How to Tow a Kia Sorento- Steps for the Emergency Case

Can you tow a Kia Sorento? Accidently if your Kia Sorento is pulled up, there are enough ways to pull out. Some ideas are better than others in this situation.

>Using tow straps is a great way to get a Kia Sorento pulled out of snow, sand, or mud. But this way may not be perfect for driving on the highway.

On the other side, two dollies are an affordable way for Kia Sorento. But these two dollies are not best for AWD or 4WD cars.

A trailer is the best way to tow from those types of applications. However, anytime you can know how to tow a Kia Sorento if you are in a problem.

Step By Step Guideline Of How To Tow A Kia Sorento

Here is the right place to know the answer to your questions: how to tow a Kia Sorento. Read this article attentively and understand these three ways of strategy.

Step 1. Attach The Tow Strap To The Back Of The Kia Sorento And Vehicle

When you have trouble with your Kia Sorento, then you need help going to the recovery point. So, in this situation, you can hook the strap to a tow hitch if your Kia Sorento is prepared with one.

And, if you don’t know about tow hitch, then don’t use it. Some of the two glitches have D-rings securely. You can use this tow strap directly.

Directly don’t hook a metal hook to the Kia Sorento if you can help. Instead, catch the strap to itself and go to the recovery point.

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Step 2. Run The Strap Through The Recovery Point

You can run the hook through the hole for going to the recovery point. If your Kia Sorento has a catch, you can use this hook and through the recovery point.

If your Kia Sorento also has a hitch fat, just run the star through the recovery point hole.

After all, run the end of this strap through the road to a secure place.

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Step 3. Pull the Tow Vehicle Ahead Slowly Until The Strap Is Tight

The tow vehicle has a driver and inch by inch your Kia Sorento forward slowly until your Kia on the tow strap lifts off the ground.

And the driver stops the vehicle directly once the belt is tight before pulling the broken down Kia Sorento.

Stop immediately if the strap shows any signs because it can also damage.

Step 4. Attach The Safety Chains And Wiring Leads

There are two safety chains and one wiring harness in this dolly. At first, cross these chains and hang these doll hooks on the spots. And after, attach the wire harness to the tow vehicle.

  • Now you will open the wiring harness on the trapped security. And now you can see there will be a space in the chains and it’s ok.
  • All of the need only for your emergencies. In this way, you can get two to your Kia Sorento.

Step 5. Attach The Tow Dolly To The Loop Of The Tow Car

You can also back your Kia Sorento up to the tow dolly. Dolly helps you as a friend so you can get the hook near the tow dolly possible.

With this dolly, you can hitch beneath the tongue and turn the handle of the dolly’s dialect to connect the vernacular to the hitch.

You need to move the dolly around and properly get it to line up with the hitch. So, we think this is likely enough for you to lift it a hand.

Step 6. Line Up The Tow Vehicle, Dolly, And Broken Down Vehicle

In this way, now you will back the tow vehicle and dolly and the broken-down car. Then it can turn straightforward to put your broken down vehicle front wheels on the dolly.

  • If this vehicle plans to tow, you can drive it up the rear of the dolly.
  • When you want to load the dolly, you need to be up the tow vehicle, the dolly, and the broken-down car.

Step 7. Drive The Broken Down Vehicle Onto The Dolly

If your Kia Sorento runs, put it in first gear and drive slowly to get the vehicle up onto the dolly. And if you can see it doesn’t run, tell your friends to push it while your brakes or steer works.

When the Kia Sorento’s front tires are up on the dolly, you need to use this brake pedal. Because it can slow the dolly down and also this Kia Sorento can’t go back.

  • In this tow dolly, have a lip at the very front told to stop your Kia Sorento from reeling forward anymore.
  • You need to know not to speed anymore once the tires on this dolly. Oppositely, Your Kia Sorento goes up in this lip.

Step 8. Starp The Kia Sorento To The Dolly Using The Wheel Strap

Tow dollies have wheel straps that go over both front wheels. It would help if you pulled the wheels over the wheel’s prime and now use the ratchet to make them tight. And now attach the safety chains to the vehicle’s frame.

  • Over the tire with these straps open and close the ratchet to tighten them down.
  • And, attach the safety chains to the recovery points on the Kia Sorento frame.

Step 9. Tow The Towed Vehicle Up Onto The Trailer

On this Trailer first, extend the rams down and then push the towed vehicle up onto the Trailer. With somebody in the driver’s seat to brake and steer.

When you can see the tow vehicles’ back wheels are on the Trailer, tell the driver to stop the car.

  • Check if all four wheels are in the Trailer or not. And the rams can slide back in without any hitting this Kia Sorento.
  • Make sure the front tires would be close to the Trailer to the front. But don’t touch the front lip.

Kia Sorento towing capacity 2021

Do you know how much can a Kia Sorento tow? Kia Sorento tow package is solely dependent on the upgrade situation of the SUV. We all have the idea that this is the most powerful SUV so far. It can tow up to 2000 pounds if you use it on LX and S trim levels. But it can tow 3,500 pounds when you upgrade your SUV to EX or beyond.

The Final Thought

Finally, you knew now how to tow a Kia Sorento with this article. The Kia Sorento offers quite a large number of features with superior technology. The towing service or process is also provided in this article.

If you are searching for a safe and reliable drive for your family, then the Kia Sorento is worth considering. So, don’t feel worried, with this article now you can easily tow your car.