How to Restore Plastic Kayaks from Fade & Scratch

Is your kayak getting damaged day by day for various reasons? Thinking about how to restore plastic kayak? No worries we are going to give you a solution to restore old kayak.

If your kayak is made of plastic then you need to follow some tips to keep it in tip-top condition. It can be seen that many times your plastic kayak is exposed to various damages.

For example, a plastic kayak can be scratch or damaged by being hit by a rock or something hard. In addition, the sun’s UV rays can cause the plastic kayak to lose color.

Today we will discuss in detail in this article how to restore plastic kayak or how to fix a damaged kayak if you face these damages. So you should read this article.

Let’s start.

How To Restore Plastic Kayak

When the plastic kayak runs over sharp rocks or shells, the kayak can cause scratches and other damage.

If these damages are minor, we will discuss how to repair the damage manually and how to scratch the kayak, or how to restore plastic kayak. The methods are shown step by step below.

Note, if the damage is very deep and serious, then a professional mechanic should be shown for kayak plastic restorer.

Step 1: Polish

Select the area of the damage. Now rub your kayak with uneven scratches with a polisher. Once the scratch is smooth, you have to go to the next step.

Step 2: Coated With Polyester Gelcoat Paint

The damage to the kayak should be lightly coated with polyester gelcoat paint. First, you need to apply a little to see if the color matches. Paint coating should be given in deep scratch like product instructions.

Step 3: Blow Hot Air

Hot air should be blown over the coating of the polyester gelcoat given on the scratch of the kayak with a hairdryer until it is reduced. This procedure may need to be repeated in case of paint and polish.

Step 4: Run The Torch

You have to run a torch on the scratch of plastic kayaks. The torch flame should be run until the sketches fade or disappear.

Step 5: Apply Pressure On The Sketches

Heat one end of a metal spoon and gently press on the scratch. This has to be done very carefully. Apply pressure to the sketch very gently and make sure the workspace is not overheated.

You need to let your plastic kayak cool before you use it. Allow the kayak to cool for at least 1 day or 24 hours before using it in water.

Restore Plastic Color

Plastic kayaks are usually of different shapes and colors. In order to maintain the beauty of the kayaks, it has to be monitored regularly and equipment has to be taken.

Due to the sun’s harmful UV rays and regular exposure to water, the plastic kayak can lose its color and become pale. Properly cleaned and applied protective gel coating can increase your plastic kayak capacity.

It is a very simple method to paint a plastic body. In the article below, I will discuss how to restore plastic kayak to color.

Necessary Equipment

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Polish
  • Plastic protector 303
  • Colorful automotive polish

Step 1: Cleaning

The first step is to clean the dust and dirt. The kayak should be cleaned well with soapy water. Then dry well with a dry towel.

Step 2: Apply Automotive Polish

After a thorough cleaning, you need to apply color automotive polish to your plastic kayak. Kayak has to polish the color to match the color. It is better to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the polish.

Step 3: Apply Protective Gel

This step is to apply a protective gel coating. The coating of this protective gel will protect your plastic kayak from the harmful UV rays of the sun. A protective gel coat should be applied to a plastic kayak with a GB-60 or 303 protectors.

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Step 4: Drying

After completing all the processes, the kayak should be well dried. The kayak should be dried for at least 3 days. When dried well, it will not have a sticky feeling.

Final Words

Regular monitoring is required if you want to keep your kayak tiptop. How to restore plastic kayak in case of damage is discussed above.

Regular cleaning and repair can increase the life and capacity of the plastic kayak.