How to Manually Retract RV Steps- Easy DIY Guide

RV steps are such a great thing to use. It’s very helpful to you on your journey. It depends on you where you are parking in your camper? If you know about how to manually retract RV steps then you don’t need to be an expert to fix it. If you don’t find any easy way to retract RV steps then you are the right place. These steps will help you to fix your rv steps won’t come out problems easily.

What Are RV Steps?

If you want to know about how to manually retract RV steps then first you have to know what RV Steps are? RV Step is the step where there are 2 or 4 stages by the access in your RV door. 2 or 4 stages of RV; it depends on your camper height. RV steps attached to the door when you open it.

How To Manually Retract RV


First of all, you have to check your RV step operates correctly. It isn’t so you have to find out what the problem is? It might be an electrical, wiring, or mechanical problem. Locate the four-pin connector that is the power step. You have to check the procedures of all power connections.


If the step does not retract then you have to disconnect the switch to the motor and check positive and negative wire. If the motor is getting power but not operating. And it has loud noise so you have to replace the motor.


Replacing the motor you have to switch off all power connections with the step and motor. Use a 10mm socket for removing the screws that hold the motor in tightly. Make sure there is no power to rv steps.


Lower it straight down make sure that the gear, washer, and pin do not drop on the floor. This thing keeps aside safe. Then you have to move on the gear, washer, and pin to the new motor.


Then you apply grease if needed on the gear. Then you insert the motor smoothly into the gearbox and insert the screws and tighten on it by the socket.


After that, you reconnect the power switch to the step and motor. While staying clear of moving parts.


Then you check and test step operations. If it has no sound and operates properly then you confirm that now the step is ready to use.

Now you know that how to manually retract RV steps and you will be applying this method in your RV steps.

How To Use RV Step?

It’s easy to use RV steps to help to reach the floor or camper without any difficulties. These stairs depend on camper height.

You can use these RV steps are two ways that are

  1. Between the RV steps, lower steps are tucked inside the door or you can say that rv step stuck in down position or rv steps stuck out. It depends on its height if the ground is unlevel.
  2. If it is a stand step so that bring it outside and unroll it. When you step on this to ensure that the ground is level to fix it.


  • When you retract your RV remember that you switch off your main line.
  • When you change your motor then you disconnect the plug from the motor.
  • Remove the screw from the motor which is attached to other parts.
  • You can’t climb on the steps if you hold something ng in your hand, that can be a problem for you.

Final Verdict

After the aforementioned discussion, we can talk that if we follow this method we can easily know how to manually retract RV steps. If you have a camper and you have to go out with this then you need to know about this topic. And it will help you to complete your session in your journey. RV steps help you to use your camper comfortably. And it’s easy to use.

We are trying to talk about this topic clearly and we seem to be glad to know how to manually retract RV steps. Now you will be able to select the right one for you. This information will be necessary if you wish to get the one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you have RV steps?

Without RV steps you can’t climb your fifth wheel. And it’s really helpful to you when the RV door is locked, and you also can’t reach inside.

What are the good RV steps brand?

There are some brands that are famous for this thing like as
1. MOR/Ryde
2. Quick Product
3. Camco
4. Stromberg Carlson
These brand products are durable, easy to use, comfortable that’s why these brands gather customers’ trust and approve these products.

How to clean and care for it?

You can easily clean and care for your step. All of this you can do with a brush by the standing dirt and mud on its back and dry it. If there is a blur use a wet cloth to save the pain to damage.