti-Slip

With the silicon pads, this sock feels very cozy even under rocky sands. It doesn’t give a painful experience while trying on sands.

Besides, we find it fully slip-resistance thanks to the SUVs tire thread patterns. It also lessens the chances of slipping well.

This sock has glued and blindstitched seam upper cuff.

Snug Sealing That Prevents Sands

This sock is sand-proof thanks to its nice sealing that resist sand access. It as well helps your feet to walk comfortably on rocky or uneven areas freely.

Most users like its thick exterior and lining that stops moist to reach inside feet. This sock is also good for slippery paths.

What We Like Most

  • This sock is heatproof and tearproof to stand longer.
  • It has solid traction pads that comfort feet well.
  • This sock covers bare feet well to resist sand access.
  • It is protected and durable against water and wind damages.
  • The sole of this sock is firm that grants good grip.

What Could Be Better

  • It is not good for rough terrain use.

5. Randy Sun Navy Blue Waterproof Sock– Most Excellent Pick For Long-Term Usage

Crafted with neoprene material, Randy Sun navy blue sock is best for long-term wear. It is thick and warm on the feet with great safety. This sock also looks handsome when using for kayaking.

Details Of Randy Sun Navy Blue Waterproof Sock

Air Circulation

360 Degrees


3-Layer Construction
Water Temperature

 Warm, Cold, & Normal

Good For

Kayaking, Fishing, And Beach Volleyball

Solid Exterior That is Tearproof

This waterproof sock is made with nylon, polyester, and solid materials. Most users find it great when used in rocky areas.

Yet, we find this sock not good for summer applications. But it works great on the winter and rainy seasons by sheltering from coldness.

Strong Heel That Is Comfortable

It has a strong heel and footbed that doesn’t lack comfort. This sock feels more relaxed on the feet even after wearing it for too long.

Also, it has thermal comfort thanks to the high elasticity and thickness. We as well love its outline that grants no stress on the heel when walking.

This sock has a lightweight cushioned sole that fits well.

Nice Design That Is Versatile

This sock has nice elasticity and thickness to use on many purposes. It is good for kayaking, skating, skiing, climbing and so on.

We also find it very good for wintery and rainy seasons that make feet warm. This sock also works great on keeping feet fresh with its breathable fabric.

What We Like Most

  • It works great to resist water and sweat.
  • This sock has a good outline to stop feet smell coming.
  • It is good for kayaking, fishing, and other activities.
  • This sock fits fine that doesn’t give a close-fitting feel.
  • It is a solid heel that keeps the ankle from discomfort.

What Could Be Better

  • This sock is not a good option for the summer season.

6. SuMade 100% Waterproof Black Sock– Best Pick For Breathability

With 3-layer construction, SuMade is known for its breathability. It is a nice lining area that helps air to flow well. This sock is also windproof yet helps feet to breathe well.

Details Of SuMade 100% Waterproof Black Sock

Water Temperature

Not More Than Below 40 Degrees C


Light And Waterproof

Cuff Type

Good For

Kayaking, Fishing, And Skating

Great Design That Is Blister-Free

This sock is a great choice for kayaking thanks to its seamless toe design. It gives a nice covering without letting your toe feel irritated or allergic.

And, most people love its flexibility that helps to prevent blister easily. This sock also feels cozy to the feet after use.

Quick-Dry Lining That Is Handy

With beautiful looks, this sock feels cozy for its quick-dry lining. It as well grants a great shield against water.

One drawback a few people find after using it is the exterior layer gets damp when kayaking. Yet, it is not a big issue since the inner layer stays dry.

This sock pair is suitable for both machine and hand washing.

Cushioned Footbed That Is Safe

This sock has cushioned footbed with good rooms. It as well feels comfortable on feet that stop swell and friction.

Amazingly, this sock has a padded heel that keeps away your ankle from discomfort. It is also good for protection and comfort.

What We Like Most

  • It is long enough to cover feet well.
  • This sock gives a warm feel to use on cold weather.
  • It stays dry and comfy even after using long hours.
  • This sock is thick and tough to stand for a good while.
  • It has a solid membrane to resist sweat and moisture.

What Could Be Better

  • Sadly, the exterior layer of this sock gets damp.

7. Tanzant Black Waterproof Sock– The Finest Waterproof Socks For Men

Tanzant is one of the most popular watertight socks for men kayaking. It is supple and bendable to wear with no blister. This sock is also good for keeping feet dry without leaving bad smells.

Details Of Tanzant Black Waterproof Sock


3 Layers

Washing Temperature

Below 30 Degrees Centigrade

Breathable And Wearproof

Good For

Kayaking, Hiking, And Running

Strong Membrane That Is Washable

Apart from others, this sock has a solid membrane on its first layer construction. Besides, it can be washed under normal water.

Most users like its soft fabric that feels easy when washing using their hands. Plus, this sock is machine washable under 30 degrees C.

Windproof Layer That Is Durable

This sock pair is designed very cleverly using nylon, polyester, and elastodiene fiber. We love its windproof layer that shields bare feet from moisture.

This sock also has a nice cushion that users find very handy and simple. Plus, it is great for kayaking and hiking. This sock as well works great under harsh climates.

It is crafted with a knit exterior, watertight membrane, and knit interior.

Skin-Friendly Design That Is Snug On Feet

It has a great design that doesn’t cause allergies to the skin. Also, this sock gives the right fitment to the feet with no hitches.

Yet, some users find it tight on calves which gives a discomfort feeling. Yet, it can be solved if wearing the sock with matching loose-fit shoes.

What We Like Most

  • This sock feels strong and flexible that doesn’t blister.
  • It doesn’t give a bulky feel with the thick coverage.
  • This sock has good sizing for men’s feet.
  • It is good for using outside on harsh weather.
  • This sock is simple to clean on the washing machine.

What Could Be Better

  • A few users find it tight on calves after wearing.

How To Wash Waterproof Socks After Kayaking?

Once you get the best waterproof socks for kayaking and wear it, after getting home, give some time cleaning it as well. Now just because it’s waterproof, you definitely don’t think there’s no need to wash it right? Because, to keep it clean, you would quite often be washing it. Super simple, probably won’t need more than just a few minutes. Here’s how,

  • Step 1 – You need to start with getting lukewarm water. Now keep in mind, the temperature should not be too hot. As that is very damaging to the waterproof membrane and can hurt the integrity level. Also, avoid high heat washing inside the machine. Fill a clean bowl with not too cold nor too hot temperature water.
  • Step 2 – Next, you want to turn the socks inside out. You’ll wash the interior part with your lukewarm water. You can use some good soap to wash it as well. Your body wash can also be applicable in case there’s no soap at hand. The gentle ones are quite safe for the waterproof lining, so you don’t have to worry much about it.
  • Step 3 – Once you have washed the inner layer, time for the outside one. Turn it inside out and give the other layer a good wash. After finishing, put the pair of socks hanging and let them dry. And that’s how simple it is to keep your kayaking waterproof socks fresh for the next use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Waterproof Socks Really Work for Kayaking?

While kayaking, you are more prone to get your feet wet than most other outdoor activities. It’s not a high-intensity sport, for sure. However, that does not mean there’s no need for pulling your skin moisture out and passing it out.
And also, the water not being able to reach your feet skin so that it can stay dry and comfy. For a lot of people, it’s quite a discomfort to function with wet feet. Not to mention the ones who have allergies due to several elements that could be present in the water.
And even for the general case, it’s nice to have your feet dry while engaging completely in kayaking. So, getting yourself a waterproof sock would work with favor to kayaking for the most parts.

How do you wear waterproof socks?

During the summer, you may consider wearing just waterproof socks on. However, if it’s cold, wear a pair of regular socks. And then on top of it, you want to add the layer of your second’s sock pair that’s waterproof.
The latter way works best for climates such as rain and cold. However, some people may not love the feeling of wearing two socks at the same time. In such a case, you can wear thin material socks beneath your waterproof socks.

What are the 3 layers of waterproof socks?

The very outside layer has elements to prevent any rub against the shoe or simply damage to the sock itself. Then there’s the middle layer, which basically works as the main part of waterproofing. It’s a waterproof breathable membrane. And the inner layer comes with moisture-wrecking elements. It’s in charge of keeping your feet completely dry and comfortable.

Can you wear cotton socks for kayaking?

Yes and no! If you are planning to wear a pair of cotton socks under your waterproof socks, then there’s no problem with the idea. However, wearing the cotton-made thin socks alone for a kayaking plan isn’t a good idea. Because this material despite being super comfortable against the skin will absorb water very quickly. Hence it will leave your feet wet and soggy.

Wrap Up

So that was our thoughts on finding the best waterproof socks for kayaking. The 7 recommendations are something we feel would work almost in the case of most kayak lovers out there.

But if you can manage to find another pair that seems promising, great job! It’s actually up to you on deciding which pair of socks would work best for the waterproofing concern you and most kayakers have.

Just make sure you pay attention to all the factors that directly connect to the kayaking scenario and points that ensure your feet would be comfortable. Keeping those pointers in mind, you should be able to grab a good pair of kayaking socks.