How to Match RV Wallpaper- 6 Pro Tips with Installation Guide

Do you search for a stylish appearance for your RV? Then a perfect match of the wallpaper of the RV will help you to provide a newer and attractive look of your RV.

From the beginning of the universe, people have a deep love for nature. Some of us take travelling as a passion because it provides us with the opportunity to gather new experiences, enrich knowledge, and come back home with a fresh mind. To feel like home, many people use a recreational vehicle (RV) during travelling.

To make any adventurous trip joyful, you need to have a comfortable environment in the RV. For making RV attractive, you need to go through this article and take ideas about how to match RV wallpaper.

Why Make An Ideal Match Of RV Wallpaper?

Purchasing RV undoubtedly involves a higher cost. So, it is not easy to afford a new one instead of renewing the existing one. People spend several weeks in the RV when making a trip.

So, if the rv interior wall coverings or camper interior wall covering are outdated, you can get back the previous beautiful look of RV by changing the RV wall by rv wallpaper repair process. It is a comparatively easy and affordable way to renew your RV with new wallpapers. But, the most crucial issue to consider is how to match RV wallpaper.

Making an ideal match of rv camper wallpaper is essential to ensure a unique design and style of the travel trailer interiors wall of the RV. It is a time-consuming process. But, anybody can do it if they get proper instructions.

How To Match RV Wallpaper? Get the RV Wallpaper Ideas

Some tricks will help you to have an appropriate match for RV wallpaper. Here we recommend you to follow the following points:

  1. The most up to date wallpaper for the RV bedroom is metallic prints. It gives a luxurious appearance to the room. Another important thing about it is it makes a small place look more extensive. The colour of the wallpaper for the RV Bedroom should be soft and light.
  2. For RV kitchens it will be stylish to provide a wood grain wallpaper. This wallpaper will look like a wooden wall. The wallpaper is light and better for frequent movement of RV.
  3. Besides white coloured doors, we recommend you to use dark colour wallpaper instead of white wallpaper. The pattern will be able to make a catchy eye outlook. These are the great ideas for inside a camper trailer or inside a travel trailer.
  4. The outer wallpaper of RV should be heat-resistant. Otherwise, the wallpaper will grow pale before the expiry date.
  5. Don’t use a strip that is vinyl protective because it sticks with the wall tightly. But, if you have enough confidence that it will not be difficult to remove it later, you can use it.
  6. Choose those RV wallpapers which will give you a secure illustration facility and save much of your time.

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Steps For Installing Perfectly Matched RV Wallpaper

After finding a perfect match of RV wallpaper, it turns to install them on RV walls. The installation of RV wallpaper includes the following steps:

Step 1: Remove The Old Wallpaper

First, remove the rv wallpaper border or happy camper wallpaper border that we use as a frame for RV walls. To remove the glue of wallpaper, you can use warm water. Mix some liquid soap with warm water for peeling wallpaper in rv.

Sometimes the glue behind wallpaper becomes so sticky that it makes it difficult to remove it. You can use some fabric softener or rv wallpaper removal to make the task easier. If there is an electric board, dispel it.

Step 2: Wipe The Walls

Now wipe down the wall with a sponge. It will give you a dirt-free surface. A clean wall helps the newly installed wallpaper tightly stick with the wall and last longer.

Step 3: Roll Out The Wallpaper

Roll out the wallpaper onto the floor and find something to hold it with.

Step 4: Measure The Wall And Cut The Wallpaper

You should measure it extremely carefully. Take the exact measurement of each piece of the wall.  It needs to be precise. Then write it down so that you don’t forget it. Take the width measurement and make down the length of the paper. Make a long straight line down the paper and then cut it with scissors.

Step 5: Fit The Wallpaper On RV Wall

Brush glue to the backing of the wallpaper.  Hold the wallpaper to the wall. Stick it with the wall. Rub on the wallpaper smoothly.

It’s a tediously long time process, but it’s worth it to take your time. For marching RV wallpaper you can also get useful suggestions from the manufacturer of RV wallpaper. The instruction paper can also provide valuable information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you wallpaper over wallpaper?

If it’s tough to remove the old wallpaper, it doesn’t matter. You can fit the wallpaper sheet on the old one.

Can you use peel and stick wallpaper for RV?

Yes, with little effort, you can get the modern and outstanding look of RV wallpaper using peel and stick wallpaper.

Can you make RV wallpaper water-proof?

The use of water-proof varnish or primer can make RV wallpaper water-proof.

Is RV wallpaper long-lasting?

Compared to painting wallpaper on the RV wall is longer lasting. It usually lasts more than 15 years. In this sense RV wallpaper saves money.

Is RV painting cost-effective than RV wallpaper?

Painting involves less cost than wallpaper. But, the installation of wallpaper is long-lasting.

Final Verdict

A room in an RV without perfect decoration looks dull and makes people feel bored. If the pattern of RV wallpaper is too gorgeous, it will make our mind restless. So, RV wallpaper or trailer wallpaper should be such that provides a furnished environment in the recreational vehicle.

Here we represented all facts about how to match RV wallpaper. Hopefully reading this article, you are now clear about making an ideal match of RV wallpaper.