How to Adjust Pin Box on Fifth Wheel- Most Easy Way Explained

You may be facing a problem adjusting the pin box on your fifth wheel. Without a proper setting, the overall balance of the fifth wheel can’t be maintained. That’s why you need to know how to adjust a pin box.

The key function of the pin box is to place the kingpin box concerning the front of the fifth-wheel trailer at a certain position and angle. Its main attribute is structural integrity, which provides a clear link between the trailer frame and the kingpin.

In our article, we have provided the steps on how to adjust pin box on fifth wheel. Hence, read the process for solving your problems.

How to Adjust Pin Box on Fifth Wheel

When someone is going to adjust their pin box on the fifth wheel, at first they need to think how much the height will be of the pin box. According to the height, they raise and lower the pin box set. For that, you should know how to lower 5th wheel pin box and this process is given in underneath steps. When lowering the pin box at the front would raise the height of the fifth wheel. If there is a set of holes available at the surface of the pin box tower, you can take that pathway.

For doing the process, you require some basic tools like Sockets, drift, torque wrench capable of 300 ft. lbs. exterior light, power cord boxes, impact wrench, ratchet, tape measure, and a few brakes away stitches. Besides, the people use some hammer and short bottle jack for completing the work smoothly.

Here you can follow the adjustment process of the pin box step by step.

Step 1: Measuring the Height of the Kingpin

For the process, at first, you need to take fifth wheel pin box measurements of the kingpin height on both sides of the kingpin from the ground to its mounting plate. The ride height of a suspension is specified as the distance from the mounting surface of the suspension (the trailer at the bottom) to the axle center air spring in the air.

Step 2: Determination of Bolt Hole Location on the Factory Pin Box

Then you have to identify the location of the factory pin box bolt hole. You’ll want the pin box device to be remounted in the same hole setup. Some boxes of telescopic pins require 1-2 holes to be drilled again.

Step 3: Removal of Extra Substances on the Factory Pin Box

You will displace any things that are connected to the pin box such as any exterior light turn brake shudder, lube plate, power card box, etc.

Step 4: Removing All Bolts Accept the Last Two

Take away all bolts except 2 that secure the pin box to the frame of the 5th wheel. You should leave a left side bolt to the front and a right side bolt to the back.

Step 5: Returning to the Tow Vehicle

Then back to the fifth wheel with your tow vehicle and catch the truck. The fifth wheel turns or pivots on the hitch while a truck is tugging with a regular kingpin.

Step 6: Removal of Remaining 2 Bolts

After that, you need to displace the last two bolts. You can do this work by raising the trailer from 2-3 inches conducting the landing gear on the fifth wheel. Then pull the truck back until the trailer is clear from the pin plate. The back of the pin box falls to the truck’s bottom. You may wish the bed to be covered by a piece of wood.

Step 7: Removal of Factory Pin Box and Replace by New Pin Box

In this step, you get to know how to replace 5th wheel pin box. You have to remove from the hitch the factory pin box and add the new one. You should put a spacer block under the back of the pin box so that it can be installed.

Step 8: Come-back Your Truck underneath the Trailer

You need to put your truck then below the trailer. Line up the pin box to the mounting plate with the help of your assistant. Furthermore, you will stir your truck up and down to line the holes up and down in front of it.

Step 9: Installing the Bolts and Unlocking the Hitch of the Truck

Then you will center the hole and put at least one bolt on the right side and one bolt on the left side at different points by using a screwdriver or adrift or centered pine. Open the hitch of the truck and forward the truck.

Step 10: Confirming the Pin Height and Resetting the Left Bolts

Later you have to test the pin height which is about ½” the settings of the factory. Then the left bolts and nuts are mounted very carefully.

Step 11: Ensuring the Tightness of All the Bolts

Finally, you will check bolts with the torque wrench to ensure that they have adhered properly to the specifications. If the bolt size is ½-13, then you need to set grade 5 zinc is about 65 ft.-lbs. and for grade 8 zinc it will be 80 ft.-lbs. According to the different bolt sizes, the grade size also varies.

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If you want to properly set the pin box, the steps help you to do that. You should remember one more thing that is one person cannot adjust the pin box because the weight of it is very large. During placing the box you need a helper with you to support your work. The article will help you to learn precisely how to adjust Pin Box on Fifth Wheel.