How to Reinforce a Transom on an Aluminum Boat- Step By Step Tutorial

The transom is very important for an aluminum boat. So, it required to strengthen the transom to properly maintaining the Boat. In that case, you have to face some questions about how to Reinforce a Transom on an Aluminum Boat.

We will provide all of the information on transom reinforcing to help you. At first, you have to gain knowledge of transom when needs enhance. If there are small spots in the transom of your boat, it may be time to strengthen the transom with a composite core substance.

The work involves working with wood, messy, paint, creates poisonous fumes, fiberglass, and epoxy, and usually makes for a full holiday of effort, followed by a week of observing paint and gel coat dry. After finding the soft spots, reinforcement should do as soon as possible. The reinforcement process will be relatively painless with a little planning.

How To Reinforce A Transom On An Aluminum Boat

Transoms are naturally reinforcing from inside the Boat. However, you should go deeper step by step for better solution.

Materials Will Need To Reinforce:

  1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Palm Sander (Check On Amazon)
  2. PC-Super Epoxy Adhesive Paste (Check On Amazon)
  3. Fiberglass Supply Depot Inc. White Gelcoat (Check On Amazon)
  4. Hurricane 4 Pieces Wood Chisel (Check On Amazon)

Double part epoxy, Gel coat, Fiberglass cloth, Some painting brushes, Screwdrivers, Wood chisel, 3/4inch, Measuring tape.

Step 1: Removing The Frame And Core

At first, you need to measure the thickness of the transom to remove it with the screwdriver. Use the chisel and hammer to eliminate all the fiberglass core and the wood reinforcements. It needs to be sure to clear all of the dust materials of the saw and loose wood on both or the surfaces.

Line up the ends and press the two parts of the wood firmly composed. Water may be a help to remove the Glue. Clear the deck furniture, using jerks. When you complete, your transom should have the entrance of an empty envelope, waiting to finish with reinforcing material.

Step 2: Use Transom

After removing outer materials, use the responding saw to remove the fiberglass crust on the external of the transom. Use the measuring tape to detect the proportions of the void formed at the stern.

The primary thing to fix is to take the old nasty transom. You can use it as a template as the finest as you can to shorten the process and reduce the time. You should apply Gorilla Glue; it works very smoothly like a dream in this type of claim.

Gorilla XL Super Glue Gel

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Maximum transoms are 1 1/2 inch to 2inch dense. Use the reciprocating saw to cut the initial sheet of marine plywood to these sizes. Cut as several sheets of plywood as are required to fill the transom void and suitable cozily.

Step 3: Fixing Of Plywood Reinforcement

You can use the palm sander to coarse up the fiberglass beneath the transom void and the external of the ends of the first sheet of the cut marine plywood. Mix double part epoxy put on a thin coat to the inside of the void and all outsides of the first sheet of the cut plywood through the dye roller.

You should apply a thick bead of epoxy on the edges and lowermost of the hull in the void wherever the plywood will install. The first cut piece of plywood needs to set into residence against the back of your boat’s splash well. You have to remove all extra epoxy that squashes out about the ends.

Step 4: At The End

Rough up the boundaries of the surface fiberglass skin, you detached from the transom with the palm sander. Now, apply a weighty coat of epoxy to the previous sheet of plywood you used to complete the transom void. It required replacing the exterior fiberglass skin of the transom, using wood screws, all the edges to combine the fiberglass to the plywood.

Drill the appropriate holes over the plywood using a drill machine, as specified by the access holes in the external transom skin. Apply epoxy to the ends of the superficial fiberglass skin of the transom. Then put on a weightless mist of water to the edges of the wood to be stuck.

Paint the transom with acrylic paint. Apply the gel coat when the color has dry. Let the gel coat to dried carefully and wax the surface. You have to keep this in a place where it can install, safe for at least 48 hours.

Practically forgot to mention, place something below it like a newspaper or fiberglass cloth, since the Glue will be stuck and against the floor.

Step 5: Finishing Step

After applying the Gel, let it dried for 48 hours. When the first side is complete, let it treat overnight and pop it over to prepare the other hand.

If there is an aluminum cap laterally, the top edge of the transom then replaces it with two pieces of outlet aluminum “L” pieces. It works just okay and gives the transom cap an excellent finishing look.

Sometimes you can see that water was leaking from some holes in the transom. That usually indicates part of the transom will require replacement. So, when you found this kind of problem on your Boat and looking for an answer on how to reinforce transom, you can reinforce your transom quickly by following this process.

Aluminum Boat Transom Repair Tips

  1. Clean the boat area at the beginning to work without any disturbance.
  2. Have some boat care stocks.
  3. You need to memorize the maintenance matters.
  4. Get yourself the correct materials equipment.
  5. If you want, you can use a git-rot kit for dry rot.

Aluminum Boat Transom Repair Cost

The cost of repairing an Aluminum Boat Transom solely depends on its size. According to the size, the cost will be estimated. But If we assume, we can think of an estimated cost of $2,000 to $5,000 or higher than that.

How Long Should a Transom Last?

A transom will last as per the use or caring nature of the user that would have in him or her. But a typical transom will last approximately 20 years and after that, you have to replace it.

Final Words

These five steps of how to Reinforce a Transom on an Aluminum Boat will help you to solve your Boat transom problem. It is a complicated process. But if you preplanned your work, it will take less time and give you more comfort. Aluminum boat transom support reinforcing is very important for the comfortable use of the Boat.

Boating is the trend in the present world. For following this trend, you need to take care of your Boat. This process will help you to take care of your Boat. If you want a problem-free comfortable Boat, you should follow this method of aluminum boat transom modification.