How To Fit 3 Kayaks On A Car | 8 Effective Ways That Fits Perfectly

Are you planning to go on vacation with your friends along with 3 kayaks? You may be getting confused that how do you carry 3 kayaks in your car. Then have a look at our article.

There are different types of ways of fitting kayaks that people follow according to their comfort, kayak sizes, car spaces, etc. For transporting the kayaks the people usually use 3 kayak roof racks of the car. People fit their kayaks by using various types of kayak racks like folding J style, Yakima Jaylow, Thule Hullavator Pro kayak roof rack, and so on.

If you follow this article, you will be able to know how to fit 3 kayaks on a car or how to transport multiple kayaks by using multiple or 3 kayak racks.

How To Fit 3 Kayaks On A Car

Everyone is looking for an effective way to fit 3 kayaks on their car so that the kayaks can easily and suitably fit in the remaining space on the car. Before setting the kayaks on your car, you need to buy racks for holding the kayaks. So we can learn how to tie 3 kayaks on roof rack or how to carry 3 kayaks on roof rack as well in this article. Therefore, there are several processes for you:

Way No: 1

You can place J cradles racks on each side of the car vertically where you can put your two kayaks. In this way, you can also get an idea of how to put 2 kayaks on a car. Then, you need to place a set of saddles in the middle where you can put your third kayak. To tie up the kayaks you have to use 78 inch wide bars.

Way No: 2

If the kayaks that belong to you are 10 feet long you need to use two Thule Kayak Stacker racks. Then you have to arrange them and place the kayaks side by side. Additionally, you need to use a rope to tie up the kayaks.

Way No: 3

You can use Thule 887XT Slipstream for carrying your kayaks. You can put your kayaks one by one on the Thule and by using necessary ropes you can tie your kayaks. This Thule will secure your kayaks and make your journey happier.

Way No: 4

If your kayaks are more than 10 feet, then you can use the Rhino-rack carrier on one side. You can place 2 kayaks on it. For your third kayaks, you would need another J Style carrier on another side. It also can be very helpful for you.

Way No: 5

Another way can be you just use the ropes on the bow and the stern. Moreover, you use straps in the middle. In this way, you can protect your kayaks from fall and you can drive safely.

Way No: 6

It’s better to use only one pair of uprights, then leave some room on one side to tie the fiberglass kayak on with the hull to the uprights. The tow plastic kayaks should be placed on the other side with both hulls to the uprights. Remember that straps under the roof rack bar will be from the top of the uprights.

Way No: 7

Two sets of J bars, a padded roof bar between the J bars, and slid the third kayak between. Use large canoe straps to ride around the middle kayak and one of the kayaks outside. Note that the load on your car rack for 3 kayaks is not surpassed, review manual. Small cars usually have an inc rack load of 50 kg, 70 kg medium cars, and 100 kg big cars.

Way No: 8

When you like tying from the upright to the bar, the kayaks can fail and can easily move. Hence, usually, you can use one strap per upright with two kayaks back to back on one set of uprights, going through the top of the upright, right round both kayaks, and passing under the roof bar. You will then place another strap from the bar, over the kayaks, round the bar on the other side, and back over the kayaks, for extra protection for two kayaks or three as above.


We have provided some examples about the people who have fitted 3 kayaks on their car such as:

A person name Maarten Z said that traveling from Belgium to Croatia reached safely to their destination along with kayaks. They put their 2 kayaks in J-cradles, one in V-bars in the middle. They did it in this way because there was the hardware available.

There is another person name Ihunt who describing his journey along with his 3 kayaks. He used two standard J racks (one on each side), putting the third kayak in between. The 3rd orientation is upside-down, upside-down, or on his side, they have done all three.

He ties a rope or webbing under the crossbar if the kayak is on its deck or hull, then over the middle kayak, then below the other side of the crossbar, then back over the same kayak. If the kayak in the middle is on its side, he ties it to one of the J-bars backward.


You can follow any of the ways described above. When you are going to fit your kayaks on your car, you must choose your preferable racks according to your kayaks size and car roof. We hope by following our article you will be able to know how to fit 3 kayaks on a car and also be successful to fit your kayaks on your car.