Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Vs 120- Which One Gives More Comfortable Kayaking?

No doubt about the quality of Wilderness Systems kayak. But the bigger clash arises when you have to choose between Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 vs 120.

Are you also one of them hovering between these two? Then, combining our research and your sweet visit can help bring out a spicy and fruitful choice.

Do you want to know why? Just read till the end get to know what this context gives you to make your right buying choice for the best kayaking adventure.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Vs 120

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120


55 lbs

Bit weighty-63 lbs



Comparatively larger-12’3”

Weight Capacity

325 lbs

Comparatively more-350 lbs

Kayak Type

Sit on top

Sit on top-Legend with refined


More with comfort

A bit less for larger size

Best Use

Best for fishing, kayaking

Fishing, kayaking, filming, sidetracking, and more adventurous experience


Less durable for the material

More durable and stable

Price Point

Budget-friendly. (Check Price)

Bit pricy but worth it. (Check Price)

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120- Versatile Use with Maximum Weight Capacity

Why It's Ideal?
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 comes with maximum stability and with a wider size. Those who love to enjoy kayaking with their pets and more essentials. This kayak can give the best experience with adventure. And versatile user benefits make it sit on the top list while thinking about buying a kayak.

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Let’s check out the detailed Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 review.

Perfect Size

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 is larger in size than the other kayaks Tarpon models. It comes up with the legendary thought of retaining all the things that kayakers love to enjoy.

This is a sit-on-top kayak that claims to be refined and revitalized along with the old Tarpon kayak features.

However, the most attractive part of this kayak that most people find is this kayak’s maximum weight capacity. Yes, it can hold up to 350 lbs or 159 kg that many find helpful. Now no need for overthinking before going kayaking if you are a bit weighty.

Well Built

The base of the kayak lies in how well the kayak is made and what material is used. And Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 does not show any penury here. It is made with fabric vented with Plush Honeycomb. Well, this is a significant feature for which you might make your eyes roll over to have a check once.

Tarpon 120 is now available in 4 fascinating colors- Mango, Breeze Blue, Fossil Tan, and Galaxy. When you are on the water with Tarpon 120, your kayak might make you the highlighter on water amid all.

Comfortable & Sturdier

While kayaking, only the size, and material cannot give you comfort. Still, you need a better maneuverable kayak with other essentials.

Yes, the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 sit-on-top kayak has an ergonomic 3D foam that provides extra comfort and maximum airflow for stability onthe water.

The seat system of this kayak has the Phase 3 Airpro that features the 3 point adjusting system. So, you can adjust it with comfort.

On the front and rear, you get large storage with a hatch. Here you can store the fishing essentials and other kayaking essentials.

Also, paddle holders on the side trail let you park your kayak any time easily with stable performance on the water.

With the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120, you get a skid plate that gives protection, and you can easily replace it when needed.

Versatile Use

Tarpon 120 sit on top kayak has versatile usability that is the bigger gain with this kayak. Not only it is fruitful for the maximum weight capacity but for others. Also,it is ideal for sidetracking when you do filming, nature or wild photography, and many more.

However, the usual fishing and kayaking can be done with no hassle.

So, when you are an adventure lover, and only fishing does not please you, this Tarpon 120 kayak can do the job with ease and much comfort.

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Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Kayak- Most Comfortable & Maneuverable Kayak

Why It's Ideal?

Yes, the Tarpon 120 brings something more versatility and usability, but the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is no less. Featuring the standard features without breaking your bank, this is the ideal pick for all categories of anglers and kayakers.

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Let’s uncover the veil and get into the deep.

Ideal Featuring kayak

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 features all the ideal features of a fishing kayak. Perfect 10’ size with standard 325 lbs of weight capacity makes this kayak just right for every useful purpose.

According to most of the user, there is hardly any points to be disappointed with this kayak.  If you’re a novice kayaker or an intermediate-level kayaker, this Tarpon 100 is the right kayak for you.

From comfortable sitting to flexible paddling, Tarpon sit on top kayak gives the most comfortable kayaking amusement.

Better Maneuverability

Tarpon 100 is remarkable for its extended maneuverability. The ideal size and the significant storage for the essentials make it preferable for all.

This kayak is super easy to load and unload. You can launch the kayak with your comfort and flexibility. More to that, the adjustable seat and paddle holders are beneficial.

However, like the Tarpon 120, it also has the watertight compartment storage at the center,and no worries,the storage is efficiently watertight. You can safely carry your mobile phones, fishing lures, and other kayaking essentials.

Besides, the seat and the footpads are adjustable. So, you can adjust according to your ease and comfort. On top, the featuring Slide Trax helps in fast and easy position changing.

Perfect Recreational Kayak

This Tarpon 100 is just perfect for anglers, kayakers, surfing on lakes, ponds, and bays. Yes, people really use this kayak for recreational purposes and kayaking adventures.

The larger Tankwell in this kayak offers better sitting comfort with a flexible footrest. Again the self-bailing scupper holes and the Orbix hatch helps in superior handling and kayaking. Even in a windy and wavy environment, Tarpon 100 is found super stable with flexible maneuverability.

Bang for the Price

The unique and remarkable feature for which you will wish to look at this kayak is its price. The price is super budget-friendly, and you can get this within a value-added price range.

Wilderness Systems 100 is highly recommended by people for its size and great value price. In a word, Tarpon 100 is well made with great maintenance performance.

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Final Verdict for Your Choice

Let’s sum up the clash now for the battle ofWilderness Systems Tarpon 100 vs 120. However, why not help you with a final choice by giving a better recommendation from both?

Both feature high quality with well-branded kayaking experience when choosing one amid two that can be a bit confusing. By the way, if you need something within budget, then need no speaking, get the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100.

On the contrary, if you want something legendary refined kayaking feature, no doubt this goes for the Tarpon 120.

What is your choice? Make your decision after being confirmed from this context and get the best kayaking journey.