How to Identify a Ficht Motor- 4 Efficient Facts Must Know

The people who have boats like fishing boats or kayaks are familiar with Ficht motors. A Ficht motor holds a fuel injection system that forms with four components like injector, oil, electricity & engine management system.

You can consider the facts about how to identify a Ficht motor before buying a boat. These considerations can lead you to buy the right product in the long run.

Fitch is just a brand name for motors. It is a German invention for two-stroke motors. Wolfgang Heimberg, an East German, invented it during the Cold War. Later, he cooperated with a German firm named Fitch GmbH to develop the motor by using hydraulic shock methods.

They combinedly developed a Direct Fuel Injection system to inject gasoline into a combustion chamber. It is called the Ficht Fuel Injection system.

How To Identify A Ficht Motor?

Do you have any idea of what does Ficht stands for? Here is the answer thenThe Ficht Fuel Injection system is a combination of four components. They are injectors, oiling process, electrical system & a management system of the engine that controls it.

This management system injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber by activating the pump. It automates the fuel to burn completely.

You can consider the facts that we have given below to learn how to identify a Ficht motor

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Considering The Working Process Of The Motor

Ficht motor uses a Direct Fuel Injection system named the Ficht Fuel Injection system. This system works with a combination of injectors, oiling systems, electrical systems, and an engine management system.

This motor has an internal electric solenoid pump placed over each cylinder head. Its engine management system helps to inject bursts of fuel directly into the combustion chambers. Ficht motor pumps at a rate of up to 100 times per second.

This rapid pumping helps to atomize the fuel for a total burn. It pressurizes the fuel to 250 pounds per square inch. If its injector gets clogged with debris, you can unthread it from the cylinder head.

You can clean it for reuse. On the other hand, you can replace the clogged one with a new one, but it can cost you a lot. So, considering this fact to find out if yours is a Ficht motor.

Learn About The Lubrication & Electric System

To identify a Ficht motor, you need to learn about the lubrication & electric system. The Ficht Fuel Injection system operates off engine-pulse with a separate pump. It has oil-metering blocks to inject oil directly on the bearings under the crankshaft cover & the connecting rod cavity.

According to Omc, this system uses 50 percent less oil than conventional two-strokes. It has a return line to take the remaining oil back to the oil tank.

This motor contains a double-wound stator that puts out 60 amps for its power supply. The other engines produce 40 amps at 3,500 & 21 amps at 1,000 rpm to recharge the batteries. It also contains a regulator that distributes the electricity in proper amounts to the ECU, ignition system, fuel injectors & to the primary and auxiliary cells of the boat.

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Identify Through Crabs

A Ficht motor is a fuel-injected motor that has no carbs. Its manufacturers did not refine it before launching it to the marketplace. Mainly, this technology made for troublesome engines.

Many dealers do not want to work on FICHT except for daily maintenance stuff. It can be hard to find parts of a Johnson Ficht 150 or other Johnson Ficht motor. So try to find out if your engine has a mess of wires or carbs. It also has a bad rap.
We can assume from the above that, carbs= not Ficht.

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Find Out The Model Number

Sometimes the engine does not say if it is a Fitch or not. The manufacturers often love to tout systems like this on engines with graphics. Some people consider the F in the model number to represent the Ficht.

Some Fitch engines are problematic, but it happened in the late 90s…97, 98. Most of the time, the motors manufactured between those years blew up later. The quality of the engine was much better after Bombardier bought out OMC in 2001.

In the year 2001, they upgraded their motors by making some improvements that they needed. They designed a different piston & combustion chamber to run hotter EGTs to stop it from burning. That’s how the ficht fuel injection problems have been solved.

So, to identify your Fitch motor, you have to find out its model number first.  You also need to learn if it was invented before 2001 or after that. This little inspection will lead you to buy a better product.150 Ficht, Johnson 115 hp, V4 Ficht, J150PLEES, E115FSLsds, A2005- 115, etc. are some of its models.

Other Processes To Identify

You can consider some other things to identify your Ficht motor.

  • If yours is a Ficht motor, you will find a hole in the block.
  • It will say FFI on the intake cover if it is a Ficht.
  • These motors do not have big blocks like others.
  • Your engine is a Fitch if it has a spin-on fuel filter under the cowl.
  • Look at your cylinder head, and there will be a big fuel injector sticking out in the Ficht.


To learn how to identify a Ficht motor, you first need to learn about its features. You need to read about the body parts it has. If you do so, it will be easy for you to identify quickly.

You can also consult with a mechanic or an engineer who has excellent Ficht knowledge to know about it. They will also help you to get some maintenance tips from them. Ficht motors do not always run well. Sometimes they just set on fire because of the hot engines. For this reason, people have a scare for Ficht motors.

In this article, we have tried to put a light on this matter. We hope this will lead you to identify if your boat has a Ficht motor or not. It will also help you to know the importance of how much you should take care of its maintenance.