How to Get Rid of Mouse Smell in RV- Effective Trick Exposed

Our RV is our cozy little space to have an enjoyable time while we are away from home. It takes us in explorations to remote or close areas. Tossing the RV door open and having the breeze from the fresh air is a delightful feeling until we get the stinky smell of the mouse!

Yes, you are reading the correct matter! The loveliness of your staying at RV can be ruined by only one thing. It may be small, but it can have a severe impact on your RV and your mood. That is why we are going to give you the solutions on this issue in how to get rid of the mouse smell in RV article.

How To Get Rid Of Mouse Smell In Rv

Usually, Male mice bear an awful habit of spreading their urine where they live. Thats why you need to know how to get rid of mice urine odor. Here you can have entire steps to keep the RV out of mouse smell.  How to get rid of mouse smell in RV writing will take you out of this trauma from your next RV journey.

First of all, you may have a question that what to use to get rid of mice smell? Then let’s look at the things we need for this cleaning hour. The stuff we need is prevalent and daily used items. So there is no bit of tension managing all these.

Necessary Things We Need:


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  • Clean cloth
  • Commercial poison
  • Water
  • Dust cleaner

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  • Prevent injuries to animals
  • Prevents contact with the trapped animal

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Step 1: Make The Mice Out Of Rv

For getting rid of the mouse smell, this is the first step we have to do. Otherwise, all our effort will go in vain. Take all the dust of the food away from your RV. We may use traps too.

After that, we must use any natural oil like peppermint oil or mothball to make those vanish. There are many commercial poisons or rat killers available in the market. Feel free to use these for making clean of your favorite RV.

Step 2: Get The Fresh Air And Use Of Spray

After getting rid of the entire mice from the RV, the first task is to turn the air fresh.  It is the key to increasing airflow; it helps to reduce the stuck vapors from the RV. Open all of the windows and exterior will help air to dissolve the smell.

Turning it more endurable, spray throughout the RV with a robust disinfectant. Make sure to infuse the whole thing exhaustively. Keep all wrecks in a taped-up bag and throw it. We suggest you check disinfected areas repeatedly to make sure that the germs are wiped out thoroughly.

Step 3: Mopping With A Mixture Of Water, Oil, And Vinegar

We will mop the whole area with a combination. Mix equally water and white vinegar. Then, enhance it with a few drops of essential oil like eucalyptus or lemon. Now, spray it in the entire area. Mop it with a clean cloth. Let it consume the air of the RV; give some time to let it dry out.

Step 4: Go For An Extra Hour

Go for extra hours using shampoo and vapor cleaning in our RV, and the surrounding area to make sure that the RV is completely germ and smell-free.

Step 5: Thorough Ventilation And Use Of Air Freshener

You cleaned and sprayed like crazy, right. But the task is still not finished. We must keep our windows open for circulating the air to and fro when we will spray aerial odor remover air freshener in the RV.

Step 6: Disinfection Of All The Staffs

After gathering and setting up everything we must disinfect the whole kit and the caboodle remains in the RV. Otherwise, after some time, you can still have the smell coming from those pieces of stuff.

Step 7: Getting Cleaned Up You

Now time is for getting cleaned up. You must throw away the used gloves, mask, used towel, cloths and take a shower fastidiously with soapy hot water and get fresh clothes.

We recommend you wash the dirty clothes right at that moment without keeping the fabric in the open, with lukewarm water and detergent. This is how you can get rid of the problem of how to get rid of mouse urine smell in fabric.

Step 8: Replacing Of Affordable Pieces Of Stuff

Once the RV is hygienic, you can evaluate any harm created by the mice. It is our suggestion, if possible, to replace the mattresses and other affordable pieces of stuff. As the smell of the mice’s urine is too strong, replacing the stuff would be the final measurement against this oddity.

Though this task is optional, depending on your financial state, it might make the RV germ and smell free.

Key Factors To Note Down

  • It is imperative to sanitize the RV slide out to ensure that the mice will not come back.
  • Make sure that your RV is occupied with adequate ventilation
  • Always keep the mothballs at every corner of your vehicle. It will prevent the coming of the mice.
  • Cleanliness is always the key to a fresh living style. Be sure that your floor and the surrounding is not scattered with the left-overs of foods.
  • If you leave the RV for some time, do not forget to close all the points from where mice can get their entrance.

Conclusive Words

We must be organized and thoroughgoing for this. Clean, disinfect, look below all usages and stuff. In this post on how to get rid of mouse smell in RV, we gave you all ways of releasing the scent of mice.

Undoubtedly, the most vital step is to keep mice out of the RV to make it less welcoming. And it means confirming your vehicle must be food-free, with no dirt all over there, particularly at the time of long gaps. You can also try these steps for many other queries like-

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We hope you find this supportive for the goodness of your most loved RV!