Best Canoe For Family Of 4- See the 2022 Selective Pick

Who does not want to enjoy canoeing with the entire family or a group of 3 to 4? But it’s hard to find the best canoe for family of 4. Isn’t it?

Leave your worries behind because we have done the research for you and found some top quality 4 man canoes that will surely blow your mind. While picking each one of these canoes, we have kept the utmost durability and protection in prior.

So, get ready to discover the canoes to enjoy your family day out. And listen, don’t forget to read the buying guideline added at last. It will help you to choose the right water boat.

Best Canoe For Family Of 4

Product’s Name Weight Capacity Material Key Benefits Price
Intex Excursion Boat 725- 1100 LBS Strong Vinyl Wide And Big Storage Room Details On Amazon
Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 800 LBS Plastic Flexible And Solid Details On Amazon
BRIS Inflatable Canoe 992 LBS 1,000D PVC Fabric Tearproof And Durable Details On Amazon
Newport Vessels Del Mar 1124 LBS 1,100D PVC Fabric Portable And Handy Details On Amazon
Yocalo Inflatable Boat 573 LBS PVC Safe To Use On Any Weather Details On Amazon
Sea Eagle New SE9 1200 LBS K80 PVC Simple To Access Details On Amazon
A-Free Camouflage Kayak 700 LBS   Good For Cold & Sunny Weather Details On Amazon

To make your work easy, we just shortlist seven family canoe in our best canoe for family of four content. Each one of them is suitable for the best 4 person canoe.

1. Intex Excursion Boat– Budget Worthy Roomy Canoe with Improved Safety Chambers

Why It's Ideal For 4 Person
Intex Excursion boat is the best 4 person inflatable canoes comparing pricy ones that fit only 3.  It features 725 pounds of weight capacity allowing enough room to carry belongings.

You can use this for both-recreational and fishing purposes. The rugged construction of Vinyl makes it rigid and durable with an inflatable I-beam floor. In the case of comfortability, there is no chance of frowning even.

The canoe comes with 3 separate air chambers that ensure complete safety. And with the Boston valve, you can inflate or deflate it so fast.

For fishing, you are getting 2 fishing rod holders on each side. On the bow of the two sides, there are grab handles also. Oh, the oar holders with oarlocks are also available, one on each side. And a gear pouch for easy handling.

There is a grab line all around the Intex canoe that helps in boarding and handling it. However, it comes with fittings to mount a trolling motor with a maximum of 1.5 Hp.

Intex canoe comes with a storing bag where you can easily store it. However, you get a repair kit too. It’s a great raft for the family recreation on white water.


  • Dual-purpose canoe
  • Worth every penny
  • Inflatable seats with backrest
  • Enough room for gears & tools with 4person
  • Puncture resistant & certified by NMMA


  • Plywood bottom needed for more comfort

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2. Sun Dolphin Mackinaw– Huge Storing Compartment with Cooler in Middle

Sun Dolphin Mackinaw comes with a great comfortable room for 3 adults and a child. This canoe is a well-built raft you can have for your family recreation or fishing.

It also provides a cooler storage option underneath the middle seat to carry cold beverages and drink cold out of the box. Cup holders with every seat will enhance your comfortability too.

This canoe is 15.6 feet in size from bow to stern.  It is made with quality polymer stuff. And this is so stable in water that while fishing, you won’t find it tripping.

With its 800 pounds of weight capacity, you can have an amazing recreation with your family.  You will get fishing rod holders for convenient fishing, paddle holders for easy paddling, and built-in transport handles.

The polyethylene body of this canoe is durable with High-density rugged UV stabilizing. And there are tie-down eyelets both on stern and bow to store it.


  • So roomy & comfortable
  • Comes with a limited 2 years warranty
  • Most stable on the water
  • Finely built awesome canoe
  • Impressive for the cooler & cup holders


  • Takes up space to store

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3. BRIS Inflatable Canoe– Tear-Resistant All Water Supporting Dinghy Canoe

Bris is a 5.4 Ft long big dinghy canoe with a maximum capacity of 992 lbs. A family or a group of 4 can easily find the room with comfort in this canoe.

It is a heavy-duty dinghy canoe. The 1100 Denier PVC material with all over polyester stuff for support makes it something beyond durability. It keeps you worry-free because of its tear, tension, and break-free properties.

You can take Bris canoe in any type of water, white or salty, and even supportive to run in extreme humidity.  The quadrupole overlapping of the seams makes it stable and robust enough.

The tube design canoe brings an impressive dinghy look with perfect buoyancy on water. All the layers of this boat are finely heat-welded that ensures the guaranty of stability and makes the best canoe for family of 4.

It is an inflatable canoe boat with high pressure enduring deck capability. You can stand with perfect stability and even jump on it.  On edge, the transom is covered with triangular-shaped splash guards that give the transom protection from heat and UV rays.

There are two air chambers and two paddle holders on each side of the tube design. 4 fins improve the canoeing track, and a one-way drain valve will help in draining water in need.

For fishing purposes, you can mount a trolling motor or gas motor engine up to 10 Hp. With Bris dinghy canoe kayak, you get 3 marine plywood bench seats, 2 Aluminium oars, an easily portable carrying bag, and a repairing kit.


  • Heat-welded quadrupole layers
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Tear & break free canoe
  • Easily drainable design
  • Floats fine over the water logs & spears without wear


  • Little heavy boat

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4. Newport Vessels Del Mar– USCG Rated Sports Canoe with Aluminum Bench Seat

Newport Vessels brings an inflatable dinghy designed sport canoe that provides additional quality features.

It is a marine sport boat of 9 Ft 6 inches size featuring enough space for up to 4 people. You can use it either for a family day out or sports or even fishing with essentials.

This canoe comes with an exclusive marine wooden floor with an Aluminium frame. You get here one Aluminium seat bench and 2 oars that are also made of Aluminium.

The canoe is built with 0.9mm thick 3 layers of 1100 Denier Korean PVC material. And the polyester coating is corrosion-resistant and protects from salty water, heat, UV rays, and other destructive components on water.

Another special part-the floor of the canoe is of hard marine wood coated and a 24mm thick frame of Aluminium.  It is featured with 3 safety chambers, so you get increased protection indeed.

However, the canoe is rated by the USCG (United States Coast Guard). 18 inches tube on each and great build design make this canoe stable with a low center of gravity feature in high-speed canoeing.

You can mount any gas motor or trolling motor with Newport vessels boat. And its Horsepower can be up to 10 Hp. Its max load capacity 1248 lbs.  You get the foot pump also for the highest inflation. Not only this. The D-ring on the topside lets you carry accessories for Bimini and other essentials.


  • Superior quality design
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • USCG registered unique Hull ID
  • Enough space for 4 with tools
  • Surprising inflation with an electric pump


  • Very expensive

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5. Yocalo Inflatable Boat– Solid Fishing Raft with Increased Air Chambers

Get a comfy boat with Yocalo. This inflatable boat is always ready for you to easily assembling and boarding without hassle.

This canoe is ideal for 3 adults and a child. So, you can have a whole family day out with this boat. However, this boat has a maximum weight capacity of  595 pounds, which satisfies California’s most nuclear families.

Yocalo inflatable canoe is made with 0.6mm thick top class PVC material. This is quite eco-friendly and protects the raft from sun rays and extreme coldness.

It comes with 5 air chambers that is its special protection feature. 2 paddle holders on each side are included here. Oh, you can use it for fishing purposes and mount motors in the built-in motor mounting buckles.

You will find 2 cushions here for the floor. These are super comfortable and durable too.  It is a solid raft that remains steady and durable for a longer time, even if children climb.


  • Attractive color & design
  • Super comfy cushion
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Superior safe with air chambers
  • Quickly pump up & installable.


  • Weight capacity is too less.

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6. Sea Eagle New SE9– Lightweight Raft with Removable Double Layered Floor

Sea Eagle SE9 model introduces an innovative canoe made with 38 mil (one thousand of an inch) Polykrylar that is the K80 PVC stuff.

The boat is inflatable, and it can inflate up to 2 psi and very easily portable, stow-able.  The amazing part of the Sea Eagle SE9 model is the removable and inflatable double-layered floor. The 4 inches thick inflatable seat is ideal for seat low with comfort and ease.

Sea Eagle canoe is ideal as the best expedition canoe for 4 people with 1200 lbs weight capacity. The exterior seam is finely welded with a higher frequency that provides durability with a protective sheath.

There are safety grab lines all around the canoe, and built-in paddle holders or oarlocks are not missed, of course. Again,  this canoe comes with 2 drain valves on the floor that allow you the opportunity to drain easily and secure the floor.

Sea Eagle does not provide the motor mount here, but you can mount any gas motor or electric trolling if you need.  The gas motor can be up to 3 Hp of power and the electric motor up to 74 lb thurst.


  • Inflation within 15 minutes
  • Large air chambers provide superior floatation.
  • HD inflatable floor with covering
  • Easy draining function
  • Versatile & lightweight


  • The motor mount is not included.

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7. A-Free Camouflage Kayak– Leak-Resistant Inflatable Boat

Another dinghy here with an attractive and colorful outlook. Take your family on sailing or surfing on the sea, or enjoy kayaking with all accessories with this A-Free 4 man canoe.

The A-Free boat is made of 0.9mm 3 layers of PVC stuff that makes it sturdy enough. In this canoe, 3 separate air tubes give durability. And on the exterior, the high-quality 1100D PVC fabric increases quality.

The PVC material of A-Free is good in resisting corrosion and sunrays. Here you get another extra -the Saline-alkali resistance and protection durability for long time use.

Oh, the hard deck floor is included that you can steadily stand or sit with comfort. The weight capacity of this canoe is 700 lbs that easily allows 4 people for comfortable sitting.

It comes with 2 inboard cushions and 2 paddles with a repairing kit. On top of this the there are thick strips all around the dinghy boat that protects from any collision.


  • Leak resistant marine sealant
  • All-purpose thick rubber boat
  • Anti-aging & corrosion resistance
  • Easily reachable grab rope
  • Easy to fold & inflate


  • Some don’t like the drain feature.

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Facts You Need To Know Before Buying A Family Canoe


Decide on paddling first because this choice will vary your other considerations. Whether you want to paddle together or solo, how much gear you want, or what kind of trip you prefer whether its day trip or long tours, etc.

There are so many paddling options like whitewater paddling, river touring, saltwater touring, and general recreation. You can choose your preference for these choices.

Type Of canoe

Which type of canoe you need is an important fact for a family canoe? A multipurpose canoe is now available for canoeists but there are also river canoes for them. Considering all facts, for a family canoe, none of them will satisfy you more than recreational canoes.

Recreational canoes are easy to control and tough to flip. Moreover, they are stable enough to carry weight capacities safely as well as not agile like other types of canoes.


For a family canoe, size is the main factor as well. Small canoes are not capable of carrying much weight capacity. On the other hand, if your family is small enough so you don’t need a huge canoe.

The 15 to 17-foot canoes are more popular for families touring. Because these sizes canoes are stable on the flat water. The width, depth, and hull design also need to be considered.


If you get the best materials for your canoe then that will be the great aspect of the canoes. Fortunately, there are so many options in terms of material. But the most influential facts about the material should be its durability, lightweight, affordable as well as responsive things.

Position Or Number Of Seats

Because you want a family canoe so you need to get a maximum number of seats for your kids. Most of the canoes have two seats but if you want you can add as per your need. Although family canoes are spacious for doing these changes. So whether you want to add a motor or seats you can do it.


From a safety perspective, most of the canoe rules consider age restriction, compulsory PFD for kids, and many other things. Whatever the rules are, safety is the first priority for everyone. So keep that safety measure in mind before going with your family on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sort of canoe is best for the newcomers?

If you are a newcomer to canoeing but still want some adventures with family, then go for the wider canoe. These types are more stable, durable, and protected.

Will cheaper canoes can affect the experience of being on the water?

You get what you pay. But don’t go for the cheapest one because it tends to be hard to buoyancy also wear out soon.

How large a canoe do we need for a family?

For a family canoeing, you need to consider the weight capacity, size, and the room on the floor. 14 to 17 feet range is quite standard for a family of 4.

Wrap Up

Finding the best canoe for family of 4  with quality seems an impossible task sometimes. But if you can get a quality one with durability and protection, then it’s a win-win point for you.

We have showcased the featured one here. Each has enough room for 4 persons and no lag in quality also. So grab your one that suits your budget and canoeing type as well.