5 Best 12 Volt Trolling Motor Battery to Try in Budget

Anybody who owns a fishing boat will greatly feel the importance of having a capable and quality trolling motor battery, it’s one critical equipment that you want to be reliable.

Electric motor and devices have their certain type of battery demands. And the same way, a trolling motor needs a specific battery type to help them work better. Something that will discharge electricity throughout an extended period of time.

Let’s talk about 5 best 12 volt trolling motor battery options that are reliable in quality, comes with a sensible price tags and works efficiently as well.

Best 12 Volt Trolling Motor Battery

Product’s Name Capacity Key Benefits Price
Mighty Max Battery 100AH Battery 100 Ah Efficient And High-quality Details On Amazon
Universal Power Group 1002Ah Battery 1002 Ah Leakproof And Sealed Details On Amazon
Optima Batteries D34M Battery 55 Ah Doesn’t Need Maintenance Details On Amazon
VMAX MR127 100Ah AGM Battery 100 Ah Flexible And Powerful Details On Amazon
VMax Solar AGM 125Ah Battery 125 Ah Fast Charging Benefit Details On Amazon

We are going to review the 5 recommendations right below by mentioning both the good and bad sides of each. Enjoy!

1. Mighty Max Battery 100AH Battery– Get Efficient Gas Recombination With This One

Should You Pick Or Not
The ML100-12 battery is made with Absorbent Glass Mat tech for proficient gas recombination up to 99%. It is also known as the best 24V trolling motor battery for its cool systems that anyone can adopt.

On top of that, this battery comes with a wide variety of applications including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, engine starters, golf carts, and so on. It also makes sure you are fitting this battery in any suitable vehicle to fit with no snag.

The brand on top gives 30 days of return for their buyers to get full refund benefits. They as well as make sure their buyers get 1 year of warranty for a quality replacement. The brand also appears with amazing client service for users to get rid of trouble related to the product.

And, it comes with ABS container and cover that allow users to mount in any direction and position with no trouble. This battery also has a valve regulated design that makes sure an enclosed and indoor environment with no-snag of a leak.

But wait, there is more. This battery is also made of a tough calcium-alloy grid that makes a sure exceptional performance. It on top allows users to perform well even if any impact or vibration occurs.

For anyone who wants trolling motor batteries that feature 10 years of service life, then it’s an ideal pick. This battery is also good to try out for both float and cyclic applications.


  • Great trolling motor battery for off-grid solar.
  • For the price point, it’s hard to beat.
  • It comes with amazing holding capacity.
  • The battery is very simple to install.
  • It helps the beat to run faster.


  • The battery is bulkier than others.

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2.Universal Power Group 1002Ah Battery– No Need For Maintenance With This One

Should You Pick Or Not
The handpicked trolling motor battery for Kayak should feature no maintenance or water refill snags for easy usage just like this one. Made by using AGM tech, it blesses your trolling motor to work faster.

This handy battery also comes with an amazing design that is made for a dependable deep cycling application.  It on top makes sure your trolling motor is getting efficient vigor as the battery stores energy very well. This thing also makes sure to improve the speed of used vehicles.

Just like most batteries, it appears in universal design for users to mount at any position or direction with no snag. It on top has individual stainless cells that can allow you to mount for standby and cycle use. This thing also makes sure your rolling motor is tasting better power to use flexibly.

It on top is rated at 100AH that makes sure your trolling motor is getting more than enough energy to efficiently run. This thing also makes sure perfect speed no matter what size trolling motor you have.

This battery also comes with easy to recharge benefits for users to charge with no snag. It’s on top allow you to recharge for up to 10 to 12 hours for reaching full capacity.

By and large, this trolling motor battery is an excellent option for anyone who wants a guaranteed spill-proof option. You can also try this out for shock-free usage.


  • The great price point for small off-grid solar.
  • The brand given client service is helpful.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time.
  • The battery gives more power to efficiently run.
  • It doesn’t need to fill water for maintenance.


  • Unfortunately, the connection hardware is a little short.

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3.Optima Batteries D34M Battery– Run Trolling Motor Faster With This One

Should You Pick Or Not
If you are looking for a lightweight trolling motor battery, then the Optima brand is your finest pick. It is designed perfectly for a deep cycle application that helps your troll motor to charge and performs faster.

As a trolling motor battery, it is rated in 750 cold cranking Amps for users to get reliable support. This battery on top makes sure amazing power in hot and rainy weather. Unlike others, it is right for cold temperature usage too.

This battery on top comes with a 120 minutes reserve capacity so that it can store energy for the next use. And, it comes with 870 MCA for anyone to use the battery with a trolling motor. This thing as well as makes sure a constant performance.

If being put side by side to other batteries with equal capacity and starting power, it is rather light and compact. This battery also allows you to carry easily whenever in need. It also makes sure users an easy operation.

And, this battery comes with a blue top that indicates its dual purpose for both starting and deep cycling. It also makes sure you install in trolling motors and marine applications to enjoy the leak-free riding experience.

In general, it is a great starter for anyone who desires tough batteries for boats, RVs, and mechanical tools. This battery is also amazing for you to try out for an easy mounting style.


  • It has plenty of cranking power to start Mercruiser.
  • The trolling motor battery runs longer for long-term use.
  • A great pick for the price point.
  • The client service is great for product-related issues.
  • It helps the boat motor to run faster.


  • A few people don’t like the quality.

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4.VMAX MR127 100Ah AGM Battery– Withstand The Snag Of Vibration With This One

Should You Pick Or Not
This trolling motor battery is made of a strong exterior that can withstand up to 15 times as much vibration as other brands. It is also worth trying out for anyone who likes no-snag of impact or shock.

And, this battery is designed to perform well in both cold weather and stressful situations. Most batteries get leak for use in marine surroundings, but not with this one. It on top makes sure no dangerous fumes or gases to occur when using.

This batter case is also made of rough and tough plastic that makes sure the users never face the snag of wear and tear. It also allows you to avoid the snag of rusts even if it made contact with rain.

Even though it is bulky, it makes sure better function and strength to use for a longer period of time. This battery also needs zero maintenance with no water refilling. Thanks to its reliability, resistance, and high performance, you can enjoy this in most vehicles.

It also comes with durable lead plates made of alloys that give extra margin for better running. This battery on top has a high porosity that totally absorbs and contains the electrolyte.

Generally speaking, this battery is a blessing option if you want a thick and durable design to avoid knocks for trolling motor. It is also worth trying for deep cycling performance.


  • The battery appears with great power for running the motor.
  • It is solid, powerful, and compact.
  • The hook-up to the trickle-charging system is quick and easy.
  • It is trouble-free to setup.
  • The battery lasts a good long time.


  • Sadly, the battery feels heavy.

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5.VMax Solar AGM 125Ah Battery– Strong Lithium Trolling Motor Battery To Try Out

Should You Pick Or Not
This trolling motor battery is made of a strong exterior that can withstand up to 15 times as much vibration as other brands. It is also worth trying out for anyone who likes no snag of impact or shock.

The MR127 battery as well as comes with quick charging benefits for users to recharge faster with no snag. However, to charge decently, it requires 8A to 35A charging current. This battery also takes some hours to fully recharge.

Want to know the best part? This battery is military-grade custom made plates lead that makes sure your trolling motor is working superior. It also appears with more energy density than other traditional alternatives.

This battery for trolling motor also comes with a thick plastic exterior that makes sure users are getting no trouble of resistance or impact. It also makes sure you are using it in a marine boat to increase the speed and performance with no vibration.

Built with 31 AGM, this battery makes sure you are getting better power to support higher electrical requirements. It on top appears with totally sealed, slip-free, and maintenance-free design. This battery also has 260 RC to store the energy.

On the whole, this trolling motor battery is a good pick for users who prefer 99% recombination capabilities and power-packed options. It is also worth to try out for tight tolerance and input.


  • It appears with a tremendous storage capacity.
  • A perfect pick for powering off-grid cabin.
  • It charges fast with no heating or variation
  • The quality makes it a great choice for a robust system.
  • It is rugged, dependable, and long-lasting.


  • Some people find noise trouble.

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How To Choose The Best 12 Volt Trolling Motor Battery?

Riding the boat faster requires motor batteries. Depending on the fishing style and experience, you want to decide one. So, here are some facts that will help you find the best deep cycle battery for trolling motor:

Check The Plates

The trolling motor battery should have strong lead plates to give a smoother and faster ride. Also, you want to check the battery if it gives you a higher riding performance with fast charging.

Consider The Power

One thing you should ensure in your chosen battery is its power. Most powerful trolling motor batteries have better vibration resistance, pushing power, and efficient gas outputs. So, ensure that for not regretting later.

Verify The Case Material

You want to check the case material before picking one. Most battery cases are made of polypropylene or other material for lasting value. Also, they give zero maintenance, spill-proof, and convenience benefits.

How To Maintain Trolling Motor Battery?

After reading 12V trolling motor reviews, you want to learn how to preserve it. So, here are some good habits to maintain your trolling motor battery:

  1. Make sure to fully charge your trolling motor battery after use.
  2. Ensure to use up your battery fully.
  3. Let your motor battery to cool off after charging.
  4. Recharge your trolling motor battery 1-3 hours in an equalizing cycle.
  5. Check the water levels of your trolling motor battery frequently.
  6. Ensure to clean the battery to increase the lifespan.
  7. Be sure to throw away the battery in the right manner.

Wrap Up

Finding the best 12 volt trolling motor battery that will meet up to your expectation is not really too hard. You just need to know the right feature sand factors that actually are valuable at providing you the experience that you crave for.

A suitable and reliable trolling motor battery should never leave you confused with a power-out situation. Especially in a very typical inopportune time.

And so, do pay attention to buying a worthy model that works and suits well with your trolling motor.