How to Patch a Dry Bag- 3 Strategies to Permeant Fix

Do you have a dry bag that is torn? You can not use them or can not carry outside because it is no longer use worthy.

A dry sack is a versatile holder which seals in a watertight manner. Dry packs regularly used in rowing, kayaking, canyoning, sailing, and other outside activities. A dry bag energizes us in various activities. Right when it is unusable, half of our events are ended.

So, We have some simple solutions for you. For this, you need to go to the market and buy some things. After purchasing these essential things, you need to learn how to apply them and fix your torn dry bag.

Here we discussed how to patch a dry bag. Please follow these below tips and we assure you this article will be so helpful for you.

How To Patch A Dry Bag

We are going to use stormsure tuff tape for large or big rips. For small or big holes, you have to follow different steps. Choose the plan wisely to avoid regretting it at last.

Let’s focus on the three methods which you can follow:

Way 1: Place Stormsure Tuff Tape On The Damaged Area

To startup, you need to place stormsure tuff tape on the damaged area on the outside of the dag.

Step 1: Clean The Damaged Area And Place The Tap Strongly Flaty

Just peel off a suitably sized backing paper and lay on to the top of the damaged area. Make sure the damaged area is cleaned properly. Press it firmly and keeping it as flat as possible. It will save your dry bag from getting worse.

Step 2: Choose A Suitable Object To Position The Patches

Rub the patches down with a small hard object to ensure the best position adhesion to make any changes. The stormsure tuff tape is incredibly strong. So after the step, it will all set for a lifetime. Now you can use your dry bag for any use.

Stormsure Tuff Tape

Key Features

  • Keep air in and water out
  • A very strong, clear, self-adhesive, waterproof tape in various shapes and sizes just like a waterproof patch kit
  • Stop the damage from getting worse

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Way 2: Fixing Many Small Holes With Stormsure Flexible Adhesive And Solvent( Ethyl-Acetate) Mixture

With the mixing of stormsure flexible repair adhesive and solvent, you can save your dry bag from small holes. It gives you a thin and paintable solution. The process is like-

Step-1: Mix Adhesive, Ethyl-Acetate Together, And Paint On Damaged Area

First, mix stormsure flexible adhesive and solvent in a jar. Mix it with a paintbrush. After mixing, paint the blending on the damaged area(small holes).

Step-2: Wait For Soaking And Be Careful Of Sticking

Now, the mixing is soaked in the fabric, and it shines up the dark. When all the damaged areas get painted, let them dry. Now, leave it dry and ensure none of the surfaces hold on to each other. Be careful; otherwise, they will stick together. It will fill in the holes and make the surface 100% waterproof.

Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive

Key Features

  • Ideal for repairing cracks
  • Comes with disposable gloves
  • Waterproof fabric patch and universal glue

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Alliance Chemical High Purity Ethyl Acetate

Key Features

  • Sealed and packaged with safety
  • Source the highest purity
  • Polar aprotic solvent

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Way 3: Repair Dry Bag With Seam Grip

Step 1: Position A Tape Firmly On The Damaged Area

To startup, you need to place some tape to cover the outside of the damaged area. Make the tape as flat as possible to hold the damaged area.

Step 2: Make A New Patch And Glue The Patch With Seam Grip

Now turn the bag inside out. Make a patch at a similar material. Make the patch at least 2 inches wider than the affected area. Circular or over-shaped pieces work best to repair the damaged area. Sketch the patch on the inside of the dry bag. You can use an aqua seal or seam grip to glue the patch down. We suggest a seam grip as it works on all types of fabrics.

Step 3: Mix Seam Grip With Cool And Paint The Mixture

Now, Mix the seam grip and cotol at the ratio of 10:1 with a paintbrush. Paint the mixture on the sketch and new patch.

After 10-15 minutes away, test the surface dry bag repair glue to see if it is sticky. You can use finger points to check.

Step 4: Use Acetone If It Dries Much And Remove The Tape

If the glue dries much, you can use acetone to wipe it. Place the new patch to the sketches’ damaged area. Place it carefully. Paint glue on the edge of the patch to make it reliable.

When all the glue gets dried, turn the bag inside out and remove the tape. The tape may stick to the glue. You can use acetone to help remove it.

Step 5: To Protect More Make A Cross Line With Tape

To protect the area, even more, you can use a small layer seam grip on the outside of the damaged area. For doing that, you can use tape to make a beautiful cross line. Remove the tape after painting the glue.

GEAR AID Seam Grip

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  • Waterproof gear with a sealant
  • Seal seams and permanently repair holes
  • Flexible

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How to Clean Dry Bags and How to Store Dry Bags

At first, let’s tell the cleaning solution. Easily you can be hosing the dirt out but if it needs more care then you can wash or rinse them in the wilderness wash by the hands. After that air-dry the bags.

For storing the dry bags, find a dry and cool place. Then fold the bags loosely and put them in a container. Make sure the container allows air circulation.


1. Before working on your dry bag, make sure to wear hand gloves or wash hands after repairing.

2. Be careful while applying a mixture that may damage your bag permanently.

3. Take enough time.

4. The glue and holes may confuse you initially. Have a clear concept, and then take action.

Last Words

Dry Bag, a waterproof bag with a stylish outlook, has a separate fanbase among travelers and students in our young generation. We recommend you not to throw your favorite dry bag as you already know how to patch a dry bag.

You can use anyways above mentioned which make you feel comfortable to do.