How to Launch a Kayak at a Boat Ramp: Easy Launching Guide

Are you crazy about adventure stunts? Nowadays, kayaking has become a hobby for many people. They are willing to do anything for their hobby. They can spend lots of money. Kayak is a little bit expensive. There are many types of kayaks available in the market. These are ocean kayaks, surf play kayaks, leisure kayaks, fishing kayaks, etc.

The most important work is to launch a kayak perfectly. Without this, you can’t ride the kayak. So, can you launch kayak from boat ramp? If not you have to pay attention to the launching process. With this article, you will know how to launch a kayak at a boat ramp.

Methods Of How To Launch A Kayak At A Boat Ramp

The launching of a kayak is easier than others at a boat ramp. You just need to follow some steps or rules to know how to launch a kayak without getting wet or how to launch a kayak from the beach. It’s very important to launch a kayak perfectly. You have to do all things before launch.

If you planned properly, the launch would be done properly. It should not be taken lightly. So, let’s see what steps to take.

Step 1: Take Important Things

Before launching the kayak, you need to take what you need like food, a first aid kit, a towel, a phone, and water in a plastic bag. Also, you can take an extra t-shirt. It will consume your time.

Step 2: Life Jacket

At first, you should think about safety. You have to take a life jacket. Before launching, you have to wear a life jacket. A life jacket will save you if you fall into the water for any reason. Also, it will save your launch time.

Step 3: Wear Shoes

It’s important to wear shoes when you are going to kayaking. You need to feel comfortable. If you wear sandals, you may have an accident.

Step 4: Select The Launch Point

You have to fix the launch point first. You can select a suitable launch point. Through this, you can easily launch a kayak.

Step 5: Carry The Kayak

After reaching the launch point, you have to carry the kayak. Kayak is light in weight. So, you can carry the kayak by yourself, or you can use wheels. If you have the kayak cart, then you can use that too.

Step 6: Paddle Stroke

Don’t forget to check the paddle stroke. Paddle stroke is the most important of kayaking. The Paddle blade must be smooth.

Kayak Launching, Padding, And Landing


When everything is done, you are ready to launch the kayak. Basically, kayak launch means to take the kayak off from the car and put the kayak down to the water.

  • Before launching, you have to see environmental conditions and organized the proper gear.
  • Must notice the boat ramp. If the boat ramp is crowded, then wait for a few minutes. You can go when there are few people in the place or empty.
  • You need to see the water. If the water goes fast, then wait for some time. After that, you can put a kayak in the water at the boat ramp.
  • If you are feeling nervous, then take the baby step to the kayak launch ramp.
  • Hold the kayak with one hand, and then you have to sit on the kayak. Do know how to get into a kayak before an attempt if you are a newbie. Make sure that your feet adjust comfortably.
  • You have to sit up straight.


After launching a kayak, you have to pad. First, take the paddle stroke and hold both sides of the stroke with both hands. You should down one of your paddle blades into the water. Now you have to paddle slowly.

You have to paddle straightway. If you have a spray skirt, then attach it. While padding, you have to check the waves.

Kayaking is an adventurous ride. You can enjoy it fully. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful view. Some boater may be jealous because of your kayak. It will be a wonderful ride.

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The most important thing is the landing. Accidents can happen if the landing is not right. So, you have to be more careful about the landing. Let’s see the landing procedure.

  • Stop paddling when you reach the river bank.
  • Put one paddle blade into the water. Remove your spray skirt.
  • Hold the seat and try to stand up.
  • After that, get off the kayak.
  • Pull the kayak out of the water.

Because of knowing how to paddle and land the kayak, you can utilize your leisure time. Also, you can inspire your friends to buy a kayak. After that, you can hang out with your friends on weekends.


You have to be careful about everything. Just like in kayaking, you have to follow some precautions. Here is the caution below:

  • Always avoid busy boat ramp
  • Choose a better boat ramp
  • Be careful of shells and slimy muds
  • Launched should not be rushed
  • Take important things with you.
  • Try to keep the kayak light.
  • Some ramps charge to launch. So, you need to know whether the ramp will take money or not.

Now you know how to launch a kayak at a boat ramp through this article. It will help you a lot. Everything should be done perfectly.

Once you go kayaking, you will remember it for a lifetime. I think everybody should ride a kayak once in a lifetime. With these steps, you can understand how to launch kayak from dock.