How To Tie Down UTV In A Toy Hauler- 5 Easy Steps For You!

how to tie down utv in a toy hauler

A human being who expends his/her times out of the street on four wheels, he or she can have got any encounter while traveling. When it raises the question of conveying the machine, the challenges become larger. To lessen the problem, we will show you how to tie down UTV in a toy hauler.

Even if we journey on our possessions, sometimes our engine will be dragging or hauling to someplace. The perfect point is to haul the similar UTV with the same toy hauler or truck every single time. It is comparatively stress-free and straightforward to establish the hauling state in that case.

Because of the versatility, extra space, and heavy-duty construction, we can set up the UTV in the toy hauler with much flexibility. Before you start your next off-road venture, be ensuring that you are correctly tied down your UTV with the toy hauler. In advance, we need to acknowledge the idea of UTV and toy haulers.

UTV Or Side By Side

Utility terrain vehicle or UTV is a small, can be accommodated from 2 to 3 people, four-wheeled vehicle, which has rolled over protection characteristic and navigation wheel. It is also called side by side or recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV).

Toy Hauler

It’s a kind of travel trailer which has a large, spacious room and large opening door. On the one hand, it has the living quarters specified with bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and on the other hand, it can occupy four-wheeler, motorcycle, or any types of fun toys.

How To Tie Down UTV In A Toy Hauler

We can tie down UTV in toy hauler easily as it has enough space to take any other machine. But through how we will move this writing how to tie down UTV in toy hauler will express the entire idea.

Step 1: Need To Take A Steady Rack

The rack is needed because it allows taking over the heavy UTV at the top of our toy hauler. The hold-up must be strong enough to take the weight of the UTV. It may require air-bag setup or helper spring, and a particular tire.

Step 2: Attachment Of Straps

Before starting tying down, we need to get anchors to fasten the straps. This particular strap preparation is called a wheeled basket. This definite preparation of straps can attach in each wheel.

The straps are detained to the toy hauler surface, behind the wheel. And it is heightened down to the deck on the opposite of the wheel.

Step 3: Tie-down Of Wheel Basket

The wheel baskets must have connected with the points directly at the front side, and back of each wheel. This task is very specific and everyday setup. We need to do it carefully.

Step 4: Hooking Of The Ratchet Strap

Maximum UTVs have a hold-up or hauling point at the back. At this stage of the task, hook one end of the ratchet strap to this juncture steadily. Then, roll it out at the other end of a tie-down point of the corner of your hauler. Lock the ratchet strap. So it won’t fall out of place – but don’t finish with full tightening as we don’t complete the task entirely.

Step 5: Repetition Of The Same Task

At this point, we will repeat the course with one more ratchet strap lengthening from the fixed point of our UTV for tying-down in another corner of our carrier.

We must make a ‘V’ shape with your two tied-up ratchet straps. Because in motor mechanism triangle shape exhibits great force. Now those two ratchet straps are in place.

It’s time for tightening both straps up to the UTV’s hold-up begin to reduce. After that, it needs to be rinsed. In the same way, repeat the front part. When you are done, your tying up is finished.

Requirements for Safely Hauling

  • It is suggested to hook up the tie downs on the toy hauler basement edge.
  • Do not place them in counter to sharp ends. It might knock-down the strap and would ease its total weight.
  • It is recommended to use polypropylene and nylon straps. These two types of straps are more susceptible to stretching and more sun-resistant than the polyester made one. Polypropylene and nylon straps are very much flexible also while using.
  • If we Tie-downs and hinge straps with locked hooks, the straps can’t be detached when these releases or slacken for any purpose.
  • You must Tie-down the points that are joined to the toy hauler or trailer. Never tie up these with sheer wood deck. It would cause danger.
  • Sometimes it is impossible to carry two full-sized UTV. In that case, we may go for small options that are also available and worth bearing.
  • Before running into the road, give your UTV a little shake to confirm it is alright.
  • We must drive the hauler with adequate speed for avoiding abrupt shake.
  • Before starting the work, it is crucial to check to haul tools and kits and the safety, the tie-down straps at each point.


After all the organized planning and homework, you can make a great journey on the toy hauler. And it will turn to an endorsed adventure while the UTV is set up correctly for your driveway.

We are committed to showing you the right, flexible and easy directions for your tour. Hope our attempt to instruct how to tie down UTV in toy hauler gives you the satisfaction.

To keep everybody safe and to make the adventure stress free, it is required to make sure the tie-down is ultimately appropriately settled. Otherwise, all will be in vain.

Our implicit promise is that you must get satisfaction while you will finish the task and get the benefit in your venture. So let’s get the thrill along with the safeties!

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