How to Remove Round RV Light Covers- Easiest Way with Pro Tips

A complete lighting system with a fluorescent or LED lamp is undoubtedly an excellent arrangement for home automation schemes. On top, round-shaped RV ceiling bulbs enlighten the housing interior with their super-durable and energetic versions.  However, once in a while, these lights also require some maintenance activities. You may need to remove the bulb or only the cover around it for cleaning or rv dome light replacement purposes.

Nevertheless, removing the outer cover of round rv decorative lights may seem troublesome if you have no prior experience with these works. That is why; our today’s discussion is about how to remove round RV light covers. Here, we have organized the most natural guidelines for practical handling.

How To Remove Round Rv Light Covers – Trouble-Free Directions

As you require the guidelines on how to remove round RV light covers with straightforward explanations, here you go. We have arranged the following step-by-step methods, including the core tasks.

Step 1: Switch Off The Power

First, you need to turn off the central power source of the RV light. It is essential to disconnect the electric correction to avoid any types of shocks. Take a short break and let the lamp cool down. However, to take away the light cover, no circuit breaker is needed.

Step 2: Use A Stepladder

The most common position of the pancake-shaped RV lights is the room ceiling. If you can’t remove ceiling light cover so here we can get an answer on how to change rv ceiling light bulb. Therefore, the usage of a stepladder will bring light to a functional level. Carefully climb up the ladder and check whether you have proper access to reach the cover.

Step 3: Check The Position Of Cover Screws

Thoroughly check the overall cover fixture to get a hold of the metallic tightening bolts. It may contain 3-4 adjusting screws for the ceiling attachment.

Step 4: Apply Screwdriver

Here comes the most crucial part of this topic, which is how to remove round RV light covers. We are almost at the end of our mission. Now, you need a screw-remover like pliers or screwdrivers. Use any of them to twirl the lock of the screw. Typically, flat-blade drivers are more useful in this case. Continue this process with an anti-clockwise motion until the screws get loose.

Step 5: Remove The Cover

After unscrewing all the pins, carefully hold the bottom part of the rv lighting parts. Also, check if you have left any other pins. Then, with gentle hands, remove the transparent wearing of the RV lamp. Usually, the round RV lights possess adjusting bolts at only one side of the cover.

However, if you want to get rid of the cover dust now, use a dry piece of cloth. In this process, avoid using a damp cloth or any chemical solutions.

Reminders To Work With

We have shortlisted some useful tips for you. Have a look.

  • Keep the unpinned screws safely. If you lose them, the further adjustment of the cover will become complicated.
  • To get your work done with the best approach, release the screws from one side of the light. Thus, the cover plate will stay connected with the other part.
  • If you cannot make yourself comfortable with these fixture activities, take expert help. However, the majority of RV light models are not complicated, but the design and model may differ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my light bulb?

Yes, you can. Usually, any home resident can alter the lights and fix other trivial electrical issues. However, in some advanced cases like the addition of new wires or switch changing, consulting a licensed worker is better.

Can the light be fixed with the connection of electrical power?

Yes, you can change the light bulb without turning off the power control button. However, we do not recommend it. After the power disconnection, it is safer to work with the light bulb. Nevertheless, electricians often test the power condition by turning the switch on.

Are RV lights powered by Alternating Current (AC)?

Generally, the Direct current (DC) mechanism provides power to the house lights, television, fans, etc. However, the AC or Alternating Current arrangement holds more power generation capacity than the Direct Current system, and the RV batteries restrict that way.

Wrap Up

Though the round RV lights cost slightly extra, you can get total freedom after the first installation, as they will not bother you with frequent annoying fixing. These lights offer extensive cutbacks to your electricity consumption. However, some caring measures like removing the light cover and cleaning are essential.

As you have learned all the necessary steps regarding how to remove round RV light covers, we hope you will be able to complete the task successfully without taking outside help. Moreover, if you have a query over how to remove rv exterior light covers or how to replace rv interior lights then this article can help you with that too. For more try to learn some rv lighting ideas.