How to Repair Canoe Seat- Easy Fixing DIY without Kit

Are you here to know the best method on how to repair canoe seats all by yourself? Using a few tools, you can either mend your seat or replace the entire seat.

A comfortable seat is essential for the perfect canoeing. And so, if your canoe is somehow cracked or being the reason for your back pain, then you should fix it without any delay.

Today, the whole discussion will be over this. We will be helping you to the end as long as you are following the whole guide.

So, let’s start the procedure then.

What Is Canoe’s Seat?

A canoe seat is a comfortable seat in the boat. A comfortable canoe seat is needed when people go out for a trip or plan to go fishing. Without a seat canoe trips become difficult.

Canoe Seat Material

  • Wood
  • Arm Saw
  • Frame
  • Cane
  • Paper
  • Hard Board
  • Hammer
  • Knife
  • Spline
  • Glue

One thing is not always right. One day or another, it is wasted. Sometimes, the canoe seat is also damaged. That does not mean that it will discard. To use it again, you need to know how to repair canoe seat.

What Is Canoe Seat’s Wide?

It is your choice to set up measurements. It depends on fashions, structures, and categories. But generally, the wide canoe seat should be 14 inches, and 11 inches is back high. Because most of the canoes are not exceed 34” in width. People make canoe seats like themselves for comfort.

How To Repair Canoe Seat

Step 1: Clean The Broken Seat

You will need to clean all the old spline or cane as soon as possible. You don’t have to polish like that. You might need to use a screwdriver or small chisel if the seat was hand caned.

Step 2: Go For The Whole Seat

You will remove the old cane or seat and will put it on the top of the new canoe seat. Mark with the marker and cut it then you got your old measurement.

Step 3: Don’t Destroy The Channel

If you target to fix the seat in the rest accurately then, will try not to destroy the channel.

Step 4: Use The Water

You have to put the new cane and spline in the water and need to keep soaking for some time. Water will soften the cane webbing and spline. Once they become soft, they will remove from the bucket.

Step 5: Draw The Diagram

You have to draw the diagram to fix the seat. Because It is much easier to look at the chart during work.

Step 6: Time To Fix The Cane

The cane will set on the seat frame. Before fixing, you should apply titebond glue around the slot. So it becomes easy to fit the rod. After using glue, the cane should fit well.

Step 7: Set The Spline

The spline has different sizes. You have to take a spline and measure it with the old one. Then place it into the glove of the frame with the help of a hammer. You will see that some of the cane is sticking out. You will use the knife to cut the excess webbing carefully.

Step 8: Finishing The Work

Following the diagram, you will make the new canoe seat. After repairing, you can use a sponge and water to clean any extra glue. Let the canoe seat for 24 hours before using a new canoe seat.

If Anything Is Wrong, Then Correct It

When you will hammering in the spline, you would face something difficult like webbing twisted. It would help if you cut the spline into small pieces during that time for temporary use. Small pieces hold the cane webbing properly when you will hammering in the large spline. After hitting, you can remove those pieces. By doing this, you will finish your work smoothly.

You can also use a rope to present a new seat with a snowshoe weave design.

Suppose you don’t have much time to repair the canoe seat properly, then you can buy 100ft rope. Draw a diagram and starting the work. With the string, you will weave nicely. In the snowshoe weave, the tie normally knots one line by one. You can pull the rope tightly because this is important in the snowshoe weave.

Changing a cane is the best idea to fix a canoe seat. Everybody doesn’t have so much time. That’s why some people leave the old canoe seat and buy a new one.


In the final thoughts, the canoe seat is essential. Many people have old canoe-like 12years old.  But when it becomes ancient, then the cane seat started to tear. After using it for many years, it needs to develop. If you don’t want to buy a new canoe seat, then you can repair your old one. Everyone makes different sizes, shapes, and styles of canoe seats. Many boat chair has its design. Peoples make seats according to their choices. Cane webbing and spline are the main things of canoe seats. So make sure you have these things of canoe web seats.

Whether you don’t go to the shop to fix the seat, then you do this at your place. To set the canoe seat, you will have experience and will gather much knowledge. You can develop your skill. In the future, you can build your own business to construct the canoe seat and help others.

We have discussed how to repair canoe seat” in our article. We hope that you get massive information from our article and become helpful.