5 Best Nose Clips For Kayaking- Which One Kayakers Mostly Recommend?

You love kayaking but the sinus situation is making it hard with contracting bacteria in the rivers as well as lakes that you want to experience. It’s time for you to find yourself the best nose clips for kayaking, a thing that can get rid of those dilemmas.

The overall concept of a nose clip is keeping your nostrils squeezed together. And then you enter the water arena. With the nose clip on, there’s no chance any liquid is going up in your nose. And you can have the time of your life kayaking without any worry.

Now, we are here with 5 fabulous nose clip recommendations that you must check. These are by far, the most effective ones that actually help you with the whole sinus situation and keeps your fun alive without disrupting. Keep on Reading…

Best Nose Clips For Kayaking

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
SYOSIN Swimming Ear Plugs Nose Clip Set Doesn’t Give Pain On Nose Details On Amazon
Speedo Unisex Swim Nose Clip Light And Compact Details On Amazon
Cressi Swim Nose Clip Long-term Usable Design Details On Amazon
Zooshine 6 Sets Waterproof Earplugs Nose Clip Set Adjustable And Pressure-free Details On Amazon
Splaqua Swimming Nose Clip with String Supportive And Soft Details On Amazon

We won’t keep you waiting. Here is the complete breakdown of the 5 picks we have gathered for you. Check for yourself and get to know about each of these, maybe the one you’re looking for is already on the list.

1. SYOSIN Swimming Ear Plugs Nose Clip Set- The Best Option For Kayaking

Specifications Of SYOSIN Swimming Ear Plugs Nose Clip Set

Material Silicon And Thermoplastic Elastomer
Function Soft And Eco-Friendly
Designed For Adults
Good For Kayaking, Surfing, Shower, And Water Skiing

Available On Amazon

It is one of the best nose clips for kayaking thanks to its fine quality and design. This nose clip and earplug set is also made for adults that we find flexible to wear when kayaking.

This pack as well offers 3 pairs of nose clips that are compact and light on the nostril. We also find it very unique that is easy to insert and take out after use.

But wait, that is not all. We also find the earplugs cozy to fit on the auricle with no struggle. It as well doesn’t give discomfort even if wearing for long hours.

This package also has a cute little case for each pair to secure the earplugs well. Besides, we find the case very handy that helps from losing or dropping on the beach.

Sadly, it doesn’t come with instructions on how to wear the nose clip in the right way. Yet, we didn’t find it an issue since it is very easy to wear on the nose.

The nose clip and earplug set are supportive for kayaking that helps us to focus on the ride with no breathing issue. It also helps to stop water from flowing inside our nose and ear.

In short, this earplug and nose clip set is a decent choice for its longevity and comfort of use. It is also waterproof and toxic-free to use.

Things We Like Most

  • This nose clip set is comfortable to use.
  • It is painless to wear.
  • This nose clip set lasts a good while.
  • It has a nice design.
  • Good for adult use.

What Could Be Better

  • It doesn’t come with instruction.

Available On Amazon

2. Speedo Unisex Swim Nose Clip- The Finest Pick For The Money

Specifications Of Speedo Unisex Swim Nose Clip

Material Nylon
Design Curvy & Functional
Fitment One Size Fitting
Function Care Box Included

Available On Amazon

The Speedo is one of the best nose clips for kayaking women that comes at a cheap price without sacrificing quality.  It is also durable and nicely designed at a logical rate.

Plus, this nose clip has a flexible frame that is made out of nylon to ensure no pressure feel. We also find it very useful that doesn’t move even if you shake or twist.

This nose clip is also good for most people who have a wide or flat nose. Many users find it very cozy that stick to the nose without leaving spectacle marks.

And, we are not done yet. This nose clip as well comes with a nice layout that helps to fit the shape of the nose easily. It as well gives us no slip or slide issue when using on the nose.

Unluckily, a few people find this nose clip not good for very big nose folks due to its shape. Yet, we find it nice for small to average-sized noses with no issue of fitment.

Besides, this nose clip is versatile that will work great for different purposes such as swim, shower, kayak, avoiding bad smells, and so on. It is also nice for surfing.

In brief, this nose clip is a magical choice for its soft TPR pads and a nice case with great benefits. It is also supportive and simple to use.

Things We Like Most

  • It is good for a flat nose.
  • This nose clip is straightforward to wear.
  • It is simple to store.
  • This nose clip is light on the face.
  • Good for swimming and surfing.

What Could Be Better

  • Not a good option for the wide nose.

Available On Amazon

3. Cressi Swim Nose Clip- Most Excellent Pick For Small Nose

Specifications Of Cressi Swim Nose Clip

Material Silicon
Function Storage Case Included
Good For Kayaking And Surfing
Design Low-Profile & Handy

Available On Amazon

The Cressi is one of the finest swimming nose clips for small noses. It is also a great option for keeping your nose bridge protected from water.

In fact, we find it excellent that can bend or curve well to place on the nose easily. This nose clip also won’t give discomfort or pressure feel.

Plus, it is made solid that won’t break or crack even after months of use. This nose clip also lasts a good while with no extra care.

We are also in love with the nose clip soft pads on both sides that don’t feel tight or heavy. It is also easy to put on.

According to the Theultimateprimate,

“If you’re a recreational swimmer looking for a nose clip that has a great grip on oily noses, then Cressi might just be the thing you’re looking for. It does its job of keeping water from your nose while being lightweight and snug.”

Indeed, it is a true point of Cressi that works best on oily noses to fit well and won’t give bulky or discomfort feels.

One thing some people don’t like about it that this nose clip doesn’t have a strap. Yet, we don’t mind it since the nose clip works great on the water when using.

And, this nose clip is comfortable to fit into the nose for kayaking with no struggle. We also find it helpful that improves focus even when water is splashing.

To sum it up, this nose clip is an excellent option for its low-profile and one-size fitting. It is also worth trying out for protecting infections and dirt from your nose.

Things We Like Most

  • It fits on the nose well.
  • This nose clip is decent in price.
  • It has cozy nose pads.
  • This nose clip is good quality and durable.
  • Good for keeping water out.

What Could Be Better

  • It doesn’t come with a strap.

Available On Amazon

4. Zooshine 6 Sets Waterproof Earplugs Nose Clip Set- Best Option For Long-Term Usage

Specifications Of Zooshine 6 Sets Waterproof Earplugs Nose Clip Set

Material Soft Silicone
Function Waterproof
Designed For Adults And Kids
Good For Protecting Ears And Nose In Water

Available On Amazon

The Zooshine earplug and nose clip set is the coolest option for long-term usage. It is also practical and cleverly designed to last a good while.

In fact, the nose clip for wide nose is not high density or fragile that gives a comfortable fitment. It also doesn’t give too much pressurized feel on the nostril.

On the face of it, this nose clip and earplug set is very gentle and supple to use into the ear and nose easily. It also won’t drop or fall quickly.

And, this nose clip and earplug set is crafted with soft silicon material that allows us to use it in water. It also helps us to prevent water to reach inside your nose and ear.

A few people find this nose clip and earplug set slips if using lotion or sunscreen. Yet, it can be solved easily by using facial cleansers to remove lotions before using them.

The earplugs of this set have a nice layout that needs a twist to fit inside well. We also find the earplugs cozy and efficient.

In a word, this earplug and nose clip set is an exceptional option to try out for beginners. It is also handy, compact, and light to wear well.

Things We Like Most

  • This nose clip set is firm and solid.
  • It has nice earplugs.
  • This nose clip set is simple to use.
  • It has a good price point.
  • Good for kayaking and showering.

What Could Be Better

  • Avoid using lotion before wearing it.

Available On Amazon

5. Splaqua Swimming Nose Clip with String- The Finest Choice For Wide Nose

Specifications Of Splaqua Swimming Nose Clip with String

Designed For Both Men And Women
Color Neutral Beige
Plug Material Soft Latex
Good For Stopping Water And Bad Smells

  Available On Amazon

The Splaqua is a great nose clip that works great on small to wider noses. It is also worth the price due to the good layout and durability.

These are just a few. This nose clip as well has soft pads that sit on the nose comfortably. We also find it adjustable to fit well.

Unlike others, this nose clip as well comes with a latex strap that is cozy and unique to hang on the head. It is thin yet super supple to wear well.

This nose clip also has a neutral beige color that suits fine on both men and women.  It is also safe for kids and adults.

Some people don’t like that it doesn’t come with a carrying box to secure the nose clip. Yet, carrying on the pocket or inside a small bag makes us feel it isn’t a huge issue.

This nose clip also covers the user’s nostril by sealing rightly to stop water and salt reach it. We also find it cozily tight on the nose.

In a nutshell, this nose clip is one of the best options for those who want a high-quality and protective alternative. It is also bendable and all-around.

Things We Like Most

  • This nose clip is versatile and flexible.
  • It is strong and handy.
  • This nose clip is easy to use and remove.
  • It has a fine strap attached.
  • This nose clip is light and cozy.

What Could Be Better

  • It doesn’t have a carrying box.

  Available On Amazon

How To Pick The Best Nose Clips For Kayaking?

Finding the right nose clip requires making the right decision. It can be done easily if you know what features are needed for choosing one. From quality to right fitment, a nose clip needs many good points. So, let’s check the effective list to get the best in both worlds.


The material is essential in nose clips to ensure longevity and quality. A solid yet soft constructed nose clip will help from break or crack after some months of use. So, choose a nose clip that is made with firm and bendable materials.

Most nose clips are built out of nylon, silicone, and thermoplastic materials.

Frame Weight

When in the market to pick a nose clip, you should check the frame weight of it. Basically, a nose clip is made light and compact to carry in a case. However, if you go with a nose clip that is slightly heavy or gives a pressure feel on the nose, it may cause pain.

Size Fitment

If you have a big or wide nose, then it would be better to pick a large nose clip. Similarly, you’ll need a small nose clip for a flat or tiny nose.

A nose clip that fits on your nose comfortably is the right size for you.

Price Range

Another thing you need to check is the budget. Be sure to go with a nose clip that has logical pricing. It also should have all the features and quality. So, pick wisely.

How To Wear Nose Clips For Kayaking?

Knowing the right way to wear a nose clip is essential. Fitting the nose clips is quite easy if you learn the tricks to do so. A nose clip will stop water from getting into your nose if you wear it rightly. So, let’s dig into the process:

Step-1: Start by, holding the nose clip in the right position. It needs to be in U shape position. Just makes sure the nose clip is in a nice curve or bendy position.

Step-2: Check the nose pads that will squeeze your nose to ensure well.

Step-3: Now, position the nose clip on the upside-down position to wear rightly. If you don’t know it, then just hold the U curve on the top and two pads on the bottom. Know that not all nose clips are the same so this trick will help.

Step-4: After that, fit it into your nose in the right space. Be sure to use your thumb and other fingers to pull out the nose clip in the right distance. Then, put the bottom part on your nostril that will help cover.

Step-5: Next, secure the clips onto your nose bridge. After that, adjust the fitment by pushing it into the end of where you find it comfortable.

Step-6: Afterward, test out by using on when you are kayaking to ensure it doesn’t bother or loosen. If you find it discomfort, then try keeping the nose clip in the flat position. And, you are done.

What Are The Benefits Of Nose Clips?

Do you know there are many benefits of nose clips for both beginners and experts? Nose clips are designed in a compact and lightweight range to give better protection. So, let’s check all the plus point of a nose clip:

Improves Breath Control

The nose clip helps to cover your nostril by closing the bridge. This way it helps you to perk up breath control in the right time. While kayaking, the water can splash on the nostril. A nose clip can helps beginner riders to ride kayak by improving breath control.

Stop Water Going Into Nose

The main reason people like the nose clip are it blocks water going to the nose. Basically, it helps water to never reach the nostril sinuses. This thing also helps improving air pressure in the user’s mouth. In fact, it helps users to focus on mouth breathing better.

Maintain Buoyancy

Another huge benefit of a nose clip is it helps to maintain buoyancy. Apart from kayaking or surfing, people also use nose clips for swimming too. It helps users to achieve new swimming tricks by preventing air to go through the nose. This way it helps using lungs to breathe rightly.

Helps Swim Better

One of the coolest plus points of the nose clip is trying new swimming styles with no hitch. It helps to hold breath for a good while to improve swimming skills. It is also good for backstroker and dolphin kick swimming style.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do nose clips work well for kayaking?

The nose clip works great for kayaking as it helps riders to focus on mouth breathing more. It also covers the nose rightly to ensure water or infections aren’t reaching the nostril hole. And, the nose clip helps kayaking better by improving inhalation.

Why need a nose clip?

You will need a nose clip if you want to stop cholera or salty water to go through your nostril. It also helps air to never escape. And, the nose clip is also essential if you want to improve kayaking, freediving, swimming, surfing, and so on.

What is the reason for nose clip slipping?

The main reason why the nose clip slide down from the nose is due to the oiliness of the skin. If you wear makeup, sunscreen, or lotion, then it may cause the nose clip to slip easily. It can be solved easily by washing out your face before putting a nose clip.

Wrap Up

The nose clip is a vital item to avoid water to reach inside nostrils when kayaking. Making the right decision is simple if you know what points to check with the right study. After reading this guide, we hope it helped you learn about all the good points needed in nose clips.

The right nose clip will work great to support you when kayaking. But, you’ll notice many types of nose clips in the store which can give confusion to pick the right one. Be sure to pick a durable and cozy that doesn’t lack in quality.

Also, learn about each product’s good points as well as hitches to get rid of mistakes. Plus, you can make a list of all the features in a nose clip to pick one at ease.

Besides, we have listed the 5 best nose clips for kayaking that are highly rated to check. These products also fine in quality, versatility, and compact to use well. Have A Lovely Day!