How to Hang a Canoe on a Fence that Will Never fall off

how to hang a canoe on a fence

Sometimes we may need to hang our canoe on the fence, it makes our place clean. Also, your canoe will get a secure place. But without the proper experience, if you try to hang your canoe, maybe it will be not enough stable and secure work.

So, know first how to hang a canoe on a fence and then follow the specific instructions. Let’s start the steps to make useful canoe storage with this canoe hanging system.

How To Hang A Canoe On A Fence

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Step 1: Measure The Canoe Size

Before hanging your canoe, you should cautious about size and weight. So make a proper measurement.

Step 2: Choose A Suitable Hanging Place

The second thing is to choose a suitable place to hang a canoe on your Fence. That is important. Because we all know a fence is the central part of outdoor. So, we should point to a place that is aside from your outdoor.

Step 3: Take All The Instrument

Get all the things which may help you to do this job. Then, try to stud finder. That’s a little bit tricky. But don’t worry!

It’s important to tap on your Fence, where you want to put a canoe. By doing this, you can assure that your Fence should be pretty well suitable for hanging a canoe.

Step 4: Put A Mark

Put a mark on the Fence. Take a drill machine, then make a hole about 1 inch. Then, make holes another way too.  It should be smaller than a lag bolt.

Step 5: Add A Hook

Add a hook to the hole. Find the rafter of the Fence to screw the hook into it. After that, a weighted rope may help you to test the load of the hook.

Check the place and screw a lag bolt with a hook. Go and get a tape laid out.

Step 6: Hang Some Pulleys On The Hook

Take some pulleys, so you can replace the roller if you need to. Hang it on the hook; a rope goes through of it. One side of it goes to the below of the canoe, and another part comes down, then it will go to a cleat on the Fence.

Step 7: Make A Cross Support

Clip it with a rope-like carabiner. It will make for a quick release. That will be like cross support.

Step 8: Loop The Rope

Loop the rope back up and flip it. Then it can lift the weight.

Step 9: Wrap The Rope

Take a cleat, just like on a boat. After that, wrap the rope around in a figure-eight pattern. You can lock it into the place.

Step 10: Take Wood Screw

Take two wood screws. Mount it right up the place—Mount the other one on another side.

 Step 11: Hang The Canoe

We are ready! The hooks are all up. So take help from anyone to hang a canoe on a fence.


  • Wear safety glasses before doing this.
  • Wear a mask, because it will be so nasty.
  • Stressed test, before hanging it.
  • Pull the hook slightly to check. It will come out or not.
  • You should do a load test.
  • You can also use or try Canoe hanging straps, Kayak fence Hanger, Canoe hanging brackets, or canoe hanger.

Some Basic Information

So if you are here after trying to put a canoe on a fence, though, you failed, then we want to say this article might help you.

Don’t lose hope. Just try it once again, you can do it correctly now. A fence can make you’re outdoor more attractive than a wall. So you should be careful to choose the right place to put a canoe.

Final Thoughts

I guess, now you are clear, how to hang a canoe on a fence. Just follow the above instructions. Then you can do it quickly.

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