How to Use J Hooks For Kayak: Read This before Mounting Wrong

Are you looking for the best way to use j hooks for a kayak? If you are a kayaking lover, it can be an essential task to transport your kayak to a watery location with less difficulty. It is a vital part to consider before arranging any kayaking trip. To do so, you need to know the use of j hooks for a kayak.

J hook works as a perfect and safe carrier for a kayak. But you may not be a regular user of j hooks. Then you should first read a full instruction to use j hooks for a kayak. Here is our guideline about everything that you have to know. Go through the article to understand how to use j hooks for kayak or as well as how to install j hooks for kayaks.

What Is J hook?

Before going to describe the use of j hook, let us give you a better knowledge about the j hook. J hook is a kayak carrier with j shaped cradle system. People who use kayaks may need to take them to any watery location that is challenging to reach. J hook has such a design that provides you a way you can securely hold your kayak on your car for transporting it.

Its j shape kayak rack makes for an easy loading and stable platform, making it easy to load your boat to the top of your vehicle quickly.

Carrying the kayak through the winding mountain roads is a risky task. To get your boat there hassle-free, you need to use j hook kayak carriers. J hook kayak carrier includes a universal mounting system to suit all crossbar shapes and stainless steel hardware.

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How To Use J Hooks For Kayak?

Here we are going to present before you the process of how to use j hooks for kayak storage using some steps. In these steps, we covered the full procedure:

Step 1: Assemble And Position J Hook

After unboxing assemble j hook to make it ready to use. Then position it over the crossbar of your car. Tighten the dial of j hook. Thus you have locked them with the crossbar. Repeat the same task with the second j hook. Make sure that both hooks are in the same line.

Step 2: Tie The Straps With Kayak J Hooks

There may be straps with the hooks. If there is no strap with a hook, collect two straps for the process. Tie a strap through j hook. Pull the strap and lay it down across the front of the car wheel. Do the same thing with one on the other side.

Step 3: Load The Kayak On J Hooks

Now pick up your kayak on the j hooks roof rack for kayaks over the rubber padding. If there is any difficulty in putting it over the rooftop of the car you can open the car door and climb on the roof.

Step 4: Tie The Kayak Through Straps

It’s quite easy to tie down the kayak with j hooks if you have an idea about how to use tie down straps for kayak. So fold the other end of both straps over the kayak. Pull the straps and make sure that the straps do not cross, and they are free to move back and forth. Then tighten the straps to adjust the kayak with j hooks so that it cannot move.

Otherwise, while driving your car through the mountain road, your kayak may clash with the car roof and get damaged within a shorter period. Tie the straps tightly and. Loop the straps under the crossbar for greater protection. Now, your kayak is ready for transport.

Benefits Of Using J Hook For Kayak

You can go for using j hooks for a kayak to extract the following benefits:

  • Best j hooks for kayaks have side loading and unloading design. They offer comfortable kayak carriage facilities.
  • They are suitable for multiple kayak sizes.
  • Using J hooks, you can accommodate your kayak on a car roof up to minimal space.
  • It ensures more security and high protection for carrying kayak during traveling to the waterway location.
  • J hooks have universal crossbar capability.
  • It allows the high-weighted kayak to move without much complexity.
  • J hooks are durable.
  • You can easily and quickly install and remove j hooks.
  • J hooks can be folded. So, you can fold down the folding kayak j hooks, when not in use which provides extra clearance.


Here we suggest some instructions for you to follow while using j hooks for a kayak to enjoy its benefit safely:

  • Remind the maximum load your car can carry comfortably and frequently. Don’t load kayak with high weight on the car roof.
  • Read carefully the instructions for using j hooks, which the manufacturing company has provided you. Always keep this instruction in the vehicle.
  • Ensure that you have distributed the kayak load evenly.
  • Before positioning the j hook on the roof of the car, be aware of potential conflict if the car has a sunroof.
  • You must periodically tighten j hooks, especially in the first week after installation. While all parts are on position, must check them time to time for safe use.
  • Check whether all parts of the j hooks are present and not damaged.

Final Thoughts

Using j hooks helps to quickly load or unload kayak on any vehicle to carry it near and far distance easily.  Whether you have started kayaking newly and not familiar with the use of j hook, you have seen that the hooks are effortless to use as a kayak carrier.

This article was to make you understand the procedure of how to use j hooks for kayak. We tried to present all steps regarding installing and using j hooks with easy words that everyone can apply. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you to keep you relaxed and make your adventure joyful.