How to Keep RV Sewer Line from Freezing- 3 Proven Tactics

Are you worried about the Freezing of your RV sewer line in winter? Then this article may give you some relief.

In the winter season, when the weather becomes freezing, and the temperature goes below 0, it can cause Freezing of the RV sewer line if you are letting your RV outside.

When the RV sewer gets freezing, the water in the RV sewer line gets to freeze. It may cause the RV sewer line to crack or get burst. It is costly to repair the cracked Rv sewer line.

To avoid the unexpected Freezing of the Rv sewer line, you should know how to keep RV sewer line from freezing.  By following some simple steps, you can keep the RV sewer line from freezing. Other than that you can also learn about how to keep rv water hose from freezing or how to thaw frozen rv sewer line

Causes Of Freezing The Rv Sewer Line?

In the winter season, if you are going on a trip with the RV, the Freezing temperature may Freeze. Freezing of the Rv sewer line occurs due to different reasons. Some of the common causes of freezing the Rv sewer line are

  1. A sudden drop in temperature in winter is one of the leading causes.
  2. If there is water in the sewer line and there is no place to go for it. The water in the sewer line gets frozen in the sewer line and causes damage to the sewer line.
  3. The ice in the RV sewer line causes the temporary blockage of the line.
  4. Letting the sewer line hooked up can cause a freeze

How To Keep Rv Sewer Line From Freezing

If you leave your sewer hose hooked up while you do that, the water will slowly get a freeze at the bottom of the sewer line. If you wanted to keep your RV sewer line from freezing, you should follow the following tips. You should follow more than one suggestion to avoid this unexpected situation.

  1. Choose PVC flexible sewer pipe, which is freeze resistant. The PVC  wall of the pipe should be thicker than the ordinary pipe wall.
  2. To keep your sewer hose from Freezing or rv sewer hose protection, don’t hook it up in the first place. You just have to close off your tanks once the tank gets full hook up the hose and then empty them out after emptying the tank and restoring your sewer line away so that it does not freeze.
  3. The heated tape is a cable that is attached to the sewer line and plugged in an electrical socket that keeps the sewer line from freezing.

Wrap the hose with the heated cable/ tape, make sure that the heated cable is touching the sewer line, and wrap the cable with the heated cable. Then secure it with electrical tape to make sure the sensor of the heating cable is touching the sewer line in the location that will be getting cold enough to trigger it on.

If the sensor is warm and the rest of the hose is outside somewhere cold, it’s not going to turn on, and it’s going to freeze anyway after wrapping the cable wrap rv pipe insulation around and cover with waterproof tape.

What Should Happen If The Rv Sewer Line Gets Frozen?

If the RV sewer line gets to freeze, you should take the necessary steps to thaw it. Or the longer the sewer line remains frozen, the harder it to melt.

  1. A portable heater can be used to melt the ice
  2. A hairdryer can be used to thaw the ice
  3. Wrap heat tape around the sewer line
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What To Do

When there is a freezing temperature outside, you should not let the sewer line hooked.

When the sewer line gets to freeze, do not run hot water through the sewer line. The sudden change in temperature can cause severe damage to the sewer line also May burst.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At which temperature the  Rv sewer line will freeze?

When the temperature of the surrounding gets lower than 32F, the sewer line may freeze. For getting freeze, the temperature should remain below 32F for approximately 24 hours.

How long does it take to freeze?

Approximately, it will take 24 hours to freeze the sewer line. It can be prevented by not letting the sewer line hooked up. You also can heat the sewer line with a portable heater or can apply heat tape.

What is heat tape?

Heat tape may be called tape, but it is not a tape but a cable. The heating cable wraps around the sewer line and secures it with electrical tape. It should make sure that the cable remains in touch with the sewer line. Then cover the sewer line with insolation. After completely wrapping with the insolation, then cover it with waterproof tape.


If you are planning for a winter trip with RV, you should think of the freezing situation of the water pipe and sewer line of an RV. If you follow the simple tips, the sewer line won’t get Freezing.

To protect the sewer line from cracked or burst because of Freezing, you should know about how to keep the RV sewer line from freezing.