Eskimo Fatfish 949i Review| Insulated Fishing Shelter Ever!

Is this weekend gonna be booked for the core level of ice fishing? Then, you should not miss the Eskimo Fatfish 949i review here.

Eskimos FF949i has come with a revolutionary insulated system to ease your fishing journey. When fishing with more than 2 people, 949i pleases you with more fishing room inside.

Let’s get into the detailed features with featured benefits.

Eskimo Fatfish 949i Review

Here’s the details for eskimo fatfish 949i:

Product Name Eskimo Fatfish 949i
Capacity 3 to 4 people
Weight 44 lbs
Dimension 65”x8.25”x8.25”
Fishable Area 61 sq ft
Mesh Pockets 2
Fabric 600 Denier
Corner Joints Heavy-duty reinforced corner joint
Windows 6 (3 on each side)
Price Available On Amazon

Eskimo Fatfish 949i Floor Span- Enough Space But No Flooring

Well, if you go fishing very often with your groups, then the first thing you might consider that most do is the room inside the fishing room. And Eskimos 949i is just for them looking for a more spacious room.

FF 949i comes with a wider fishing shelter room with 61 sq ft of the fishing area available. Yet, no floor comes with it. But it proves to be 60% more fishable space than any other available in the market can offer. A group of 3 to 4 can easily make their space. The

Do you know what people love here? The flattering popup is found flaring on the outside. So, you get here with more saved space. With your group, you can store your essentials conveniently and even move freely inside this larger space of fishing shelter.

Eskimo Fatfish 949i Dimension- Ideal Size with More Room

Well, the dimension is considerable, especially the height that is 80”. And it’s high enough, ideal for easy movement inside.

If you take consider its size after the setup, it is 94”x 94”. How about the elbow room- it’s also convenient with 99”x 99” of size.

However, the size of the Eskimo FF949i when it is in the collapsed condition is 65”x 8.25x 8.25”. Listen, this unique featuring fishing shelter weighs only 44 lbs. Well, if you are too weak, you may find it heavy to carry. But most don’t rather get this the standard bearable weight.

Eskimo Fatfish 949i Fabric Type- Brings Quality

The fabric type is another specialty of this fishing room. Here, it has been made with 600 Denier fabric that helps keep the shelter fully isolated with Eskimos featuring IQ fabric, which stands for Insulated Quilt.

Yes, insulated quilt- is the main reason for the insulation system. It uses a module of 2 layers of tight ice fabric. Between these layers, the insulated fabric layer completes the sandwich.

This insulation system traps heat inside and keeps the inside area warmer. However, this also helps much by reducing any condensation inside and keeping all the elements outside. The best fact is it keeps the area 35% warmer than any other non-insulated fishing shelter. That’s a significant gain here.

Ease of Use -Eskimo Fatfish 949i

Do you think about its portability? Don’t worry. The Eskimo FF949i comes in an easily portable Cinch, easily carrying a duffle bag. The complete set rolls up and fits inside the bag. And you can carry it on your back or throw up on the Toboggan or sled with so much convenience.

It is relatively easy to grip. It does not easily bend under acute pressure after the flattering, as there are ice anchors that tap easily. So, no tension here while moderate snowing.

Durable Hub Design of Eskimo FF949i

Well, all the Eskimos series uses a heavy-duty metallic hub module. The metal sewn on the corner joints of each corner makes it reinforced with durability.

Moreover, the high-quality zipper from YKK® brings a more aesthetic look with Quality.Although it is found in every design of Eskimo.

The cam- strap tie-downs are also here in this fishing shelter. When it is unbearable windy outside, you can anchor them with the grommets that come with it as a built-in design for solidity and usercomfort.

Ventilation& Mesh Pockets in Fatfish 949i

Oh, the last but not the least thing is ventilation. It is also essential in the case of a fishing room. For a proper ventilation system, the Eskimos 949i model offers you removable 6 velcro window panels that are quite larger.

The detachable hook and the loop benefit much in installing them with more convenience. You can use these Velcro windows as per your demands and viewing abilities, especially for a better view in night time fishing. There are 2 doors also on two opposite sides for your easy access.

In terms of storing your essentials, this fabric comes with some grand size of mesh netting pockets underneath the fabric. In these mesh pockets and netting, you can store your fishing gears and other essentials.

Well, it seems super handy to use inside with more room for a group of 3 to 4 people.


  • Durable and solid design
  • Very handy & convenient to use
  • Unique insulated fabric design
  • Spacious room ideal for a group of 4
  • Sturdy featuring in acute weather


  • No floor included

Available On Amazon

How To Setup Eskimo Fatfish 949i

It’s quite straightforward and quicker to set this fishing shelter. Steps are as follows-

  1. Take out the shelter from its carrying bag.
  2. Lightly shake it and make it lay down entirely with no binding or folding.
  3. Grab the eyelet on the center. Pull it up on the outer side until all the walls are not flattered suitably.
  4. Walk inside the shelter and put the center eyelet on upward to set it ina completely flattering position.

And you’re all set.

Wrap Up Lines

No more fighting for the room inside your fishing shelter. The complete Eskimo Fatfish 949i reviews here with essential benefits to make your ice fishing more pleasing and fun.

Be sure to have your essential fishing gear with you before going for remote ice fishing with the Eskimo 949i insulated fishing shelter.