Best Sit on Top Kayak for Big Guys – Top 5 picks

Kayaking lovers prefer a sit on top kayak over traditional for more comfort, easy access, or freedom while paddling. They are becoming popular for all purposes, including angling, recreation as well as for exercise. With whatever intention you will pick a top on sit kayak, all kinds of kayak may no longer fit with you as you go bigger.

Finding this type of kayak for big guys requires you to consider not only the size or weight of the kayak itself because the weight capacity, cockpit size, plus seat configuration also matter much. There are diverse options, choosing from which may make you overwhelmed. To abate your confusion, we adorned extensive guidance here that includes our suggestion for the best sit on top kayak for big guys.

Best Sit On Top Kayak for Big Guys

Product’s Name Material Load Capacity Key Benefits Price
Sevylor Big Basin 21-gauge PVC 400 LBS Easy To Handle Details On Amazon
Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Aluminum 400 LBS Versatile And Strong Details On Amazon
Ocean Kayak Malibu Single Layer Polyethylene 375 – 425 LBS Good For Long-term Use Details On Amazon
Perception Pescador Tandem Kayak Polyethylene 500 LBS Comfortable And Adjustable Details On Amazon
Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Plastic 300 – 350 LBS Stable And Flexible Details On Amazon

Let’s see what today’s list includes for sit on top kayak for big guys

1. Sevylor Quikpak k 1– Easy Inflation Or Deflation Kayak

Sevylor Quikpak K 1 is a sit on top kayak with fast double-lock valves and fast mini double-lock valves. Using these two locking points, you can use it as an inflatable kayak. Whenever required, deflate it for your convenience. The 8.7 feet by 3 feet kayak can hold a maximum 400lbs, which is adequate for a big guy.

Well, the watercraft performs just similar to a traditional sit on top one. Within only five minutes, you will find it ready to go. When you are getting packed up, just fold it up into the integrated backpack that contains soft shoulder straps to fit inside a truck or car. Stretch your back, arms, and legs more easily that its design allows you to have more comfort on the water.

There is a cup holder to keep drinks close. On the front, Sevylor Quikpak includes a cargo net in which you can store gear or food. Carrying the kayak is simple, whether in shallow water or out of the water, as it comes with the lift handle.

Add more to your security over water with the three-chamber, solid-shaped, flat bottom, and rigid floor kayak. The solo paddlers will like the Sevylor more because of its lightweight along with affordability.


  • Compact breakable paddles.
  • Immense pressure handling pump.
  • Multi-position rest place for the foot.
  • Diverse air chambers.
  • Sleek PVC enforced bottom.


  • Paddles throw much water.

Available On Amazon

2. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak– Ardous Vinyl Construction

Having a sturdy or solid structure is one of the most attractive features of Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. The floor is of inflatable l-beam that is rigid as long as comfortable. Having compact size along with lightweight it permits you to enjoy the fun of the tour wherever you paddle.

Anyone can use the kayak because the inflatable seats are adjustable. Two seats on top have a backrest. Intex Explorer’s spacious cockpit is designed to ensure greater comfort. It can take up to 400 pounds weight so that adults can use it frequently. A superior amenity of the kayak is its rapid inflating-deflating feature.

A grab handle, as well as grab line at every end, makes transportation of the kayak simple. Some additional accessories added in Intex Explorer are 86 inches aluminum oars, a repair kit, and a high-output pump.

The kayak is highly visible in the water since its color is of sporty graphics, bright yellow color. So, explore your adventure, taking this K2 kayak containing a unique, streamlined design.


  • Three individual air chambers.
  • Extra durable.
  • Easy setup.
  • Move well.
  • Great piece for the money.


  • Hard to manage the pool-toy style of the valve.

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3. Ocean Kayak Malibu– Four-Way Adjustability Of Seats

To ensure comfy Ocean Kayak Malibu comes with perfectly adjustable seats. These adjustable seats generate better slip prevention by maintaining custom fit. Center-seated paddlers can brace feet quickly through settling them on overlapped footwell.

Anyone can enjoy surf and sun with their furry or friends as there are three seats. Consequently, it supports users to take their pets or child with them. Three seating positions allow tandem paddling as well.

You can get on-off the kayak quickly, which is possible with the sit-on-top hull. Weight capacity is 425 pounds to carry aged people. The kayakers will be able to hold stability in paddling with the length and width of Ocean Kayak Malibu. On top of that, you can enjoy beauty swimming as you explore Ocean Kayak. So, just pack the kayak and set out for the trip to be close to the water.


  • Versatile deck.
  • Stable platform.
  • Easy to handle the wind.
  • Solid construction.
  • Last longer time.


  • A bit high weight.

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4. Perception Pescador Tandem Kayak– Multiple-Use Sit On Top Kayak

If you search for an extremely versatile sit on top kayak, then Perception Pescador Tandem Kayak will surely be an ideal for you. It is suitable to use as not only recreational but also for angling. There is sufficient room for two persons who can take a child or pet with it. It can take a load of up to 500lbs, which indicates two heavy persons can go with it.

Every day, paddlers can enjoy ergonomic seating. This high-end feature in Perception Pescador helps it to go beyond the competitors. What is more, about the kayak is its added seating complying with adjustable seatback for extra comfort. Besides, you can have a customized use of seats by reclining backward or forwards.

When you come to know about the stability, you will see that it remains static while slicing through the water. Moreover, you will get a perfect parity of performance and fun. New kayakers gain confidence quickly for its fast-turning, easy paddling, also straight-tracking.

Perception Pescador is one of the safest kayaks. The kayak is built through a tested or engineered process. That is why you will be relaxed over water.


  • Optimized kayak weight.
  • Maximum durability.
  • Font-rear storage.
  • Maximize speed.
  • Bonus kid’s seat.


  • Expensive item.

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5. Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11– Perfect For Confident Paddlers

Paddlers who want to go straight will prefer Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 recreational kayak. There is a Tri-Form hull that provides a combination of primary as well as secondary stability. At the same time, you can paddle all day because the seats are adjustable for the highest comfort.

The reat storage feature of Scrambler 11 is the most advantageous. You can store foods, drinks, or gear in the tank well or 6 inches Cam-Lock Hatch. Bearing the kayak to the watery location is quite comfortable with the molded-inside and bow carrying handles.

Ocean Kayak’s weight is 47 pounds, capable of taking 335 pounds load. So, adults can paddle safely in the ocean or lake. Anyway, water doesn’t get stored in this kayak, as there are scupper holes to throw water out.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Faster movement.
  • Study construction.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy setting.


  • The storage area is not waterproof.

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How Should You Select The Sit On Top Kayak For Big Guys?

How Should You Select The Sit On Top Kayak For Big Guys

Picking a kayak to satisfy your desire needs careful consideration about seat quality and capacity with some other essential factors. This buying guide will inform you what to look for or overlook to ensure that the kayak functions as per your expectancy.

Carrying Capacity

When getting a kayak for big guy, the priority is, of course, the weight capacity of the kayak. The weight capacity of the kayak should always be more than your weight. 250- 500 pounds is loading capacity is worth considering for any kayak to be suitable for big guys.

To support all of your gear with your load, you must try to remain within the highest limit. It is particularly important to ensure safety while paddling on water with comfort.

Kayak’s Weight

Apart from the weight ability, you should look at the weight of the kayak itself. Kayaks should effortlessly be able to take your load. In this respect, the kayak you will purchase should have a substantial weight to keep the kayak stable.

Width & Length

Width & length require to be perfect to accommodate enough space to carry anything you bear with you while kayaking, including food, tackle box, fish, or gear. Sit on top kayak is better with a more spacious deck.

Length & width also determine the speed of the kayaks. A long but narrow one goes fast, while a shorter but broader kayak stays static and straightforward to handle by the beginners. So, choose whatever you want between these two.


Kayaks designed to sit on top need to be with adequate space for big or tall guys to place your feet without any puzzle. Cushioned sits are best for comfy to help you kayaking as long as you want. Thereby, buy kayaks with sufficient room to lay your legs with no fatigue.


Comfort is essential to make you feel good even after a day-long trip. It would be best to consider the paddle length as you will use it with a sit on top kayak. If the kayak is with foot braces that adjust with the feet, you will be relaxed for the whole time.


Quality material ensures the durability of the products. For instance, regular kayaks usually have high-density plastic. But, inflatable kayaks are with lightweight materials that can go quickly. When the material in it is of standard quality, you will be able to use it for an extended period.


If the kayak is more massive, you should see whether the kayak has handles to carry it easily. It will also be helpful if you want to land or launch the kayak. The inflatable kayaks are easier to transport. To take the sit on top kayak for big guys to the water site, you have to think whether you can get it on the roof rack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the sit on top kayaks stable enough in all type of water location?

The top sitting position calls for more spread space. There is a wide hull in sit on top kayaks. As we know, such wider kayaks are more stable. Compared to sit inside kayaks sit on top kayaks are more suitable on flat water.

Is there any possibility of getting wet in sit on top kayak?

There is no assurance of staying completely dry in sit on the top kayak because sploshing occurs continuously. But, you will get less wet in it. Also, wear protective apparel if you want to save yourself from cold water. Proper scupper holes in the kayak facilitate drain out of water.

What is the weight limit on a kayak for big guys?

There is no exact weight limit for any kayak. Tandem kayaks have the highest ability of more than 700 pounds. Fishing kayaks should have a capacity ranging from 400 to 500 pounds or more. 200- 450 pounds capacity is suitable for touring, recreational, or ocean kayaks.

Wrap Up

Sit on top kayak contains plenty of advantages for which they are gaining more acceptance from the kayakers. It is easier to get in or out from these types of kayaks, which make sit on top kayaks more simple than sit inside or a traditional one.

Many people watch out for sit on top kayak but getting concerned with the growing weight or increasing height. They can have an insight into our tips we mentioned to make their adventure enjoyable. Paddling all the day on river, stream, or lake will be easier with the best sit on top kayak for big guys we picked for you.