How to Feed Wire Through Trailer Frame- Easiest Way to Try

Is the cable in your trailer frame old or damaged? It needs to add a new, but it is unknown how to feed the wire through the trailer frame. No worries, we are going to give you a solution to this problem. It can be a little tricky for you if you have never connected the wires to the trailer frame. But it is not a difficult task at all; we will help you in this regard. In this case, you will only need some necessary equipment, Which you will need to feed the wire in the trailer frame. So let’s get started to know how to rewire a trailer or how to wire a utility trailer.

Colour Code Of The Trailer Wire

  • The green wire is the bell signal on the right and the brake light on the right.
  • The yellow wire serves as a left signal and a brake light on the left.
  • The brown wire is the taillights.
  • The white wire is the ground wire.

How To Feed Wire Through Trailer Frame Step By Step

Below is a discussion of some simple steps on how to feed a wire through the trailer frame.

Things Are Needed

Step 1: Sketch The Wiring Diagram

At the beginning of the work, the sample design of the trailer frame needs to diagram. The reason for drawing the sample design is that this image will show the way as your guide when you add new wires to the trailer.

Step 2: Remove Old Lights And Wire

Now all the old wires and lights have to be removed along with their connections. To do this, first, remove all the wire clips and light bolts. Then pull the tongue towards the front of the trailer.

Step 3: Add New Wire And Light

Now you have to attach the wire to the trailer frame. As a guide, you can take the help of the trailer frame that you designed. Care should be taken to ensure that the two ends of the cable are evenly spaced and a little more is required for plugging in front of the trailer.

Step 4: Install Marker Lights And Taillights

Now marker lights and taillights need to be connected. New markers and taillights should attach with appropriate bolts. The lights should be placed in the old holes as much as possible, or new holes should drill.

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In this case, you have to follow the color code of the trailer. Markers and tail lights attached to the yellow and brown wires are on the driver side Markers, and taillights attached to green and brown wires are next to the passengers. And the white wire stays close to the tongue of the trailer.

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Step 5: Attach The Wires With Clips To The Frame

Now the wires need to be clipped to the trailer frame. The wires should fast so that they are not damaged by any debris on the road. Moreover, ring terminals can be used with bolts so that it is stuck with protection.

Step 6: Check The Trailer Light

At the end of all the work, now it is your turn to check your lights. Place the trailer on your specific vehicle and check that the wiring of the lights is correct. Check brake light, left signal light, running light, right signal light. If all the lights are on, then you are successful.

If the lights do not light properly, use a CRT electrical tester.

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You have to be very careful while wiring and lighting the trailer frame. You need to know the color code of the cable first. The yellow and brown wires are on the driver’s side, and the green and brown wires are on the passenger’s side. If the lights do not work correctly or you weren’t ably hooking up trailer lights, an experienced mechanic should call.


Now you know how to feed wire through trailer frame. Wire feeding is discussed in detail above.

You will need to follow some rules to re-attach the wires to your trailer frame. You need to know the color codes of the cable. Brake lights, running lights, left signal lights, right signal lights should install in their place.

When making new wiring, the wire should be well clipped, and the light bolts should be put back in place. Now you must know how to wire a trailer with led lights or how to ground trailer lights perfectly.