How to Tell If Boat Engine Block Is Cracked- 4 Signs Don’t Avoid

Do you know how to tell if boat engine block is cracked? If so, then read this article, and you will get all your answer.

Each person has a different type of boat. Nowadays, boat owners have become quite aware and try to know the details about the boat. Those who have an engine boat have to check the engine regularly to see it is okay or not. There are some reasons for a cracked engine like overheating, poor performance, oil mixing, etc.

Sometimes the engine is cracked, and the boat is running. In this case, any terrible accident can happen. So, every boat owner needs to know how to understand that the engine block has cracked or how to check an engine block for cracks. So, let’s see what is waiting for you.

Symptoms And How To Tell If Boat Engine Block Is Cracked

Engine blocks are made of Aluminum alloy or heavy iron. It contains flaming chambers and internal parts of the engine.

The crack in the engine block is a regular thing. It should replace before using it. You should take it seriously. Here are some symptoms of the crack engine blockage.

1. Overheating

Overheating is one of the crack in engine block symptoms. If the engine’s antifreeze leaks, the engine loses its average temperature, and the engine block becomes overheated.

It causes the engine block to crack. If the engine block is overheated continuously, it can cause an accident.

2. Engine Smoke

Another signs of a cracked head that there is a crack in the engine block is that blackish-grey or blue smoke is coming out from under the hood. By the failure of the exhausting system, the smoke is visible.

3. Antifreeze And Oil Mixing

Another way to know the crack block engine is to antifreeze and oil. During daily auto maintenance, such as oil changes or coolant flush, check the liquids to make sure they look as they should. When mixed with oil and antifreeze, it will seem like a milky-white substance. It is a clear sign of the crack in the engine block.

4. Poor Engine Performance

The most visible sign of a cracked engine block is the poor performance of the engine power. If a crack occurs, it escapes some of that energy, which means less pressure, resulting in poor performance. Keep an eye out for moderately inactive or low fuel storage, which means there is a crack in the engine block.

Cracked Engine Block Causes

1. Low Coolant

The usual cause of an engine block crack is a failure of the coolant system. Do you even know at what temperature will an engine block crack? The objective of the coolant system is to keep the engine temperature regular. If you run low on the engine coolant, there is nothing to prevent the heat from rising to dangerous levels. For this, check the coolant gauge in time and add if necessary for coolant leak from engine block.

2. Overworking

One of the causes of engine cracking is putting too much pressure on the engine block. It works up to a certain level. Now, if you run the engine excessively, the engine will crack after a long time. So, if you don’t want to crack your engine block, use it correctly, and don’t overload your engine.

3. Water Pump Failure

Consider your water pump, which is responsible for conducting cooling through the block to retain it from getting too hot. Symptoms of your water pump failing include leaking coolant, a weird sound coming from under the hood, or steam coming from your radiator. After that, it may be time to inspect the engine block.

4. Manufacturer Defect

Cracks in the engine block are due to manufacturing defects. Usually, companies don’t make that mistake. It arises from an error during the molding process that causes thinning in certain areas.

Repairing Methods

There are two types of engine block cracks, internal and external. You can’t see the first one outside. But you can see the second one by noticing leakage of oil or antifreeze.

When you repair it, the area is never as hard as it once was. So, let’s see the repair method.

Method 1: Re-welding

Depending on the sharpness of the crack, you can seal it with an arc welder. However, it is essential to note that this can cause deformity of the blocks. So, you have to do it carefully.

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Method 2: Cold Metal Stitching

Another method of repairing the crack is to sew cold metal. It is similar to sewing cloth. The problem is that the stitching itself is sensitive to temperature changes. But it is costly to repair.

Method 3: Cold Metal Patches

If you want a less expensive solution, some patches engine block seal the crack using epoxy or adhesives. But it will not long-lasting. Now it is up to you whether to use it.

Method 4: Commercial Sealers

If you notice a crack in your engine block shortly, before it gets too big, you can use a commercial sealant. Such products are added to the cooling system and sealed in the crack. If the hole is significant, then you can apply another repairing method.

After all, I would like to say that if the crack is small, you can repair it. Otherwise, you can buy a new engine. You have read above how to tell if boat engine block is cracked. Now you can check your engine block by yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Cracked Engine Block?

With the machine parts and labor cost, it may cost you approximately $3,500 at least. We are assuming the least cost but it will depend on the damage to your boat. It may cost much higher than this number as well as the replacement cost will be higher too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I sell a cracked engine block boat?

Yes, you can. But you have to tell the buyers about the crack. You should explain every defect in the boat.

Should I fix a cracked engine block?

It depends on your boat engine. If it charges less to repair than to buy a new one, you can fix it.

Final words

Nowadays, people love to travel by boat. Especially on holidays, they want to spend time with their family. So, before you go on a boat trip or take a boat for any work, you must check the boat motor cracked block engine and see if there is any crack or not.

Now you have learned how to tell if boat engine block is cracked with the help of this article. It is essential for you and your family. I hope you got all your answers by reading this article.