How to Sell An RV With a Lien | Know the The Right Way

Are you confused about how to sell an RV with a lien that will make a good profit? Selling an RV is a little bit hard, but don’t worry. We are here to help you.

When you owe financial help to buy an RV, the bank has a lien on your vehicle. To sell your RV under a lien, you need to remove your lien first. But you can take different ways to remove it.

There may be many reasons why you want to sell your RV, you can buy a new or market value goes down, or your world tour will take time.

How To Sell An RV With A Lien To Make A Good Profit

But selling your RV with a lien is a little hard work and takes your time. No matter how it is. We show you some creative ideas on how to sell an RV with a line step by step.

Step 1: Fix Your RV Value

When you decide to sell your RV, first try to find out its value. Every year a large number of recreational vehicles are sold in the market, so take information according to your same brand, quality, and facility. Even you can ask for “what is my RV worth to sell?

Then find out how much you are under owing, don’t depend on guesswork. After confirming how much you owe from the financial institution, you can make a wise decision on how much you want to make a profit from the sale.

Now figure out your RV’s actual value in which you want to sell it, if you can fix the money beyond the current market value, you will make a profit. On the contrary, you will face depreciation if the determined value is less than the market, so it is high time for you to sell your RV.

Step 2: Decide How to Sell It

There are two ways those help you to sell your RV. RV selling with a private party, and the other is selling to a dealership. You should meet with several private parties and dealerships following your demand money and plan how to sell it.

i. Private Party

When you make your mind to sell with a private party, take care of the paperwork because if you don’t remove the loan, you can’t transfer the title to the buyer. In this process, you will first pay off the bank loan, or if not possible, the buyer has to pay off the mortgage, and he will give you the balance money.

Always selling to a private party requires some extra steps, but this process gives you more facility to get more money than dealerships. Search to find out someone who is satisfiable to pay off your total loan. Especially when you can’t afford to pay off, definitely go to the lender office to complete the selling process.

ii. Selling to Dealerships

Dealership can be the easiest way to trade because they take the responsibility of lien. But usually, the most significant disadvantage of going through a dealership is that they will provide you less money since the dealership wants to cut a quality profit in the future. To find them easily you can search by typing “dealers who buy used RVs near me” or “sell my RV near me.”

While you are selling to a dealership, focus on the concept that your balance money will be reasonable after providing trade in the value of your RV. Besides, if the RV trader is willing to pay the total loan, then confirm how they pay off the loan. Otherwise, your loan will increase in the monthly rate.

What paperwork do I need to Sell My RV?

  • Title of ownership
  • Photo I.D. / Driver’s License
  • RV Consignment agreement
  • Power of attorney form
  • Information of liens on your RV
  • Bill of sale RV with lien

Step 3: Advertisement

If you choose to sell it privately, provide an advertisement through your local newspaper or magazine. Moreover, you can find a free online website where people come to sell and buy.

In the advertisement, you should provide all the real descriptions such as brand, quality, spread, buying time, function and maintaining ways, etc. of your RV.

Also, add some pictures of your RV because people not only want to read but also they demand photos.

Afterward, it will be the best work, if you invite the interested buyer to visit your home and make a watch for your RV and buy it face to face.

Step 4: Escrow Service

Typically an escrow is a financial arrangement

Between two parties, where a third party takes the responsibility of receiving and disbursing money. Escrow. Com makes a safe way to handle online, but here you have to take risks for your online security.

Selling your costly RV may require a large number of money transactions, so if you are willing to take extra security in the time of money transfer, you can use escrow service.

In this method, the buyer will send the money within an escrow account, and the seller only can release the account after completing the lien issues and the title completion.

This service demands some extra money because it will secure the buyer and seller’s money transaction at the end of the selling process.

Step 5: Be Honest

Always keep in mind that honesty is the best policy, provide all of the information about your RV. If you are using it for several years and present a used RV for sale by owner, don’t tell it is new, people may refuse to sell your RV after knowing the actual fact. But don’t be afraid, say good and bad.

Some Special Tips for You to Make a Good Profit

  • Before selling, clean inside and outside of your RV.
  • Repair all the minor defects, such as if it loses lights.
  • Feel the buyer as a winner; tell the rate 5% or 10% more than your demand money.
  • Be a confident negotiation; you can take help from your neighbor and friend to deal with the buyer.


Though selling an RV with a lien is not easy work. But it doesn’t seem that you can’t do it. But for it, you have made your mind how to do it. This article showed you how to sell an RV with a lien through the most straightforward ways and follow our steps.

Selling with a private party will give you more money, but dealerships can remove this process’s complexity. So take your time and buy your RV with a good profit.

We hope you find it helpful.