VE Paddles Vs Werner- Battle for Your Ideal Pick

Are you searching for a paddle and getting tired to select which one is the best for you? There is much necessary data we will provide in this article to help you. After knowing the features, you can differentiate between VE Paddles vs Werner.

VE paddles is an incredible piece of kit with a custom-made glass. It also contains many exciting features to make your peddling enjoyable. Werner paddle also manufactured with attractive qualifications.

Both of two paddles are excellent in peddling. It is tough to select one of them to purchase and detect the suitable one for you.

But we will provide detailed information for your wants. I think it can be easy to clear all your questions about these paddles. Let’s see!

VE Paddles Vs Werner

Before jumping on the manufacturer, we should know the basic things of the VE peddle and Werner peddle.

VE Paddles

VE paddle featuring with activated carbon tube and as splits. It is beneficial for its specific requirements. The crank distance is more suited to holding the paddles than others.

The paddles having a definite width apart defends your shoulders. The extra paddle distance allows you to confirm you get the maximum amount of power for the vital boof strokes. This paddle is well balanced and smooth to operate.

When you jump in your play vessel, you decrease the approach, even more, to make changes flow with a comfort. You genuinely like being able to have the choice to shift the feathering of your paddles reliant on how you were feeling that day.


It almost proved that the critical components of a Werner paddle are Progressive in Featuring. Werner can be able to afford you have fun as you wanted. With a perfect fit, this Werner paddle developed with a generous advanced design.

Its light swing heaviness, accurate balance, and flat strokes. There is a different use of Werner paddle proceeding in the present world. Some are touring, Whitewater, Coastal play, Sand up, Kayak Fishing, and Canoe in where are using.

Nowadays, kayaking develops as the entire world’s desire; that’s why paddles are also needed to create. Werner is one of the acute and elegant paddles for kayaking.

Comparisons Table Feature Of VE Paddles VS Werner

VE Paddle

Werner Paddle

Blade size: Standard

Regulation: Right hand

Paddle colour: Yellow

Two-piece split: No

Paddle angel: 30degree

Glass: Straight shaft glass

Blade Size: 6.3inch*20.5inch

Regulation: Right Hand

Paddle Color: Gray

Two-piece split: No

Paddle angel: Low angel

Glass: Bent shaft glass

There is more or less the same feature consisting of manufacture. Bent shaped shifts are present in both types of paddles. Both are light, balanced, and smooth in operation.

VE Paddles Review

This VE paddle mainly used in the kayak for a comfortable journey. It designed with an excellent all-round paddle, which is well balanced and smooth. This paddle is available on a straight glass shaft. This shaft offers a beautiful flexible set up.

The VE paddle suits beginners to river runner, a wide range of kayak paddlers to float. It can use in mid to longer length river. These Paddles come in a wide variety of configurations.


  • VE paddle provides a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Comes with a wide range of configurations
  • Made with fiberglass materials
  • can be used on mid to longer length
  • Having a flexible set up


  • Mainly available in Autumn.

Werner Paddles Review

This paddle offers the perfect combination for those paddlers who need soft power and practice a relaxed multilateral touring stroke. The Werner also provides the best durability, equilibrium of light sway gravity, and performance.

Weight: 28.25 oz., Size of Blade: 20.5inch*6.3inch / 650 sq. cm, Material of Shaft: Carbon, Size of Shaft: Standard-Specific, Shape of Blade: Low Angle, Model Year: 2016, Blade Material: Fiberglass Continuous Weave, Shape of Shaft: Bent, Fishing Specific: No, Product ID: 266529, Range of Skill: Advanced Intermediate-Range – Expert, GTIN: 0840463102954. Model Number: CA 2 F31 220 AMB.

The lower swipe heaviness will preserve you on the water lengthier by reducing fatigue, allowing you to enjoy yourself more no matter your ability level. Mid-size paddle blades contain a smooth horizontal stroke and gentle power.


  • Popular for touring
  • Having a smooth, effortless stroke
  • Werner is an excellent sturdy paddle
  • provide the best durability.


  • Quite heavy to use

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You can get a small difference between both of the paddles. Werner VE paddles having impressive qualifications to provide a proper implementation. Now it’s up to you that what paddlers are more appropriate for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Werner paddles float correctly?

Subsequently, reading this article shows that the Werner paddle floats smoothly with its bent, shaped shaft. This paddle delivers the perfect blend for paddlers who need gentle power and use a comfortable all-around exploring stroke.

What are the uses of these paddles?

There is the different use of Werner paddle are proceeding in the present world. Some are touring, Whitewater, Coastal play, Sand up, Kayak Fishing, and Canoe in where are using.

What are the uses of VE paddle?

This VE paddle mainly used in the kayak. It is suitable for use in mid to longer length rivers. This paddle provides a straight glass shaft, which suggests a beautiful flexible set up which is relaxed on the body and generous – this will suit the mainstream of kayakers.

Final Words

We give you all of the vital information of paddles about their feature, manufacture, and uses. Now you can clear out all of your confusion about this product.

You can easily decide the perfect one for your desire between VE paddles vs Werner. Read this information and qualification attentively and select one which you want.