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Pointing a tv antenna for rv at a distance television station can be a time-consuming process. And further away from home, you get more complicated to become. If you are Rver boondocking, it can seem like it takes forever.

I know for an instant. The instructions provided by antenna manufacturers don’t help very much. All they told you is the same trying process that already failed.

In this description, we will present a low-tech way to maximize the chances of getting the station you want.

New Rvers normally tried to modify their RV TV antenna to give better signals. In this case, we’re going to assist you in taking care of this issue. In this post, you will find how to point RV TV antenna as well as rv tv antenna hacks.

How To Point RV TV Antenna

You don’t require a cell phone or GPS. You will need to know three things.

  • Where you are
  • Where the tv transmitter is located
  • The bearing from you to the transmitter station

We will help you get that information.

Here we show you five easy and informative ways.

Pointing RV TV Antenna With A Map And Compass

Step 1: Explore Every Pros And Cons About The Map And Compass

In this process, you need a road map and a silva compass. It is easy to use. Silva has two essential features. A clear bottom with this, you will able to see the map and a rotatable bezel.

At the bottom of the map, you will see a north marker. It indicates that straight up on the map is north.

Step 2: Balance The RV And Surface To Position In North

Park and level the RV. Put the map on a flat and level surface in the RV. Rotate the compass bezel, so “N” is at the top of the compass.

Align the compass over the north symbol on the map. Rotate the map and compass together until the compass needle points at N on the bezel.

Step 3: Take The Measurement Of The Distance

As you know, where your transmitter station is located, place the compass on the map. You should place the compass in your living area. Of course, in your living area where you should put compass should be pointing at N on the bezel.

Now take a reading by a pencil from the compass to your station. Now look at the bezel of the compass and measure the bearing.

Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass

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  • Waterproof
  • Easy and safe settling
  • Simplify the calculations

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Pointing RV TV Antenna By Using A Signal Meter

Step 1: Place A Signal Meter And Record The Best Signal Reading

Use a signal meter, and you will find the exact place for parking an RV. Connect the signal meter to your RV TV crank up. Then start rotating your antenna frequently. While turning, observe the meter for perfect signal reading.

Step 2: Lock The Antenna And Enjoy

You need to be very focused while observing a suitable reading. Finally, lock the antenna, and you find the strongest signal ever.

Tonysa Satellite Signal Finder TV Antenna Signal Strength Meter

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Pointing RV TV Antenna With A Signal Booster

If none of the above ways works, then you can quickly solve this problem by investing. Especially when you are traveling and don’t find any nearest broadcaster tower, you can use an rv antenna booster for qualities signal.

Here is the list of Qualitiful signal boosters (OTA)2020 where you get the solution of how to boost TV antenna signal in RV?

1. Channel Master CM3414


3. Winegard LNA-200 (Winegard tv antenna booster)


5. Winegard LNA-100 (Winegard tv antenna booster)

6. Antop Amplifier Signal Booster

7. Aluminum foil boost

Park Your RV In High Space

Yes, it’s true. If you live in an area with

  • Mountain
  • Tall buildings
  • Trees
  • Hills

Inevitably you will face signal problems.

So for a better signal, you have to avoid these obstacles or need to park your RV in high space.

Might Problem With Your Cables

It is an essential point. Do you know that better cables= better reception?

The best coaxial cable for your TV is RG-11. It has a more prominent conductor and superior in preserving signals, frequencies than any other coaxial cable.

So check the quality of your cable and also check any damages to wires. If you see any problems immediately replace them with better cables.

PHAT SATELLITE RG-11 Coax HD Cable TV Antenna

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  • Best signal transfer with minimum loss
  • UV Resistant
  • Anti-corrosion

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Take Help From RV TV Pointing Apps

If you have one app, update it, and know how to use rv tv antenna app, maybe at work.

So if you want to get a better signal, you can take help from apps or websites. They will show you how far your TV stations from your area. They also determine the exact destination to point your TV antenna.

We mention some useful apps(4-star reviews) you can try.

You can take help from a helpful website called the FCC.

Things Need To Be Alert

  • At the time of rain, never try to install an antenna.
  • Pair your antennas and televisions with a better generator.
  • Never paint on the antenna.
  • Always try to save your antenna. Once it damaged, you have purchased a new one.
  • Never place your antenna to a corner.

How to lubricate an RV antenna

To know how to lubricate an RV antenna, you can take help from this youtube video-

Conclusive Words

We want to say thank you for reading our article.

The first method that we shared is the most effective and proven if you apply it precisely, then there is no chance of failing.

We expect you’ve enjoyed reading our tips and tricks on How To Point RV TV Antenna. I hope it is helpful for you.