How to Choose Right Kayak Paddle: Complete Guide for the Beginners

How to choose the right kayak paddle for your kayak? You must consider the paddle material, like carbon, wooden, plastic, or fiberglass, kayak size, paddle angle, paddle blade, and last but not least, your kayaking efficiency.

And all these factors, we will be discussing here below with clear explains, of course. For the best kayaking experience, the paddle matters much. So, you must choose after thinking twice to meet your kayaking needs.

Let’s dig the deep and know about the facts well.

What Is A Kayak Paddle?

It’s the thing that helps you to move your Kayak smoothly. It’s the piece of gear and the device compelling your Kayak across the water. Your hands will be grappled in the round all day.

How To Choose Right Kayak Paddle In This Following Method

You can choose the right kayak paddle with some easy steps. It can help you which paddle is the best for your Kayak.

What Kind Of Things Do You Look At For Choosing The Right Kayak Paddle?

Choosing the right kayak paddle you have to look at your height, width of your Kayak, and it depends on what types of Kayak you will be comfortable with.

And the most important thing when you choose your kayak paddle you have to look at your kayak length.

Because if your Kayak is too short you can’t easily handle this and it’s difficult to reach the water with a paddle.

Again if your Kayak is long for your size it can be heavier. Its weight and excess riskier for your wrist probably can increase your injury.

Basic Ideas For Choosing The Right Kayak Easily

These ideas can help you to know how to choose right kayak paddle.

  • Paddle length depends on your kayak height and weight.
  • Materials should be lightweight for improving your performance and also it must have a reasonable price
  • You choose exactly what is the size and shape of your kayak blade which can help you in the water.
  • You can also improve your paddle utilities to choose shaft blades.

Various Types Of Kayak Paddle

There are various types of kayak paddle such as

 High Angle Paddle

 Low Angle Paddle

 Greenland Paddle

High Angle Paddle

This paddle is useful for those who are accepting the challenge of racing on rough. It is specially designed to be accepted more plumb during an advance blow. This paddle helps you to control challenging situations. These paddle blades are shorter and broader.

Low Angle Paddle

These paddle blades are longer and thinner than the high-angle paddle. This paddle gives you more smoothly operated and less tiring. Because of longer blades your both hands are closer together by the blow. If you are going on the trip for the whole day for enjoying your kayaking then a low-angle paddle is the best choice for you.

Greenland Paddle

This paddle can not be matched to the other paddles. This paddle is made from timber. This paddle is small and looks like the wing of an airplane. These paddles have been used for centuries in Greenland. It’s a great choice for versatile kayak touring.

Various Types Of Blades

There are various types of the blade such as

Wing-shaped Blades

These blades are specially designed for a wing shape to raise the efficiency of your aim and ability of onward blow. It has one blade face shape with a flat scooped. The handle is too easy for a racer and uncomfortable for recreational paddlers who can use low-angle paddles.

Dihedral Blades

When you see dihedral blades you can see that there are two strong faces. When you maintain your paddle straight out in front of you then you look at the dihedral blades slightly bent down from the middle of the blade which is an increase in the middle like a spine. These blades are specially made to minimize flap during the blow and allow for a better catch of the water.

What Are The Elements Or Materials Used For Paddles?

Some materials are used in kayak paddles for best kayak paddles results such as Plastic Paddles, Aluminium Paddles, Fiberglass Paddles, Carbon fiber Paddles, Wooden Paddles, etc.

You can choose the right kayak paddle in these materials.

1. Aluminum Kayak Paddles

These paddles are standardization for their price and quality. These paddles’ prices are less than other paddles. These paddles are a little hardy. Because of this weight, you can’t go on multiple tours but you can go on a one-day tour in the cold weather.

Pelican Aluminum Kayak Paddles 87-Inch / 220cm for Kayaking Boating

Key Features

  • Drip rings help keep hands dry
  • 0 or 65˚angle adjustment
  • More control and stability

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2. Plastic Kayak Paddles

Plastic Paddles are known for their stability and price. It has a fat marge and curve. This paddle doesn’t need to be maintained very much. These paddles are helped by such paddlers who can go on short day trips.

Pelican- Plastic Kayak Paddle

Key Features

  • Adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Gets you an optimal performance
  • Lightweight

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3. Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddles

These Paddles are costly and the highest materials used in them. That’s why these paddles are light and very much strong. You can handle this easily. It’s a good choice for a long touring trip with a kayak.

Best Marine Premium Carbon Fiber Paddle

Key Features

  • Two-Piece Adjustable Kayaking Paddles Accessories
  • Lightweight
  • strong and durable

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4. Fiberglass Kayak Paddles

These paddles are light, strong, and stabilize. Fiberglass blades used in mid-range blades. It’s the common choice for recreational touring.

Pelican Aluminum Shaft with Reinforced Fiberglass Blades

Key Features

  • Impact resistant
  • Enforced push-button connection with 0 or 65˚ angle adjustment
  • Keep hands dry for a better grip

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5. Wooden Kayak Paddles

These paddles are made from wood. And its price depends on whose type of wood is used in the paddles. It’s a good choice because it’s flexible, stimulating, and aesthetic. Wooden paddles need some burnishing.

BENDING BRANCHES Angler Navigator Hybrid Wood 2-Piece Kayak Paddle

Key Features

  • Offer a more powerful stroke
  • Excellent rigidity and strength
  • Extremely lightweight to reduce fatigue

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How Did You Understand This Paddle Is Right For You?

When you will see that your height and the weight of your Kayak are a match for kayak paddles height, you can buy those paddles which are best for you like prices and materials and you can easily handle this in the water.

What Types Of Kayak Paddle Would You Like To Prefer?

How to choose the right kayak paddle if you want to know, then you need to prefer your height. If your height is 65 inch then you need to have 87 inches kayak paddles again, if your height is 72 inch then you need 91 inches kayak paddles. For easiness make a kayak paddle chart of this.


  1. When you use paddles to move front and back, you can make sure your wrist and arm safely handle this. If you can’t, so avoid it; otherwise, your wrist will be a strain.
  2. Kayak and paddle both are different from each other so mind it to adjust your tools in the situations and make a right adjustable kayak paddle
  3. Avoid going into rough waters until you are adequately ready for it.
  4. When you go white water with Kayak your paddle is eventually broken, so always keep extra paddles.

Final Verdict

Aforementioned the discussion, we will say that we are choosing the right kayak paddles for us. There is no confusion about how to choose right kayak paddle if we are following this method.