7 Best Milwaukee Drill For Ice Auger that Worth Every Penny

If you are an ice angler, then ice auger will be your favorite and best companion for making ice holes. For using an ice auger, you do need a drilling machine and Milwaukee is offering their huge collection of drills to the ice angler.

From the techtronic industry, Milwaukee is serving us for so many years with their electric tools. So for ice augers when you need a drilling machine Milwaukee deserves your attention. That’s why our team did research and came up with some of its promising machines.

Not wasting any more time, let’s just know the seven best Milwaukee drill for ice auger. We wish that you will uncover the perfect drilling machine for you.

Best Milwaukee Drill For Ice Auger

Let’s see some of the best Milwaukee drill for ice auger, for an ice anglers benefit.

1. 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit (2407-22)– Additional Run Time, Recharges, And Power

In the drill kit of model 2407-22, Milwaukee included 12 volts REDLITHIUM™ batteries. This battery helps to increase the 50% extra recharges, 20% extra power, and 40% lengthier run time. These features are available in this model or work better than any further regular lithium-ion battery.

The torque of this 3/8 In. Drill/Driver Kit is up to 275 inch-pounds with the 0-400/0-1,500 RPM. The number of this torque is 25% higher than the competitors. It can drill up to 35% quicker than any other drilling product, which is not handy at this time.

The locking chuck of this invention is a single sleeve all-metal layer. Because of this chuck, you will get a great grip, as well as don’t need to worry about the trouble of losing the grip or retightening the grip again and again. You won’t miss a bit through this chuck.

To avoid all the interruption and to increase productivity, it involves a fuel gauge with onboard LED lights. Moreover, you will get a 30 minutes charger from DC, 2 batteries of M12 REDLITHIUM with a carrying case.


  • Works incredible
  • Lightweight
  • Very sturdy
  • Better speed and torque
  • Quickly recharged


  • Less battery life than competitors

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2. Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Kit (2997-22)– 2X-Faster Speed Under Immense Weight

The 2997-22 model has the capability of 2X speed which is faster than any other model of Milwaukee brand. Because it is a combination of Milwaukee’s two models. One is 2804-20 and another one is 2853-20. They both have the same motor which provides 60%/30% faster speed or power respectively.

Both the models have a POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, which gives 2,000 RPM with the torque of 1,200 in-lbs. Their 1/2in. drill driver is known as the industry’s most powerful drilling product, that works even in heavy loads. Still, it offers you 5 years of warranty for workmanship and on materials.

For maintaining extreme performance, it has the REDLINK Plus™ intelligence system. This system safeguards the tool from over-discharge, heating as well as the overloads. It can reduce fatigue, and grant you access to tasks in a tight slot.

The corrosion resistance along with strengthening the grip is possible by its ratcheting chuck of all metal quality. The battery of REDLITHIUM XC5.0™ distributes more work with a single charge by battery power. Even the life of the pack provides more work than any other competitors can deliver.


  • Strong impact
  • Great pricing
  • Outstanding product
  • Flawless work
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Bit heavy

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3. Dual Power Tool Kit (2494-22)– Collection Of Two Flagships

Milwaukee 2494-22 model combined by two of its flagships from M12 creations in this particular model. The 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver from 2462-20 model and 3/8″ Drill from 2407-20 model, these two flagships are the reason for their capacity to work in industrial and residential ventures.

The drill/driver has up to 275 inch-pounds of torque with 1500 RPM. But its hex impact driver has 1,000 Inch Pounds torque with 2500 RPM. These numbers can define their 12-volt tools of electric powered systems exclusively. It can help you in slippery circumstances, as well by making the grip tight with its handles of rubberized textured.

It has a fuel gauge to make your work easy with clarity, by detecting how much time you can work by its available charge. Although the system of onboard LED lighting will help you to see in the dim light locations. Additionally, it has 5 years of warranty.

The M12 battery charger will specify the status of the charging mode. Its creation of RedLink intelligence will make the relationship between the tool and the batteries, which will be powered by it. This relation will help the system to not overheat or bring furthermore power in it.


  • Great battery life
  • Worth the money
  • Convenient
  • Super light
  • Tremendous quality


  • A bit too heavy

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4. Combo Kit (2691-22)– Blend Of Performance, Weight, And Power

The combo kit of the Milwaukee 2691-22 model included a compact impact of 1/4-inch with a compact drill/driver of 1/2-inch. Both the tools will submit its users with a variety of weight, power as well as the performance that will be remarkable in terms of other models.

The compact drill is 7-3/4 inches long with the torque of 400 inch-pounds, but when you use the hex compact you will get 1400 inch-pounds of torque. This huge difference happens because of their frameless 4-pole motor.

The 18-volt drill has 0-400/0-1,800 RPM with its hex compact, the dimensions change to 0-2750 RPM. They have triggers of variable-speed, battery fuel gauges, and built-in LED lights too.

By the communication of both the tools system, even the charger along with two Lithium-Ion compact batteries that are powered by electric cords will protect the tools from offensive circumstances. It will designate the supreme lifetime of the tools. However, this model has 5 years of warranty.


  • Outstanding quality
  • Exceptional performance
  • Great finishing
  • Handy LED light
  • Incredible price


  • Heavy

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5. 1/2 Inch Compact Drill/Driver (Tool-Only)(2801-20)– Useful For Tight Workspaces

Milwaukee’s 2801-20 model compact drill is the best for work overhead or we can say, for tight slots. Its balance in compact structure along with extraordinary control makes it easy to use in fast surroundings.

This bare tool is a brushless compact drill of 1/2″, although contains M18 quality as well. With the Lithium-Ion battery, it is only 3.7 lbs and 6-7/8″ long. Fortunately, this one delivers 0-400/0-1,800 RPM with 500 in-lbs. of torque.  The combination of RPM and torque prepares it for fastening applications with a broad range of drilling systems.

REDLITHIUM battery gives the charger limited trips by providing worthwhile power delivery. Its performance over pack life delivers extra work, or work per charge is way better than any other battery present in the market.

For assuring maximum battery life apart from a brushless motor, it has REDLINK Electronics. This is advanced overload security which is defending against the temperature of monitors and offensive applications for solely avoiding damages.


  • Easy to use
  • Dependable
  • Handy
  • Reliable
  • Very sturdy


  • No charger, no battery

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6. 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver (Bare Tool)(2704-20)– Lends Quicker Drilling Speed

The fuel hammer drill of Milwaukee is the strong cordless drill because of its 18-volt capacity. To improve productivity under massive loads, it will empower you with shorter drilling speed.

It is a compact drill of 7.75” in length, which is better than its class drill. However, the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor contributes up to 2000 RPM with 1,200 in-lbs torque. When you use the drill for a longer time, these features help you to reduce fatigue.

The battery-powered package of REDLITHIUM XC5.0 offers in per charge more than you expect. Also, much extra than the competitors from its levels gives over the power of the batch. For stability, little retention, and utmost grip, this drill has a locking chuck of all-metal ratcheting.

Milwaukee’s 2704-20 models drill included REDLINK PLUS intellect, which confirms absolute performance. Apart from performance, it will protect from over-discharge, overheating, and overload.


  • Impressive Torque
  • Operate Amazingly
  • Terrific Ergonomics
  • Quality and satisfaction
  • Smoothly managed


  • Noisy

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7. 1/2 in. Drill/Driver Kit (2801-21P)– Shock Durability With Superior Result

The 2801-21P model of Milwaukee uses  1/2 in. metal chuck, and all-metal gear case for its user’s convenience. These materials allow the drill to be durable in shock along with the results of the drill should be extraordinary quality.

This model has 0-500/0-1,800 RPM with 500 in./lbs. of torque. It will be a great way to fasten the applications, as well as the large extent of drilling. The chuck type of this drill is single sleeves ratcheting.

The brushless motor will handle the longer life and run time. This will be the optimizer for efficiency. The compact design will also be a plus point for procuring for ideal overhead applications.

The superior performance, electronics, and construction pack will be available for its REDLITHIUM battery. With REDLINK intelligence, keep an eye on all the temperatures to discourage the damages. It has advanced overload precautions too.


  • Impressive product
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Super torque
  • Lots of adjustments available
  • Lightweight


  • Provides only one battery

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Points Need To Know Before Buying Drill For Ice Auger

Points Need To Know Before Buying Drill For Ice Auger

In the below sections, you will get to know some important features, which will help you to make your purchase easy. For maximum benefit, your drilling machine must have these features.

Chuck Type

You can get different sizes of chucks for your drill, but it is not an easy choice. Because this chuck will be a crucial point, where it will hold the unusual bits of the drill. The standard chunk sizes are ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”. Amongst them, 3/8” is the prominent one to have. For larger bits, you can go with ½” chuck.

Torque And RPM

For drilling, torque is the only way to get the bit into the metal in the required force. Torque starts reducing when you put more pressure or more load. For increasing drill bit size, you need to have lower RPM with continuous application of pressure.

Cord Or Cordless

There are two types of drilling machines available, but the main concern is, which one will be the better choice. If you want to make your traveling easy with your machine, then a cordless drill is for you. Still, there will be a problem for its battery because it will be battery powered and it won’t last long as corded drills.


To not get stuck in the middle of the drill, you need to take care of this feature. It will assist you to withdraw bits that get stuck. Keyless chuck has this feature by default, but you need to be sensible about the keyed drill. For your convenience, cordless drilling comes with a keyless chuck.


For better results along with environment-friendly, lithium-ion batteries are best. It contains less toxic metal components than other batteries. This battery doesn’t have memory issues but also gives you a long life with more power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to remove the chuck?

Yes, you can. There will be a screw in the center of the chuck, you need to unscrew that. Loose that screw until it came off.

Does size matter when we buy an ice auger?

Yeah, indeed. For bigger holes, 6-9 inches will be fine but if you don’t need bigger holes, you can buy a small auger. The small auger will allocate you 3-5 inches of small holes.

How to maintain the drilling machine?

If you are using it frequently, then it is not a problem. But when you are not using it, you can lubricate it by oil, especially in the chuck portion.

Wrap Up

Nowadays drilling machines come with varieties, but they are not in the same pattern. But Milwaukee, just one particular brand is investing all kinds of drilling machines to us. Then why not make the most use of it.

Reserve some of their drills for a great trip in the ice world by our article, the best Milwaukee drill for ice auger. You won’t regret it because each one of them will satisfy you in a different manner.