How to Get Rid of Old Pop Up Camper Trailer- 2 Simple Solutions

Have you an early pop-up? And try to get rid of old pop up campers? Does no one want to take it? Are you falling into a significant problem with the old pop-up camper?

If I am right, please do not worry. Because today I will discuss how to get rid of old pop up camper. And I will try to solve your problem with some strategic methods.

You have called RV stores, and scrub dealers in your city, but no one has any clue to dispose of your old pop up camper. You have no idea who will contact you.

How To Get Rid Of Old Pop Up Camper

Friends, are you a camping lover? So you have a camper and want to know what to do with old pop up camper. Every camping lover should need a pop-up camper. Because If anyone decides to travel far away or go to the adventure, they have to tent anywhere.

But how to get rid of old pop up camper or how to get rid of an old trailer or how to get rid of an old tent trailer, you do not know. So you have to read this article to relieve your problem. Now I will discuss two ways to get rid of old pop up campers.

  1. >Rebuild the old pop-up camper.
  2. >Sell your old pop-up camper.

What is a pop-up camper, and why do you need it?

An old pop-up camper is one kind of towed recreational vehicle. The other name is tent trailers or fold-out campers. It has a secure storage and transport system. When setting up the camper for the trailer, it provides a large interior space.

1. Rebuild The Pop-up Camper

If you want to get rid of an old pop-up camper, you can repair it or rebuild it, which looks like a new pop-up camper. You can repair your old pop up by the way.

  • Repair by yourself.
  • Rebuild by a professional worker.

Repair By Yourself

If you want to rebuild the camper, you have to know all and every part and problem appropriately. If you are the owner of an older pop-up camper, a pop-up repair experience is a must.

The Most Common Problems You May Face

Tears In Windows Screen

When you face this problem, you can quickly repair yourself. You can sew the screen or can attach another piece of screen cloth with hot glue.

Canvas May Rip

Sometimes canvas may rip. That time you can repair it yourself. You can repo it by sewing machine or apply color on canvas.

Leak The Canvas

When you travel in the forest or mountain, you have to encounter many problems. And have to face many odd roads. That time the canvas may leak.

When you face this problem, you can repair the camper canvas by attaching a piece of cloth to the leak portion.

Dirty Or Torn Bed Cover Or Cushions

By using a long bed, covers and cushions may be dirty or torn. So they look ancient and decrease their beauties. So if you wash camper beds and cover a pillow with detergent powder or soda, it may look clean and bright.

It is an easy process to get rid of the old bed cover and cushion. But if the bed cover is very old and looks so dirty, you can change to buy a new bed sheet and cushion cover.

Trailer Lights Are Broken Or Do Not Work

For using more times, sometimes trailer lights are broken or do not work. If you have to face this problem, you can buy some new lights and replace them. Or, if you can repair it, you can try this.

Painted All Frame

For a long time, the frame may have aged and become damaged or discolored. If your frame of camper becomes discolored, you can paint all frames. Then you can get rid of the old structure. That looks new.

Wash The Camper Wall

Pop up camper wall made by leather cloth or waterproof plastic cloth. These are lightweight. When the pop-up camper wall becomes dirty, it looks ancient. That is not good for you.

So you can wash the wall properly. After washing, you can get rid of the old wall of the old pop-up camper.

Clean The Bathroom And Kitchen

When the bathroom and the kitchen become so dirty for using more times that looks so old and unwashed, so you have to clean it up by cleanser or bleaching powder to maintain it hygienically.

Those are the only problems, and you can solve them. If you can solve these, you can save your money and time. By solving all problems, you can get rid of old pop campers easily. So you can try this.

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Rebuild By Professional Worker

There are some problems which are critical to repair by you—that time you have to call a professional worker. Let’s see what the problems are-

  • Maintain pop-up camper cable.
  • Replace the floor of the camper.
  • Replace EC.
  • Separate canvas from the body.
  • Replace water pump breaks.
  • Replace the tire.

When you face problems, you must call a professional worker to repair them. And then you can get rid of the old pop-up camper. To repair a cable, EC, or other electrical problem, you can call an expert electrician.

Then you can use the old pop-up camper like new. And to maintain it, you can use a pop-up camper cover.

GEARFLAG Pop-up Folding Camper Cover

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  • Prevent dampness inside the cover
  • Wind and snow storm proof
  • Folded and stored in the storage pouch, fits into anyplace and anywhere

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2. Sell Your Old Pop Up Camper

The other way of the content on how to get rid of an old pop up camper is to sell the old pop-up campers. If you have no space to garage it or want to get rid of old pop-up campers, you can sell this. But before selling you have some work-

  1. You have to prepare your RV to sell.
  2. Prepare your license.
  3. Give an advertisement to sell.
  4. You have to repair your tires and wheels before selling your pop-up camper.

Other than that you can scrap it. For that, you can search in your area by typing where can I scrap a pop up camper? /search Free junk trailer removal /free junk camper removal near me /scrap trailer removal near me.


This article is appropriate for knowing how to get rid of old pop up camper. If you read the article, I hope you can get rid of old pop-up campers easily.

Then if you want you can buy a new pop-up camper and enjoy it.