9 Best Cheap Skate Shoes- See What’s Trending Now!

When someone gets into skating, at the very beginning they are more likely to look for skate shoes that are affordable and not a huge burden on their wallet. And that’s pretty practical, as with anything you’re starting newly, there’s this thought of what if things don’t seem interesting anymore. So, giving an activity some time before you can invest in a proper skate shoe seems a legit option.

Now sometimes, you just want a cheap skating shoe without any such concern. You just wish to buy something inexpensive for your own reasons.No matter what is your story behind, one thing that everybody needs to pay attention to is not falling into a trap of buying awfully low-pricedskate shoes, as these are just a waste of one’s time, money, and efforts.

What you can do instead is focus on the best cheap skate shoes that are also good at sustaining quality and providing value for money, even if it’s not as capable as the expensive ones. Today let’s talk about such 9 shoes you need to at least know about…

9 Best Cheap Skate Shoes

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
DC Men’s Trase TX Skate Shoe Canvas Stylish And Flexible Details On Amazon
Emerica Wino Skate Shoe Textile Perfect Sizing For Casual Style Details On Amazon
DC Men’s Villain 2 Skate Shoe Fabric & Synthetic Light In Weight Details On Amazon
Etnies Fader Skate Shoe Leather & Synthetic Good For Skating Use Details On Amazon
Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe Canvas Cool Lacing Clouse System Details On Amazon
Etnies Barge LS Skate Shoe PU Foam & Textile Breathable And Comforta Details On Amazon
Nike Unisex SB Check Solar Skate Shoe Ventilated Mesh & Rubber Doesn’t Give Bulky Feel Details On Amazon
DC Women’s Casual Skate Shoe Synthetic Protects From Slippage Details On Amazon
Adidas Men’s Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe Canvas & Other Fibers Tough To Stand Any Terrain Details On Amazon

We are going to start straight with the complete reviews of the nine recommendations we’ve gathered for you. Pay attention to both the good and bad side for making a wise choice.

1. DC Men’s Trase TX Skate Shoe– Get Vulcanized Style Footwear with This One

It is one of the finest skater shoes that offer a vulcanized style to presents flexibility and board feel to play well. This skate shoe also allows your feet to get a gummy and pliable feel.

Moreover, it comes with a comfortable and soft canvas upper that assure giving your feet a lighter feel to use when skateboarding. This skate shoe also allows your feet to get fine control and stability to rightly use in each ride.

It as well offers a sticky rubber outsole that allows your feet to get extra footing and grip. This skate shoe outsole makes sure your feet to get rid of stiffer and solid feel. It also allows the surface to never face scuffs and scratches even after years. And, this shoe helps to add balance.

Besides, this skate shoe comes with a pill pattern tread that allows your feet to avoid unbalance or slide. It as well helps your feet to get good contact with the ground to assure fine support. This skate shoe tread pattern also ensures giving security to let alone mishaps.

Summary: This skate shoe is an ideal pick for those of you who want a great color range with the coolest graphics. It is also a fine option to try out for lux quality and multi-purpose design.


  • This skate shoe is comfortable to wear.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time.
  • The price of this skate shoe is reasonable.
  • It comes with great client service to ask freely.
  • This skate shoe has fine arch support.


  • Not a good pick for wider feet.

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2. Emerica Wino Skate Shoe– 100% Fabric with Low-Top Arch

It is a new and updated version of the Emerica cruiser. Here, 100% fabric or textile has been used to make it durable with better comfort. The rubber sole helps in fine grip on the skateboard.

The midsole here is covered fully for better cushioning inside. And inside the shoes, you can feel a rubbery bumper for toe protection. It comes with the lace-up closure system on the upper. You can tie the lace according to your foot size and comfort.

On the outer part, there are triangle-shaped flat tread patterns that give a fine grip. Moreover, the vulcanized technology made shoes provides firmly durable shoes even at moderate temperature.

Summary: These skate shoes are a great deal for a cheap price. Nice looking with flat bottom sole give grip on the skateboard. Low-arch support with a full cushioning system gives complete flexibility in movement.


  • Triangle flat bottom gives a firm grip
  • 100% fabric top
  • Full cushioning for comfort
  • Decent vegan skate shoe
  • Quality worth the price


  • No support for the foot with pain

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3. DC Men’s Villain 2 Skate Shoe– Find Solid Outsole with This One

This Villain 2 is known as the best men’s shoes for skateboarding that offers a solid outsole built out of rubber material. It also allows your toe’s bottom part to shun sharp objects contact.

Made in the USA, this skate shoe comes with a wider toe box that ensures your feet get enhanced movement and freedom. It as well presents your feet to get rid of a stiffer feel. The toe box of this shoe also helps your feet to never face tight feels.

Besides, this skate shoe features a printed canvas vamp design on the surface to grant ideal wear-resistance and good looks. It as well allows your feet to give a nice view while skateboarding to never ruin your look.

Also, this skate shoe has a perfect low-cut layout that allows your feet to feel light and well-maintained. It as well allows giving good stability and functionality to wear at ease. This low-cut layout of this skate shoe also provides good protection against ankle or joint pain.

Summary: This men’s skate shoe is a nice option for those who desire a classy look and slip-on style footwear. It is also durable, fine in quality, and budget-friendly footwear to try out.


  • This skate shoe offers true to accurate sizing.
  • It comes with great length and width to wear well.
  • This skate shoe comes with a great look.
  • It comes with good arch support.
  • This skate shoe comes with tough construction.


  • We don’t find the client service friendly.

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4. Etnies Fader Skate Shoe– Safest Option to Try Out Now

With the coolest lace system, it is one of the best skate shoes that offer your feet good safety and protection. This skate shoe as well allows your feet to get rid of a loose or tight fit.

Made out of leather and synthetic material, this skate shoe ensures good durability and longevity. It also offers a soft and cushiony feel to keep away from painful experiences while skating. This skate shoe construction as well helps you feel to keep cool with good ventilation.

It also comes with low-top arch support that allows great alignment and posture support to skate well. This skate shoe ensures your feet to fine good control over skateboarding with extra traction. Also, the arch support of this skate shoe prevents pain or stress.

Unlike others, this skate shoe is designed with a PU foam insole that allows your feet to rest in comfort all day. It is also recyclable so that you can salvage the shoe well without harming the planet. This thing as well ensures your feet to get rid of fatigue.

Summary: This skate shoe is a price-friendly option that offers a long-running padded collar with a solid outsole to use on rough paths. It is also stylish, tough, and good in comfort to use daily.


  • This skate shoe is easy to clean.
  • It comes with a solid and sturdy surface to use.
  • This skate shoe comes in a good price range.
  • It comes with a great color range to pick well.
  • This skate shoe is good for wide feet.


  • Some people don’t find the toe box wider.

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5. Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe– Breathable Footwear for All-Seasons Wear

The Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 is a fine skate shoe that offers great ventilation to use in 4 seasons with no hitch. It also allows your feet to avoid sweat and smells by keeping cool and fresh.

This skate shoe as well comes with a rough and tough outsole made out of rubber materials to offers good stiffness and durability. It also allows your feet to get good traction over rough or critical terrain. This skate shoe provides fine toughness for a long while of usage.

And, we are not stopping there. This skate shoe comes with a lace closure that allows giving good safety to get rid of slippage or mishaps when skating. It also supports your feet to never lose balance or slide. This lacing system as well ensures good fitting to shun loose feel.

With a great outlook, this skate shoe comes with an OrthoLite sockliner that offers your feet continuously skateboarding with no sweat. It as well allows your feet flowing sweat to wreck away with good airing. This sockliner also provides a quick-drying facility to shun bad odors.

Summary: This Skate shoe is a huge deal for Adidas lovers who want skate-inspired design and fresh canvas twill to commute well. It is also snug and tough to use outside all day long.


  • This skate shoe is great for daily use.
  • It comes with a good opening hole to fit well.
  • This skate shoe comes with great arch support.
  • It comes with a wide toe box.
  • This skate shoe comes with true to accurate sizing.


  • Sadly, some people are upset with client service.

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6. Etnies Barge LS Skate Shoe– Acquire Cushiony Heel with This One

This Barge LS skate shoe is built to offer an extra cushioned heel that allows your feet to get a fine feel while skating. It also allows your feet to get good control and balance on the ground.

This skate shoe as well comes with low-top arch support that offers your feet extra control and increases performance. It also allows your feet to get fine alignment and posture to control skateboarding with no drawback. This skate shoe arch support as well helps pass up fatigue.

In addition to that, it comes with a hefty armored collar that offers strong protection for your feet with good care. It as well allows your feet to grant good stability around the ankle to shun away from a hurtful experience. This skate shoe also helps your feet to never face pain.

And, it comes with a slim and vulcanized outlook with a one-piece clean toe design that allows your feet to get good elasticity and strength. This skate shoe also allows your feet to obtain better resistance against oxidation and abrasion.

Summary: It is a stunning pick for those of you who wish for contrast stitching and a sleek profile to use. This skate shoe is also great for giving good fashion and comfort usage for riding.


  • This skate shoe is easy to wear and take out.
  • It comes with right arch support for good posture.
  • This skate shoe is comfortable to use.
  • It comes with good client service.
  • This skate shoe is tough to stand longer.


  • Not a good option for running.

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7. Adidas Men’s Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe– Acquire Right Platform with This One

The Adidas Men’s Daily 2.0 is a good skate shoe that comes with 0.3 inches platform that allows your feet to keep away from stress. It also offers extra grip and energy-return to skate well.

Made out of 100% other fibers, this skate shoe is solid and comfortable for your feet to skateboarding for a good while. It as well allows your feet to get extra support and control. This skate shoe also provides better stability and footing so that you skate on uneven terrain well.

Amazingly, it comes with 6 to 12 inches arch support that ensures your feet to get the extra posture and good alignment to wear and stand well. This skate shoe also allows your feet to never face discomfort or the wrong position.

It comes with a 0 to 3 inches boot opening area that allows your feet to comfortably wear and take. This skate shoe also offers great toe space so that you are able to wear socks if needed. It as well grants good fitting and support to move your feet rightly.

Summary: For those of you who want clean and low-profile style footwear, then this skate shoe is an ideal pick. It is also great for giving a solid shape and heavyweight feel to use outside.


  • This skate shoe comes with true to precise sizing.
  • It comes with good toe box space.
  • This skate shoe comes with good arch support.
  • It comes with a fine design and layout.
  • This skate shoe has great durability to stand longer.


  • Sadly, it has a low range of color options.

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8. Nike Unisex SB Check Solar Skate Shoe– Light-Weighted Option to Try Out Now

If you are looking for one of the finest suede skate shoes at a low rate, then it is your ideal pick. This skate shoe is made with suede materials to ensure fine light feel for avoiding bulk suffer.

Thanks to the comfy Solarsoft insole, this skate shoe allows adding comfort and cushion on feet to walk or skateboarding comfortably. It as well allows your feet to get a soft cushion feel to get rid of discomfort or pain. This skate shoe also ensures better constancy.

And, it comes with ventilation mesh on the surface that helps greatly with extra support to use daily. This skate shoe also gives better aeration for avoiding heat or a sweaty feel from your feet after long hours of skating. It as well allows your feet to shoot away bad odor.

With a traditional lacing system, this budget skate shoe comes with great safety and protection from slippage. It also allows no struggle of slippage or losing your balance even in a wet or snowy surface. This skate shoe also provides good flexibility to keep away your feet from stress.

Summary: This skate shoe is an excellent option for those of you who want a cushion and soft footwear to use all-day long. It is also great for adding value and beauty.


  • This skate shoe is great in quality and design.
  • It comes with a fine sizing guide.
  • This skate shoe comes in a good price range.
  • It comes with great ranges of color options.
  • This skate shoe is solid and durable.


  • Unfortunately, it needs to clean frequently.

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9. DC Women’s Casual Skate Shoe– Low-Top Arch with Foam Padding

This pair of shoes features canvas on the upper top,and lace style feature does not need to tie the lace always rather quickly can be put on and off without lacing. Its casual look makes it suitable for any outfit.

On the bottom,the rubber sole helps to a stable and firm grip on the skateboard and road. There is enough room inside the shoe for the feet with bigger toes.

DC women’s shoes give just the cute girly outer look. It features a low profile design and pretty similar to the Vans shoe.

Once your feet get inside, it feels the most comfortable with proper grip. The foal padding on the collar side with a low arch top adds additional comfort with support.

Summary: Who is looking for something comfy with a low profile design- this is the best shoe. Wider feet get enough space and comfort with foam padding and a proper ventilation system inside for breathing.


  • Best comfy skate shoe
  • Low profile design well made
  • Great for the wider& flat feet
  • Wearable with a casual outfit
  • Foam padding collar


  • Simple & low profile design

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Factors to Pick the Top Cheap Skate Shoes

Factors to Pick the Top Cheap Skate Shoes

Finding the right skate shoe is easy if you think about some simple and effective points. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or beginner, here are a few listing points that will help you get the best cheap skate shoes in 2021

Types of Skate Shoes

There are 3 main types of skate shoes with different benefits. Here are the types:

Low Cut

The low-cut skate shoes are fine for your feet and ankle freedom. They are also good for comfort and breathability.

Middle Cut

The middle-cut skate shoes are ideal for improving the movement and motion of your ankle and feet. Also, they help increase balance and comfort.

High Cut

The high-cut skate shoes are right for giving a cool and enticing sleek look. They also ensure your feet right pronation and arch support.


Skate shoes at a friendly rate are mostly made out of leather, suede, and textile materials to ensure good flexibility and durability. Each material holds special benefits. So, consider one that has the finest construction to use longer.


The outsole of cheap skate shoes needs to be stiffer and firmer to handle road or concrete contact. Most outsoles of skate shoes are made out of rubber or stiffer materials to perform well on rough terrain. It will also help increasing traction.


Consider the style of cheap skate shoes. Usually, the skate shoes have vulcanized or cupsole style. While vulcanized is good for light, flexibility, and grip on the other side cupsole offers shock-proof and cushioning to control riding.


Safety is a vital aspect that you want to check when picking a skate shoe. A solid midsole, extra heel cushioning, safe closure system, and thick heel collar in skate shoe is a good choice for skating.

How to Clean the Skate Shoes?

How to Clean the Skate Shoes

Cleaning the skate shoes is easy if you know the tricks rightly. Basically, there are many ways you can clean your skate shoes. Read down below for details:

  • Remove the dirt from the surface by holding one shoe in your left hand and clap them together. Then, use a toothbrush to clean the sole. You can also use a detergent and water mixture to clean the sole. Lastly, rinse the sole with warm water and quickly dry using a towel or fan.
  • You can clean the washing machine. Firstly, take out the shoelaces and insole. Then, add 1 tablespoon of liquid solution. Next, turn off the spin cycle and trim down the speed. After that, never cross the 40°C marks in temperature. Finally, dry the shoe with a towel.
  • Cleaning the surface with a wiper will help a lot to give a good finish for saving it from cleaner’s damage.
  • If you are lacking detergent or other cleaning solution, the best alternative to use is bleach, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, or lemon juice.
  • For lace and insole, it is better to clean with hand washing. Just soak the surface for 30 minutes and rinse well. Then, dry naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How long do skate shoes last?

Basically, the skate shoes are made to last for a longer period of time even if used frequently. A durable skate shoe can stand for years if taking care of and maintenance rightly. In short, the lasting ability can be long or short based on how you handle it.

Can you walk in skate shoes?

The skate shoe is actually made to use for skating. However, it can be used for walking a long distance. If you have skate shoes with a flat sole, then it would be good to use for continuous walking.

Should skate shoes be tight or loose?

In general, skate shoes are designed to wear comfortably with a medium tightness. A skate shoe should have good tightness that is easy enough to take out of your feet and insert with no struggle. Also, consider a comfort lace system to give the right tight feel.

Are skate shoes worth it?

Yes, the skate shoes are worth trying. For beginner skates who want the right grip and control over rough terrain, the skate shoe will ensure the right riding experience. It also helps your feet bottom part to hold onto the board better.


Skateboarding will be more enjoyable if you wear the right shoe to ride on. You need to control and handle the ride with your feet and shoes while skateboarding.

Your body needs to be in comfort while skateboarding. For that, an ideal skate shoe is a must. Yet, picking the right skate shoe is hard with no research. Just makes sure your picked one has a warranty, durability, and nice quality for good time usage.

Also, try to pick a skate shoe that has good protection, comfort, and fitting to use well. And, never expect all the good points from one skate shoe. Each skate shoe offers both benefits and drawbacks. Ensure that your skate shoes have all the good aspects you need the most.

We hope this guide about the best cheap skate shoes helps you to get good details & buying guide and hope you pick yourself one from here. Even if not, then at least you now know a lot about skate shoes, see you in our next post.