How to Keep Bugs Out of Kayak- 4 Ideas to Safely Store

Are you looking for a way to keep your kayak safe from bugs? This article may help you to find the best way to protect your favorite kayak. We will try our best to help you to find a comfortable and simple way to protect your kayak from destructive bugs.

A kayak is a leisure thing that gives you an experience of adventure and happiness. It may use for a certain period. So, it requires special attention in the offseason, when you are storing it. Different types of bugs are a great enemy for your favorite boat. So, if you know the way how to keep bugs out of kayak, you can reuse your favorite craft in your future adventure and also keep your boat in good and fine for a long time. It also saves you money.

So, let’s see what that smart way that keeps your favorite kayak protected from dangerous bugs is.

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Kayak

So, here we will discuss the most important and easy way to protect your kayak from bugs. It will help you to know How to keep bugs out of kayak.

1. Clean The Kayak Properly

After use and before storing the kayak, make sure that you clean the kayak by using mild detergent and water.

If it is inflatable, separate all the removable parts of the kayak like kayak seats, footpeg kits, etc.

Then wash all the parts of the kayak properly at first use plain water then give a cleansing solution. Clean the part properly between the kayak floor and side bladders because this is the place where sand, dirt, and other small things are clinging.

2. Dry The Kayak Completely

Took some dry cloths and wiped the kayak until all the water drained.

Then deflate the kayak and look for any excess water that missed. If so, then wiped it properly.

And make sure that the kayak is completely dry. Then hang the kayak over a rack or a hanger for air dry.

3. Use Bugs Spray

Bug’s spray is so much helpful for stoping the attraction of bugs on your Kayak. It’s not only useful for Kayak but also for a trip lover.

But the critical fact is that there is so many bug spray in the market. So, you have a lot of choices. You should find out the best bug spray from all of choice.

Some spray’s name is given with details for your well known.

DEET is a well-known bug spray in the market.

DEET is a liquid oily neurotoxin CHNO which used in bugs. It’s not only for bugs but also useful for all insects.

Its full form is diethyltoluamide.

DEET has proven as the best defense against the bug. It can be used on the human body also for avoiding insect bites.

But you should be careful about using DEET with protection. Wear light-colored clothing if possible when using DEET.

Sawyer bug spray is better than DEET.

Sawyer bug spray lasts for a long time. It does not defeat your artificial outdoor gear.

It’s not tallowy, and it’s so active on some dangerous bugs like blackfly.

It has a smell that vanishes about a minute after applying.

Picaridin is an artificial translation of piperine that comes from paper plants.

It is also effective against small or big bugs.

Permethrin is more helpful and useful than Picaridin for your Kayak.

Permethrin is non-toxic.

It’s made from an artificial translation  Pyrethrum, which comes from a flower. The flower’s name is Chrysanthemum.

Permethrin is easy to use.

You can use any of this bug spray for keeping bugs out of your Kayak. But my suggestion is that Sawer Permethrin Bug Spray. It’s more useful for a long time among all others for keeping out bugs from a Kayak.

4. Storage

Storage is an important step to protect your boat from bugs. Improper storage can easily destruct your kayak by destructive insects. For these kayak problems, we will discuss the storage system of different types of kayaks.

Inflatable Kayak Storage

Many people like inflatable kayaks for several reasons because of their easily transportable, affordability. And during storage time, inflatable kayaks are to work like deflate them and roll or fold them. Do you know how to store inflatable boat? These types of kayaks don’t require so much space. They can easily take inflatable kayak care and fit in any place like inside a closet or under the bed. So, before storing the kayak, use some kayak pump that can stick out all the air from the kayak by using a deflation port.

Then fold the kayak. Or you may also roll the kayak according to the instruction of the manufacturer’s company on how to fold inflatable kayak.

Clean the storage inflatable kayak bag properly and ensure that it is scorched. If the storage bag is dry, it will prevent the kayak from any type of bugs or mould. If the storing bag is moist, then there is a chance of fungal or bug infestation. For preventing a humid environment, use silica gel inside the kayak storage bag.

You can use some dryer sheets inside the kayak storage bag because some bugs and mice cannot tolerate the smell of dryer sheets and keeping mice out of kayak. It will provide help with inflatable kayak maintenance.

For Hard-shell Kayak

Hard-shell kayaks big, and they can cause a storage problem. For hard-shell kayaks, you have needed separate storage space like your garage kayak storage or a different room.

Use a kayak rack for storing the hard-shell kayak. Leaving it on the ground will damage the hull of the kayak and exposed it to moisture and dirt, which allows the bugs to attack your kayak.

The ventilation of the storing it must be reasonable and it also far from the window where rainwater can enter into the storage area. This is the best way to store kayak in garage.

Kayak Storage Ideas Outside

If you have no space in your garage or in your room to store the kayak, then you can choose outdoor storage.

For outdoor storage, you must need kayak storage rack ideas.

Choose a shady space for storing the kayak that will protect your kayak from rainwater and get wet.

Use a kayak cockpit cover or kayak covers or a storage bag for outdoor storage. Ensure that the kayak storage bag is water-resistant and dry inside the container.

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Final Words

So, at last, we can tell that these are the smart but elementary and easy steps for protecting your kayak from destructive bugs. If you follow these ways, we hope it will work. So, we try to give an idea about how to keep bugs out of kayak. We hope it will help you to protect your favorite kayak from destructive insects. And allow you to enjoy a happy adventure for a long time and make you happy.