How To Repair A Pelican Kayak- A Perfect Tutorial!

Does your Pelican kayak start drowning when you put it in water? Is water getting onto your plastic canoe?

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about if water is getting onto your plastic boat unless you’re kayaking in deep water without a life jacket. However, if you face such issues, bring back your kayak to the land in order to fix the crack.

What Issues Can You Have with Your Pelican Kayak?

Well, Pelican kayaks are highly durable and have features to be comfortable for both professionals and newbies. You can ride these kayaks effortlessly on calm and comparatively smaller water bodies. Not to mention these are strongly built and don’t get cracked easily. However, you must not hop on a Pelican kayak in wild waters.

Since these kayaks don’t get easily damaged, but somehow you managed to fault your kayak, you should be worrying about yourself more than the kayak. And see if you’re injured because the accident must be serious to crack a plastic canoe.

Nonetheless, you can always repair a Pelican Kayak using fiber tapes/ kayak repair tape or self-adhesives and sealing off the crack. Plus, you can also apply heat on your boat and melt the plastic and patch to attach the patch to your canoe.

That is to say, you can repair your kayak plastic any day in no time.

  Materials RequiredReason To Buy 
Sandpaper- Leerain Sandpaper

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3. Perfect size & easy to identify
A heat gun or torch- Custom Accessories Butane Torch

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3. Long term reliability
Gloves- MedPride Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves

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2. Puncture resistance
3. Comfortable fit
Some spare plastic or patch that you can collect from an old Pelican Kayak or barrels.
Pliers set- WORKPRO 7-piece Pliers Set 

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1. Drop forged polished steel
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A drilling machine- AVID POWER 12V Cordless Drill

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A metal spoon and knife- MUTNITT Metal Spoons

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3. High quality and durable
A water bottle- for your safety from the heat

How to Prepare your Pelican Kayak for Repairing?

After you’ve got the necessary materials to repair your Pelican Kayak from a nearby store, it is now time for you to prep the Kayak for the operation. For starters, you have to secure the Polyethylene kayak on a flat solid surface upside down rigidly so that it doesn’t slip.

Since you have to burn the plastic materials of your canoe repairs or to fix it, it’s better to do it in an open place as the black fumes might be toxic for you.

Next, you have to identify the damaged areas of your plastic kayak carefully for plastic kayak repair and so that you don’t have to repeatedly waste time to repair your Pelican Kayak. Assess the entire boat inside out and mark the affected areas with a marker and note them down.

Before starting the process, clean the Pelican Kayak with water thoroughly so that the heating and sealing process can be done effectively. You’re now ready to begin repairing your Pelican Kayak.

How To Repair a Pelican Kayak?

If you’ve got a few cracks or small holes on your plastic canoe or hole in kayak from dragging, no worries! You can effortlessly repair your Pelican Kayak at home by following a few simple guidelines and also learn how to fix a hole in a kayak.

Six simple steps to repair a Pelican Kayak-

Step 1: Sand the Edges and the Patch

Take sandpaper and start sanding the edges of the crack or hole.  Make it even and smooth enough for the heating process. Sand the kayak patch as well for this you can check on kayak patch kits. Then sand the sides of the patch so that it sticks to the plastic of your canoe or kayak.

Step 2: Drill through the Crack Ends

When there’s a crack in your water vehicle, the crack tends to extend further in the plastic. To stop the crack from deteriorating and saving yourself from work, just drill both ends of the crack with a drilling machine to prevent it from cracking further.

Step 3: Heat the Kayak and Patch

At this step, wear your hand gloves. Put on the heat gun or spark the torch. Be careful while doing this part, you might burn your hands. Now take the pliers and hold the patch with them. You can now start applying heat to the patch you’re holding. Keep heating it until it is droopy enough.

Now, for kayak hole repair quickly start heating the cracks or holes on the canoe or kayak until it gets sticky. The plastic on the Pelican Kayak may change color in this process like yellow or white. However, make sure to do this entire process in a rush. You have to have both a hot patch and a hot kayak which are on the verge of melting.

Step 4: Attach the Patch on the Crack or Hole

Now hold the hot patch with your gloves on your hands. And press it against the droopy crack or hole area of the kayak or plastic boat. Your gloves may get a little hot as well. Remember to do this process extremely quickly to have a perfectly attached patch on your Pelican canoe.

You have to keep applying heat to the boat until the sides of the patch turn a different color and start melting. But make sure not to make another hole with the head torch. This method will make the edges of the patch stick around the kayak. It will give a tighter hold of the patch and the plastic boat.

Step 5: Smooth It Out

After attaching adequate heat and melting, it is often found that the patch is in an uneven condition with the surface of the Pelican kayak. To avail a smoother surface, apply heat to a small area of about four square inches on the patch edges and press it against the canoe using the spoon or putty knife. Keep repeating this process until you’re satisfied enough with the smoothness.

However, don’t heat a large area at a time as it cools down quickly and gets hard. Moreover, don’t apply pressure too harshly since it may bend your boat obnoxiously.

Finishing Up

For the final touch, place your Pelican Kayak on some bricks or sawhorses and pour water on the renovated area. If you think your canoe needs to smoothen a little more, you can use the head torch and serve the purpose.

Finally, sand the kayak with sandpaper and give it a professional touch.

Congratulations! You’re done repairing plastic kayak or your Pelican Kayak and all set to kayaking with your rebuilt plastic canoe.

This May Help You

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to apply heat to repair my Pelican Kayak?

Pelican Kayaks are made of Polyethylene which is an extremely durable and lightweight material to carry on water. In case of repairing your plastic boat, you may necessarily have to apply heat with a heat torch or gun to bend, melt or blend the material to give it an appropriate fix.

Can I use tape to restore my Pelican Kayak?

You can surely use tape, for instance, self-adhesives, fiber tapes, cloth, or duct tape to seal off any crack or holes in your plastic canoe. In addition, you have to also use a cloth mesh to make your self-adhesives attached to the boat or kayak firmly. You can avail these tapes in a nearby supermarket at very affordable prices. However, you may have to put more than one layer of tape to completely fix the cracks of your canoe.

Why is my kayak cracking further?

If you’re in the process of reconditioning your kayak but end up having further cracks instead, you might be doing it wrong. First, you have to figure out the crack’s depth and length from inside the boat. Then, you mark it down with a marker and drill at both ends where the crack ends. This will effectively stop your canoe from cracking further.

Why is my kayak still leaking after I’ve repaired it?

There could be multiple reasons why your boat is still leaking after repairing. The first reason you could be there was more than one hole, and you missed it. Or it could be that you didn’t correctly apply the tape. In such a scenario, try using multiple self-adhesives. If you’re still having doubts, you can install a patch or take some of it from some other kayaks that you don’t use anymore. Then, melt it and blend it on the surface using a putty knife.

What should I use to make the cracked surface even on my Pelican Kayak?

Throughout the repairing process, you have to constantly keep applying heat using a heat gun. To blend and melt the patch and plastic on your boat, you can use a spoon or putty knife. However, a few professionals recommend using tools made of silicon as it is substantially heat-resistant and non-sticky. You may find them at your regular kitchenware stores.

Hopefully, this article could help you in repairing your favorite kayak, and you’ll be able to hit the water again. Happy kayaking! For more ease, if you don’t want to do this on your own for that situation you can check on kayak repair shop or kayak repair near me by searching.