5 Best Walleye Rod and Reel Combo to Deal Your Fishing Needs

Catching walleye fish is fun. Walleye is much renowned for the flesh, not for its nature.  Comparison to the other fish, neither walleye is tireless nor so hostile. Still, it is a sportfish for the gentle bite that makes it tough to capture sometimes. Well, walleye is a docile kind of fish. But it becomes terrible to catch if you haven’t the best walleye rod and reel combo.

An excellent rod and reel combo are adequate to position the hook securely, even a better handle. Using a low-grade road will lead you to fail the attempt to catch. The spinning tool should be strong enough to hold weight capacity. Simultaneously, this fishing tool must be exceptionally tactful to determine the underwater movement.

Landing a large walleye needs a unique strategy and practical tool. It’s not like a general fish catcher tool, as the rod and reel have the requirement of solitary strength. Consequently, finding becomes a challenge. Luckily, we have sorted out the supreme combination of rod and reel list for effortless fishing. Readout whole to continue your fishing.

Best Walleye Rod And Reel Combo

Product’s Name Length Key Benefits Price
Zebco Rod and Reel 5.6 Feet Fine For Trolling Use Details On Amazon
Tailored Tackle Rod and Reel 2.4 Feet Easy To Lift Details On Amazon
Okuma Great Lake Trolling Combo 8.6 Feet Portable And Cost-Efficient Details On Amazon
Abu Garcia Venerate Rod and Reel Combo 1.11 Feet Versatile And User-friendly Details On Amazon
Shakespeare Ugly Rod and Reel Combo 5 Feet Comfortable To Work With Details On Amazon

So far, getting the best walleye rod and reel combo to trap is remarkably relevant. It’s a genuinely complicated point the strike of walleye. The behavior is quite tricky. So, having the top tool will allow you to tackle the fish more. Also, you will enjoy a fantastic experience of fishing. Keep the focus on our choices.

1. Zebco Rod and Reel– Fiberglass And Anti-Reverse For Successful Fishing

Zebco Rod and Reel is a reputed user-friendly 33 Spincast combo to catch fish proficiently. The rod material is fiberglass to make it powerful as well as tough together. On the other hand, the swift anti-reverse is for a profound hookset to swap left or right hand. Besides, the addition of double EVA/Cork provides the advantage of the perfect grip along with comfortable managing.

There is an audible bite alert which turns on or off to detect. When the walleye pulls out your bait, it works as a notification. A 29 piece tackle is to attract the fish. This enormous tool enables you 20% quicker to retrieve the persuasion. At the same time, ceramic upturn pins pairs are for a tranquil retrieve together with super prevention to erosion.

The tool is for beginners to figure out the casting hands. However, it is also for learned anglers who love fishing. Walleye fishes are ideal capturing with it. Aside from that, you can catch stripers, catfish, and so on. The combo will allow you to fish in the saltwater even more. Lastly, a one year warranty will give you more confidence in using.


  • Lightweight to hold.
  • Sturdy balls and bearings.
  • Reliable dragging.
  • Maximum prevention for fidgeting.
  • Maintenance tool.


  • A bit rough during unpleasant weather.

Available On Amazon

2. Tailored Tackle Rod and Reel– Naive Ice Fishing For Multi-Species

Tailored Tackle Rod and Reel are generally for fishing in the ice. Well, The five balls bearing arrangement facilitates the gentle fee during the frosty temperature. Trapping walleye is a fabulous choice for this tool. Apart from that, you can catch multi-species such as Trout, Perch, plus Panfish, similar to Sunfish, Bluegill, and Crappie.

The set has quick action sensitivity against a small bite of fishes. On top of that, a mid-light power acts as an indication to sense the bite. The gear ratio is 5:2:1 to work out better.  Contrarily, a 28-inch span rod will provide you the benefit of flexibility in fishing. You can stay within the shelter or the hole on the outside.

There is carbon fiber for the rod base and blank for long-lasting. Separately, the packaging is also secured nicely. You can drag the reel so smoothly with fish. Even the grip is so good to hold the rod while fishing. In the user manual, you will get a comprehensive guideline of setting, using, and maintaining the rod and reel combo.


  • Great tackling.
  • Noiseless in using.
  • Corrode-free components.
  • Fast tipping.
  • Reliable performance


  • Only for the right hand.

Available On Amazon

3. Okuma Great Lake Trolling Combo– Proper Length And Adjustable Flux To Pull

Okuma great lake trolling combo is specifically made for performing trolling. The tool has an 8’6 inch length rod to place the hook in the water. Also, a movable flux is to drag the fish after catching. The fishing combo is well made using the material E-grass. That makes it durable in action. Besides, the insertion of dual-aluminum oxide drives it to be substantial.

An EVA foam enables a smooth grip to handle the rod. The reel has a cover of stainless steel to increase the leverage. Aside from that, the power option works as a notification during the small portion of bites. So, it seems powerful and lures the fish easily. The tool arrives with two BB Bearings, mid-auction, and two pieces rod.

If you are fond of fishing, then, it’s the right combo for you. The combo is perfect for catching medium size fish like Walleye. Therefore, lifting is more convenient. Both the beginner as well as the experienced angler can use rod immensely. Last but not the least, the graphite spools are tenacious to wear.


  • Flawless-execution.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Portable to anywhere.
  • Cost-effective to purchase.
  • The materials are authentic.


  • The full package could be better.

Available On Amazon

4. Abu Garcia Venerate Rod and Reel Combo– Premium-Grade Cork And Exceptional Sensitivity

Abu Garcia’s Venerate series brings a predominantly engineered ice fishing combo. It’s a spinning rod that has first-class cork to comfortable handle with perfect grip. Adversely, an outstanding sensitivity to tip. While tipping the rod detect the chewing of fish. As a result, you get alert to quick action pulling up.

The rod and reel are lightweight. So, you can easily port one place to another place. There is 36-ton graphite used in the rod. A precise focus concludes to increase the techniques of catching fish. The alloy comes from titanium. At the same time, the locking hood proceeds from carbon. Both make it durable for long term service. Just the same, the insertion of zirconium leads to flexibility.

Those who have unsurpassable quality, especially very keen angler, this combo is right for them. The 3 plus 1 bearing process will help to carry out fishing even in the drastic weather. So, if you like frosty weather as well as want to chill the winter, don’t hesitate to pick it. In the end, the gear tube is for frigidity too.


  • Long reel stem.
  • Profound blank.
  • Stainless steel application.
  • Prime solidity EVA.
  • Texas-equipped hook.


  • The package wrap could be good.

Available On Amazon

5. Shakespeare Ugly Rod and Reel Combo– Worth For Multi- Angler User Application

Shakespeare Ugly is the ultra-spinning combo for fishing. The combo is suitable for all kinds of anglers. Either the beginner or the experienced, both will find the same level of comfort while using. The reel is sturdy enough that it is non-breakable by the fish. Well, the design is so pretty, anyone would fall for that.

On top of that, the fiberglass delivers sensitivity. Oppositely, the graphite makes it lightweight. Both ensure durability while bringing into play.  However, the tool is powerful to pull up at the time of the strike. It responds so fast to be alert. An EVA grip offers to hold tightly with comfort. The rod is long enough to cover your distance.

Considering all the facts, the fishing tool is great. An immediate anti-reverse secures to perform smoothly catching walleye.   Three ball bearings are for perfect balancing. One way clutch makes it more amazing. Your fishing trip will be enthusiastic. Moreover, the item is weightless. As a result, you can travel anywhere, if you want.


  • Accurate casting.
  • The lure to fishes.
  • Multi-species capturing.
  • The signature tip.
  • Prudently sleek.


  • The packaging could be well.

Available On Amazon

Buying Guidelines For Best Walleye Rod And Reel Combo- What To Consider?

Buying Guidelines for Best Walleye Rod and Reel Combo

Since you have decided to buy Rod and Reel Combo for Walleye, you should not neglect some factors. It’s completely fair to research deeper. Proper knowledge will always help you, purchase the best walleye rod and reel combo. The exact one must support you to grab the fish. Otherwise, you will watch it run away.


You should always consider the length, because of the wider length the quicker the tip. The length should be at least 6.5 feet. Even the longer range will give you more power to drag the walleyed.


Naturally, walleye gives a little bite. So, you can buy a moderately relaxed rod. Less action seems unusual. Then again, you want to buy a deliberately soft combo to feel better. The action depends according to fishing style. But fast action gives you chances to land more fish.


Walleye demands a mid-light power for fishing. Such a kind of power makes the combo weightless. The weightless leads to quick action. As a result, quick action will support you to catch more fish. A mid-weighty tool provides you adequate power to manage the rigors.


While buying the tool, you must check on materials for long-lasting. The materials should be premium quality graphite, carbon, or both to be robust. Similarly, the handling elements differ by personal choices. It should be standard cork or EVA to grip.

Nature Of Rods

There are 3 types of rod for walleye fishing. They are jiggling, spinning, and rolling. Each type needs distinctive installation along with configuring the tackling. Thus, you have to decide which kind of rod, you will pick for angling.


Price distinguishes the quality of a product. It differs in terms of manufacturers. Certainly, premium products are a bit pricey. But we will also place economic range products. Hence, you can consume first-class items within your budget.


Sensitivity is crucial to fishing for walleye or any kind of species. You just cannot use a random combo to grab a walleye. It needs a special rod and reel combo. The combo has an additional quick tip including the soft bite feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best time to capture walleye?

Well, the best time to catch a walleye is during the sunrise or the sunset.  It is for shallow water. Different areas have distinctive times for landing the walleye. In that case, you can ask the local shops for baiting. The local shop will provide you, the exact reports in fishing on walleye or they bite.

What is the length of the walleye rod?

There are certain types of road fishing for walleye. The road should have a minimum length of six and a half inches. So, the range of the road has to be 6.5 inches to 10 inches. It’s true that at least 8.6 inches give mid-weighty power together with modest action.

What are the best colors to lure the walleye while fishing?

Walleye has the vision of colors to lure. The scientist says that they can have several colors. The colors are mostly yellow, orange, and red. But in the colors of violet, blue, and green, they can see less. Those colors seem blue to them.

Final Words

At the time of fishing walleye, a lot of factors to consider. It’s not just so simple, like placing the bait to hang around seeing the bite. Walleye fish need a tactical approach with concentration, practice, and patience. The best walleye rod and reel combo do half the job done for fishing. Whether you are seasonal or just beginning, possessing the right combo is always mandatory. So, don’t late to buy one of them