How to Replace Floats Under Dock – 9 Most Common Techniques

Do you want to replace your damaging floats under the dock? You may be searched for several ways on the internet to replace your damaging floats. Then keep your eyes on our article to find out the appropriate way to replace floats.

The frame gets closer to the water when floats become waterlogged. As a result, the nearby floats become waterlogged too. This scenario occurs all the time and is degrading good floats and dock frames. A combination of floats helps dock along with its frame from sinking in the water.

If you follow our article, you will be able to know how to replace floats under the dock or how to replace dock floatation and can solve your problems.

How To Replace Floats Under Dock

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New floats can be ordered to specific sizes and located in specific areas to give the dock frame the best support. If the size of your float is larger or smaller than your dock size, your floating dock can be drowned. Hence, you need a specific size of floats for the replacement.

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There are several techniques in the boxes that you can follow.

Technique-01: By Using A Tractor Tube On Each Corner

Some of the people use a big tractor tire tube as floats. First, you need to remove your damaging floats. Then, you should place the float as close as possible from the sides on each corner. You have to drill with a wood bit to four slots and insert the hex, bolts, flat water 2” washer, lock washer, and nut. Then you have to tighten the nuts with a hammer drill. When the dock is flipped over, you shouldn’t forget your vent plugs.

Technique-02: By Using A Tractor Tube In The Middle

You can take one big tractor tube. Then you can place it in the middle of the dock. Sometimes, you can take huge tractor inner tubes with a compressor. You can compress the tube and a large air can enter into it. As a result, the floats cannot be easily waterlogged.

Technique-03: By Using Filling Drum

You can use partially filled drums as floats. Then you need to fill up the drum with water. Later you need to pump out the water. In this way, they are going to sink far enough and then pump out, 3/4 plywood on top of a wide tube inside. You can set the drum in the middle portion of the dock.

Technique-04: By Using Foam

There are also other types of floats like foam-filled. The foam-filled dock floats give special benefits. The floats are filled up with foam. This type of float prevents water from leaking into the float in the event of a puncture; this will keep your dock afloat even in the toughest of conditions. You have to spray the foam on the bottom floor of the dock. It will help for replacing dock foam indeed.

Technique-05: By Using Cylindrical Drum

You can use cylindrical drums or square encapsulated foam as floats. You need to tilt one end and slide one edge under the dock, and then put a rope or flat strap sling on the float attached to a rope anchored to the opposite side of the float dock and winch. In the final position, you might need to remove some decking to anchor with angle clips.

How To Lift A Floating Dock

Please take a few containers or cylinders and load them with water. Locate them below the dock with the cylinder bung down, and load them with air to raise or uplift the dock. Either you can use a jack to lift it. This is an easy way to do it; otherwise, you can insert plenty of pressure on the opposite edge to drive it down so the wanted edge reaches up.

Technique-06: By Using Normal Plastic Drum

Simply you can use some plastic drums as a float which are so cheap. You need to arrange the bungs in such a way so that the floating dock can’t be submerged. You have to let water in through the lower bungs until you can get it under your old docks’ right area. Then you need to pump air through the top bungs to rise when ready.

Technique-07: By Using Specific Measured Floats

You can replace several smaller floats according to your dock size. If you have a 10’x10′ dock, then you can take four 4’x4’x16″ floats, 2×6 frames, and a 5/4 surface at the top. Your floating dock will be about 18-20 inches above the water surface. As a result, you can solve your problem by replacing the damaged floats.

Technique-08: By Using 10 New Floats

You can replace your old floats by using 10 new floats with 24″. As a result, your dock will be raised about 12″ in height. After doing this process, you will be noticed by the floats that will be 50% submerged. This will work well if the floats will be made of a hard plastic shell.

Technique-09: Replacement Of floats During The Tidal Wave

You can follow another way to replace your old floats under the dock. If you are going to deal with tidal water and the depth below your dock isn’t too deep. At high tide, you can attach 2×4’s 2×6’s to the dock corners. You slide the old floats out and the new ones in when the tide goes out, probably no more than 8’ deep in water.


In our article, we have provided many techniques to replace floats under a dock. If you want to replace your old floats, you can follow any techniques provided in the above description. We think these techniques can help you to replace your old floats. We hope that by following this article you can know how to replace floats under the dock and you can enjoy yourself.